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Houston Subpoenaed Sermons By Religious Leaders Regarding Homosexuality

Her "excuse" to subpoena sermons

City subpoenas sermons against pastors for speeches on LGBT
By Katherine Driessen

October 14, 2014 | Updated: October 15, 2014 11:11am

Houston's embattