Thursday, July 2, 2015

Aish Hatorah's Director General Steven Burg Helps Bring Resolution In Favor Of Gay Text Books In Schools

This hearing led to this resolution by the New York City Council. So Aish Hatorah's new Director General "Rabbi" Steven Burg is responsible if this passes.  Giving such a speech at such a hearing is an endorsement of this action.  For the record Yeshivas will also be using New York text books

Resolution calling upon the New York City Department of Education to implement a curriculum and to acquire textbooks and trade books that include key moments in LGBT history and accurately portray the contributions of LGBT individuals in the history of the United States.
By Council Members Dromm, Arroyo, Chin, Cohen, Constantinides, Johnson, Koslowitz, Rosenthal, Mendez, Rodriguez, Torres and Menchaca
Whereas, According to the 2011 National School Climate Survey conducted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), 81.9% of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender (LGBT)students reported being verbally harassed at school because of their sexual orientation; and
Whereas, The survey further noted that 38.3% reported being physically harassed and 18.3% reported being physically assaulted at school in the past year because of their sexual orientation; and
Whereas, In addition, more than half of LGBT students were cyber-bullied, or harassed or threatened by their peers via electronic mediums such as text-messages, emails, instant messaging or posting on internet sites;  and
Whereas, Of the respondents to the survey, the majority of students who were harassed or assaulted did not report the incident to school staff believing that little to no action would be taken and the situation might even become worse if reported; and
Whereas, Additionally, only one-third of students who did report an incident claimed that  staff effectively addressed the problem; and
Whereas, Many advocates argue that the high rates of harassment and assault are often exacerbated by school staff not adequately responding or intervening on behalf of LGBT students; and
Whereas, Studies have shown that teaching LGBT history in the classroom leads to fewer instances of harassment at school and can lead to a greater feeling of safety among all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression; and
Whereas, New York City should enlighten its students about the role and contributions of LGBT Americans to our City, State and nation in the course of history; and
Whereas, The history of the United States could be considered incomplete and inaccurate without the inclusion of the social, political and artistic contributions of notable LGBT individuals such as Bayard Rustin, Harvey Milk, Stephen Sondheim, Truman Capote, James Baldwin and Gertrude Stein; and
Whereas, In addition, the history of our nation should include key events and organizations that have been in the forefront of the LGBT American movement for equality; and
Whereas, The Daughters of Bilitis, the Mattachine Society, the Stonewall Rebellion, the HIV/AIDS crisis, Bowers v. HardwickLawrence v. Texas, "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and the struggle for the recognition of LGBT families are all important and should be included in American history; now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That the Council of the City of New York calls upon the New York City Department of Education to implement a curriculum and to acquire textbooks and trade books that include key moments in LGBT history and accurately portray the contributions of LGBT individuals in the history of the United States.   
Is anyone going to inform Aish Hatorah about their new director?

Any answers from them of interest, please comment or email the blog

Thought it was important to note Gertrude Stein was also a Nazi collaborator

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Orthodox" Run Simon Wiesenthal Center Supports "Same Sex "Marriage" And Homosexuality In Schools

Simon Wiesenthal Center's reaction to same sex "marriage"

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is supposedly run by Orthodox Rabbis "Rabbi" Marvin Hier (Dean and Founder, and former head of YULA), Rabbi Abraham Cooper, (Associate Dean), and "Rabbi" Meyer H. May" (Executive Director)

They have a strong record of pushing homosexuality, including opposing Arizona's freedom of religion law, which would allow Jews, and other people who understand God's Eternal law, to refuse to bake a wedding cake for a so called "Wedding"

Wiesenthal Center to Arizona Governor: Veto Gay Discrimination Bill
Center says denying services to people based on their sexuality, "hearkens back the dark history of American racial, religious and sexual discrimination and threatens the hard earned civil rights of all Americans"
The Simon Wiesenthal Center today called on Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (pictured) to veto that state's proposed law that would allow businesses to refuse to service gay customers.
"To classify and deny services to any group of people based on their sexuality is an act of discrimination that hearkens back to the dark history of American racial, religious and sexual discrimination and threatens the hard earned civil rights of all Americans," said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the Associate Dean of the Wiesenthal Center, and Mark Weitzman, the Center's Director of Government Affairs.
"The protection of the right of Americans to their religious commitment is a core American value; however that value must not be used as a justification for unequal treatment in the public sphere," Cooper and Weitzman continued.
"We urge Governor Brewer to veto this bill and to protect the rights of all Americans to fair and equal treatment," they concluded.
 (Wiesenthal Center to Arizona Governor: Veto Gay Discrimination Bill)

In case you think their corruption is limited to NY "Rabbi" Steven Burg (Eastern Director Simon Wiesenthal Center) testified as a "Orthodox" Jewish rabbi" at a committee on "protecting" homosexual children in schools which was really a effort to push homosexuality further in the school system.  The previous speaker before Burg, lamented the "lack of "education" materiel and books that are inclusive of LGBT "families" and many other gay propaganda methods in the school."  You can clearly see Burg's paying attention during the speech immediately prior to his own as well as the last speaker (12:22) who also promoted LGBT agenda so a gay basketball player will be in a school text book.  This committee hearing led to a resolution promoting teaching of homosexuality in the schools. Nowhere in his speech did he say he opposed homosexual propaganda in schools  (Yeshivas also use public school history books).

Burg's speech begins at (4:42)

If that wasn't bad enough Steven Burg is now Director General of Aish HaTorah  (If anyone can help get Aish Hatorah to fire him it's a mitzva gidolah to do so)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Churban America

Today is fast day of the 9th of Tamuz when the Babylonians broke the walls of Yerushalim
Today is the fast day of friday parshas Chukas, when the french burnt 24 cartloads of gemaras
Today is the double fast day of what most likely will signal the end of Torah Jewery in America, and will in the future be called Churban America

Since we the Orthodox community in it's entirety caused the marriage bill in NY which led to this moment we are responsible and we must do Teshuva!
חטאנו צורנו סלח לנו יוצרנו

25 years ago "no one" would have predicted this day would have happened
25 years ago "no one" would have predicted photographers would be fined for refusing to photograph these "Weddings"
25 years ago "no one" would have predicted that a internet dating website would have been sued for not having an "alternative" option
25 years ago "no one" would have thought that they will routinely read to kids in school books like "King and King
25 years ago no would would have believed that an Orthodox Jewish speaker would have voted for a same sex "marriage" bill along with the legislators of many other Jewish communities that the Orthodox Jewish vote is required to get elected
25 years ago no one would believe that a City named after the person who was known as the biggest kanui in America would have voted (more than his margin of victory) for a man who had a so called "Wedding"

The Future of the Western World depends not so much on this evil court decision, but on what we conservatives do today and the day afterwards!  
It Goes with out saying that we should never vote for a pro gay candidate again

An example of what you can do: I suggest everyone who lives in Lakewood call up 
Congressman Chris Smith (609) 286-2571
and demand "he sponsor a constitutional amendment banning same sex "marriage" across the country including the state of New Jersey"

will do analysis of the decision at a later date

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kangaroo Court Rules Jonah Committed Fraud By Saying It's Possible To Change Homosexual Desires

The gay community will like to give a major thanks to Gary Schear for voting for the bill that helped make the propaganda that made this decision possible

JERSEY CITY — A New Jersey jury on Thursday found a non-profit group that provides gay-to-straight conversion therapy guilty of consumer fraud for promising clients they could overcome their sexual urges. some of the more extreme measures that were used,  by undressing in front of other men , pummeling an effigy of their mothers, and re–enacting traumatic childhood experiences like the fact that one of them Chaim Levin was molested, as we know many people who were molested develop homosexual attractions, They were trying to help him overcome the pain of the molestation experience .

Former APA President Nicholas Cummings affidavit supporting Jonah
In the first case in the nation to put the controversial because liberals disagree with it practice on trial, the jury concluded that Arthur Goldberg and Elaine Berk, the founders of Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing in Jersey City and life coach Alan Downing to whom JONAH referred patients, "engaged in unconscionable commercial practices" and misrepresented their services.  This was after a court also ruled that the numerous psychologists that Jonah had to defend them, were not considered expert witnesses because the court disagreed with their verdict 

The verdict requires JONAH and Downing to refund thousands of dollars paid by former clients Michael Ferguson, Benjamin Unger, Sheldon Bruck, Chaim Levin, and parents Jo Bruck and Bella Levin for the individual and group counseling sessions and the "journey into manhood" weekends in the woods. Downing charged $60 to $100 for group and individual sessions but shared 20 percent with JONAH to help defray its administrative costs.

After three hours of deliberations, the jury found Unger was entitled to $17,950; Chaim Levin was entitled to $650; his mother, Bella, $4,000; and Bruck's mother, Jo, $500. 
But the victory has broader implications. The national civil rights legal advocacy group Southern Poverty Law Center filed the case to take a stand against conversion therapy they had long calculated campaign beforehand trying to find people who went to therapies with out changing, to shut down all therapies — a frequent target of public criticism since the passage of same-sex "marriage" laws and other LGBT legal protections. In 2013, New Jersey joined California by outlawing licensed therapists from providing the therapy to minors. Oregon and Washington D.C. followed. 

The Southern Poverty Law Cener for many years listed the Igud Harabonim as a hate group, for the past few years they also listed "Help Rescue Our Children" a anti molestation group that has helped put some pedophiles behind bars, Furthermore they got some rabbis to help (including some rabbis who would shock many people who follow this important issue)  in those efforts of putting pedophiles behind bars!

Last month, a bill was introduced in Congress would classify commercial conversion therapy and advertising that claims to change sexual orientation and gender identity as fraud.  
Of course this wouldn't be complete if we didn't have our communities' representatives sponsoring the bill
Jewish neighborhoods' representatives (call them to protest)

Yvette Clarke (718) 287-1142 who represents much of Flatbush
Gregory Meeks(347) 230-4032 (who represents The Rockways, and Jamaica Estates)
and finally of course the Gay
Sean Patrick Maloney 845-561-1259 (who represents the ir shel mishkav zachar Kiryas Joel)

"This is a momentous event in the history of the LGBT rights movement," said David Dinielli, deputy director for the law center and lead attorney for the plaintiffs. "The jury agreed not only is this based on lies, but it is an unconscionable business practice." after being barred from hearing expert witnesses

The legal battle is not over, Dinielli said they would be asking the court for an injunction to stop JONAH from operating. They will also seek the payment of their attorneys fees, which is permitted under the consumer fraud act.
"This is something brutal based on lies does he mean the gay agenda, and it needs to stop," he said.

The defendants' attorney Charles LiMandri of the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, contended JONAH was founded on the belief that homosexuality is a spiritual disorder caused by childhood trauma, and could be treated with two to four years of steady counseling.

LiMandri said the plaintiffs weren't entitled to call the program a failure because they had dropped out. Even then, they never requested a refund. LiMandri produced emails from Unger thanking JONAH and praised Downing, himself a man who claimed to control his gay tendencies and married a woman.

The plaintiffs only agreed to sue because they were later persuaded by a gay rights organization who was determined to make a national example of JONAH, LiMandri told jurors in closing arguments Wednesday, following the three-week trial before Superior Court Judge Peter F. Bariso Jr. in Hudson County.
"They are flat-out liars," he said.

James Bromley, one of the plaintiff's attorneys, accused Goldberg of lying to his clients - three orthodox Jews and a Mormon- who were desperate to conform to the expectations of their religious communities to marry and have children. They were lured by Goldberg's false promise of the program's two-thirds success rate, but Bromley reminded jurors Goldberg testified that estimate was based on counselors' opinions.

The defendants claimed they never called homosexuality a mental disease but rather a spiritual disorder. Bromley read back an email Berk sent to clients that compared homosexuality to alcoholism — a disease recognized by the American Psychiatric Association.

He also reminded jurors of the tactics. Chaim Levin was made to relive the sexual abuse as a child by a relative. Downing coached Unger to blame his mother for making him gay, then gave him a tennis racket and told him to strike a pillow and imagine he was hitting her. During weekend retreats and in group sessions, clients were encouraged to undress to rid themselves of "body shame" and touch themselves to express their manhood.

He asked the jury to recall the testimony of Carol Bernstein, former president of the American Psychiatric Association, who compared conversion therapy counselors "to amateur surgeons operating on the minds of young gay men." and the former president of the APA submitted an affidavit saying he help many gays overcome their homosexuality in favor of Jonah

"You never want to go under the knife with an amateur surgeon," he said. and you never want to prosecute a surgeon for malpractice with out listening to his expert witness
( highlights are additions

Monday, June 15, 2015

Dov Hikind Votes For 2 Bills That Recognize Same Sex "Marriage"

It's bad enough that people like Steven Cymbrowitz (Flatbush), Joseph Lentol (Williamsburg) vote for pro homosexuality bills because they know our community doesn't have our priorities straight and wouldn't use political pressure to force these politicians to vote appropriately.  But here we have 2 bills that's purpose is to consider same sex "marriages" equivalent, to real marriages, and of the 5 Jews in Albany who claim to be Orthodox all 5 voted for it (Dov Hikind, Phillip Goldfeder, Michael Simanowitz, Shelly Silver (who no longer has his fake heter of being speaker), and David Weprin).

The memo to Bill A05476 makes it clear that it's purpose is to extend same sex "marriages" to other areas of the law, and is thus really a bill to recognize same sex "marriage" in estates, powers and trusts law.  (highlighted portion is added for clarity). The reason for this bill was that the state didn't change other laws when they made the same sex "marriage" law.  Voting for this bill is voting to recognize those said unions for other areas of the law.  Thus voting for this bill is equvlient to voting for same sex "marriage".
The "Marriage" Equality Act enacted as Chapter 95 of 2011 provides that "marriages" of same-sex and different-sex couples are to be treated equally in all respects under the law. This bill makes conforming changes to the Estates, Powers and Trusts Law and the Surrogate's Court Procedure Act to reflect the provisions of the same sex "marriage" Act.
The second bill A00023 makes it that same sex "marriages" must be recognized regarding adoptions as is made perfectly clear by the memo.  Voting for this bill means by default, you recognize the "marriage" of a same sex couple, and furthermore wish to make sure that other states recognize the "parentage" of both parties in the same sex couple
Under existing New York law, judges already have the ability to grant an adoption of a child by a petitioner whose parentage is already legally-recognized. These adoptions are routinely granted and can be very important for many same-sex "couples" and their "children"
While the spouse of a woman who gives birth to a child is presumed to be the child's parent, same-sex "couples" find themselves in a legally precarious position when traveling in places where same-sex "marriages" are not recognized. A New York adoption would be honored in another jurisdiction, and afforded full faith and credit, even if a couple's "marriage" was not. This gives children the security that both their "parents" will be legally recognized wherever family members may be due to their same sex "marriage".
Already under existing law, judges may and routinely do grant these adoptions. Despite this clear legal authority, a Surrogate's Court in Brooklyn recently denied a "married" same-sex couple an adoption. This bill further codifies the existing law to explicitly state that a petition to adopt shall not be denied solely on the basis that the petitioner's parentage is already legally-recognized due to a same sex "marriage". This bill ensures that same sex couples' access to such adoptions could not be fettered by future court decisions.

Contacting some of these legislators to complain can prevent them from ever voting for such rishus again, this is especially true for Dov Hikind who is represents the largest Orthodox community in America

Dov Hikind (718) 853-9616
Phillip Goldfeder (718) 945-9550, (718) 641-8755
Michael Simanowitz (718) 969-1508
Shelly Silver (212) 312-1420
David Weprin (718)454-3027, (718)805-2381
Steven Cymbrowitz (718)743-4078
Joseph Lentol (718)383-7474

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Agudah Has No Problem With A Coroner Not Returning A Brain After An Autopsy

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP/Hamodia) - 

Medical examiners don’t have to return to families all organs from autopsied bodies or even tell them parts are missing, in the state’s highest court ruled Wednesday.

“This is an affront to moral and religious values,” Attorney Marvin Ben-Aron told Hamodia. “In truth the bigger issue than losing is that they [the plaintiffs] really wanted procedures to change in a way that would make the city have more consideration for the next of kin.”

The case involves a New York City couple, Andre and Korisha Shipley, whose 17-year-old son was killed in a 2005 car crash. Two months after his burial, the family discovered that the morgue had kept a vital organ. The Shipleys got it back and buried it together with the body.

A jury awarded them $1 million for emotional distress. A midlevel court upheld the city’s liability in 2010 but reduced the award to $600,000.

The Court of Appeals, divided 5-2, reversed that decision Wednesday, dismissing the family’s claim and concluding that state law and burial rights don’t require returning parts that can be legally removed during an autopsy.

“At most, a medical examiner’s determination to return only the body without notice that organs and tissue samples are being retained is discretionary,” Judge Eugene Pigott Jr. wrote for the majority.

“I think that the court is naïve in thinking that anybody with an objection will have the wherewithal to tell the medical examiner their issues when they are facing the most trying time of their lives,” said Ben-Aron.

He said that the court left wide room for families to object to autopsy on religious grounds, but that once the right was forfeited that the state’s responsibility to surviving family was very limited.

In a dissent, Judge Jenny Rivera wrote that the statutory authority to do autopsies doesn’t permit medical examiners to keep organs once they’ve used them for the legitimate purpose of determining how someone died unless they notify and get consent from the next of kin.

“Throughout history, individuals from different cultures and communities have performed funeral rites, based on personal beliefs and religious customs, intended to send the deceased to a final resting place,” Rivera wrote. “This most human of acts has been repeated over the centuries in myriad and unique ways, and within our legal system the common law has recognized the next of kin’s right to possession of the body for preservation and burial.”

“For the Orthodox community’s perspective they case would usually be different, usually? usually? since an autopsy is already being performed over a religious objection, said Rabbi A.D. Motzen, Director of State Affairs for Agudath Israel. “As a result a conversation has already been started with the medical examiner, and issues like return of organs will hopefully be dealt with. and when it's not?    It is always the best policy, not only for religious Jews, to have good clear communication with the coroner.” Agudah has been screaminng bloody murder over East Ramapo school board, EITC, and Kiryas Yoel but couldn't care less about kavod hames
Did A. D. Motzen clear this "brilliant" statement with the moetzes, after all we know everything they do is under the rules of the moetzes? 

Lawyers for the city had argued that pathologists have no legal duty in New York to notify families or return organs, though they had done so since the midlevel court ruled. About 82 percent of families hadn’t wanted body parts back and a large portion wished they’d never been asked, they said, noting it’s standard practice across the country to have the organs examined, then treated as medical waste.

Nicholas Paolucci, spokesman for the city corporation counsel, said Wednesday that they were pleased the court recognized that the medical examiner fulfilled its obligations under the law.

Ben-Aron said the Shipleys didn’t receive the court-ordered award and now they never will, and that the ruling is a disservice not only to his clients but to the families of the deceased who are autopsied across the entire state. “I agree with dissent and I hope Legislature take this opportunity and codifies and protects the rights of the next of kin,” he said.
(hamodia) highlights our additions to the original article

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thank you Yonoson Rosenblum and R' Simcha Bunim Cohen!

                                                                    Yonoson Rosenblum

Yonoson Rosenblum, in his articles in the Mishpacha, is spreading awareness of the downfall of morality. He laments the politicians who are pro-gay and the danger we are in as our freedom to be anti-gay is being taken away from us.

R' Simcha Bunim Cohen

R' Simcha Bunim Cohen spoke in Beth Medrash Govoha, in Lakewood, NJ. He spoke strongly about the current state of affairs and encouraged the people to take a stand and fight.

These two individuals are definitely receiving slack for speaking openly regarding this subject. They are doing us a great service. May G-d bless them and give them the courage to continue this agenda.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

David Greenfield and Chaim Deutsch Vote For Gay Mesirah Bill

Two Months ago in the City Council passed 2 bills send out spies to see if people are following the city's non "discrimination" policies.  Remember that the Williamsburg store case is still considered by the city to be gender discrimination. Bill De Blasio signed both of these bills in to law last month.  One bill Intro. 690 would establish an employment "discrimination" testing program in an attempt to proactively attempt to root out what they consider employment discrimination.  For example if a Kosher Pizza store refused to hire a homosexual spy sent by the city to trap him who was flaunting his same sex "marriage" in the face of everyone else, the store owner would be sued. The other bill Intro. 689 would establish a similar testing program to root out housing "discrimination".  For example if a landlord refused to rent a apartment in a building filled with Orthodox Jews, to a gay "couple" then he would be sued.  Unfortunately the Housing discrimination bill's main sponsor and pusher also represent the Jewish community Brad Lander (Borough Park, Kensington).  Even worse both David Greenfield and Chaim Deutsch Who claim to be Orthodox voted for both of these bills. The Commissioner of Human Rights who will decide how to do these mesirah tests, and how many is a Park Slope Lesbo who thinks she is "married" to another woman.

As city council man Brad Lander put it
One technique we will start using again is “matched-pair testing,” where two otherwise similar individuals – one black and one white, one straight and one gay, one abled and one disabled, one with and one without a housing voucher – both apply for an available apartment or job. The idea is to hold landlords and employers who systematically discriminate against New Yorkers accountable for their actions, with real investigations and tough sanctions. That’s part of how we’ll make change.

A Local Law in relation to establishing an employment discrimination testing program.
Be it enacted by the Council as follows:
            Section 1. Investigation of discrimination in employment using testers. a. For a period of one year, the commission on human rights shall organize and conduct no fewer than five investigations of discrimination in employment during which the commission shall use pairs of testers to investigate local employers, labor organizations or employment agencies and employees or agents thereof. Such investigations shall include but not be limited to using matched pairs of testers who shall apply for, inquire about or express interest in the same job and who shall be assigned similar credentials but who shall differ in one of the following characteristics: actual or perceived age, race, creed, color, national origin, gender, disability, marital status, partnership status, sexual orientation or alienage or citizenship status, or other characteristic protected pursuant to title 8 of the administrative code of the city of New York. The first of the investigations shall commence on or before October 1, 2015.
           b. On or before March 1, 2017, the commission shall submit to the speaker of the council a report related to employment investigations conducted during the prior 12 month periodcommencing on October 1, 2015. Such report shall include, but not be limited to: (i) the number of matched pair tests completed; (ii) identification of the industry of the employer where each completed matched pair test was conducted; (iii) the protected class variable used in each matched pair test; (iv)  the number of incidents of actual or perceived discrimination by protected class for each such investigation; and (v) a description of any incidents of discrimination detected in the course of such investigations, provided that the commission shall not be required to report information that would compromise any ongoing or prospective investigation or prosecution.
           c. Any incidents of actual or perceived discrimination that occur during such investigations shall be referred to the commission's law enforcement bureau.
      d. Nothing herein shall preclude the commission from conducting other such discrimination testing programs or investigations pursuant to the commission's authority under this Code and the New York city charter.
           § 2. This local law shall take effect immediately upon enactment.      

here's the link to the similarly worded housing bill

The votes for both bills were identical; This vote is for both bills which were voted on individually

Melissa Mark-Viverito
Maria Del Carmen Arroyo
Inez D. Barron
Fernando Cabrera
Margaret S. Chin
Andrew Cohen
Costa G. Constantinides
Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. 
Elizabeth S. Crowley
Laurie A. Cumbo
Chaim M. Deutsch
Inez E. Dickens
Daniel Dromm
Rafael L. Espinal, Jr.
Mathieu Eugene
Julissa Ferreras
Daniel R. Garodnick
Vincent J. Gentile
Vanessa L. Gibson
David G. Greenfield
Vincent Ignizio
Corey D. Johnson
Ben Kallos
Andy L. King
Peter A. Koo
Karen Koslowitz
Rory I. Lancman
Brad S. Lander
Stephen T. Levin
Mark Levine
Alan N. Maisel
Steven Matteo
Darlene Mealy
Carlos Menchaca
Rosie Mendez
Donovan J. Richards
Ydanis A. Rodriguez
Deborah L. Rose
Helen K. Rosenthal
Ritchie J. Torres
Mark Treyger
Eric A. Ulrich
James Vacca
Paul A. Vallone
James G. Van Bramer
Mark S. Weprin
Jumaane D. Williams
Ruben Wills


Flatbush/Borough Park

Kew Garden Hills
Boro Park/Kensington


The mayor is requesting a 25% budget increase for the Human Rights Commission in fiscal year 2016, to $8.8 million from its current budget of $7 million. Those funds would help pay for a 51% staff increase to 100 employees from the agency's current staff of 66.
(crains new york)

 In her second week on the job, Carmelyn P. Malalis, the new commissioner appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio, was vowing to vigorously enforce the law and to revitalize the chronically underfinanced agency, which primarily serves residents who cannot afford to hire their own lawyers.

“I get that folks want to see results,” Ms. Malalis, a 40-year-old lawyer who specializes in workplace discrimination cases, said in an interview. “I know that we’re going to do some great work here.”

But the new commissioner, who lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, also has a personal stake in the fight.

Ms. Malalis, the daughter of Filipino immigrants, is "married" to a woman from Ethiopia and has two biracial daughters.

How can these legislators who are supposed to represent us justify putting our community at risk for following the Torah?

Let's contact these legislators who have large Jewish constituencies and ask them how they can justify voting to harm the Jewish community!
Chaim Deutsch (718)368-9176 or (212)788-7360
David Greenfield (718)853-2704) or (718)853-2704
Rory Lancman (718)217-4969 or (212)-788-6956
Brad Lander (718)499-1090 or 212-788-6969
Steve Levin (718)875-5200 or (212)788-7348
Jumaane Williams (718)629-2900 or 212-788-6859

As a side point how come those who claim mesirah regarding molesters are silent here where mesirah clearly applies?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cuomo Comes To Yeshiva, Children Brainwashed, Hayon Successfully Protests

Why are we having 8 year olds posing with Cuomo? keep children away from politicians especially scumbags

Is there a difference between these way children act for Cuomo and public school Children over a baseball player?

We are training our kids to worship politicians as celebrities?

After getting this advertisement for this event, Joseph Hayon upset over the word "honored" gave out flyers outside of Sharai Torah against honoring Cuomo
Sharai Torah invitation 

After receiving some of Hayon's flyers before the event, a few parents decided to skip the event, showing even 1 person can have a major impact

Hayon's Flyer

Friday, May 15, 2015

חכמה בגוים תאמין

A liberal  human-rights group urged Indonesia to abolish its practice of performing a virginity test on women who wish to join the military, but government officials insisted that the procedure is an essential tool for keeping naughty women out of the armed forces.

The Indonesian military promptly fired back, claiming the virginity tests were a necessary health check for female recruits. “We need to examine the mentality of these applicants,” an Indonesian military spokesman told the Guardian. “If they are no longer virgins, if they are naughty, it means their mentality is not good.”
Image result for indonesian women army
Indonesian Army

The spokesman continued: “We will continue to carry out the test because to be a military person, the most important thing is your mentality. Physical and intellectual requirements are secondary.”

No wonder the far east is progressing on every front while the west and America are stagnant.  The far east countries understand that a good economy and a healthy society goes hand in hand with decency and morality.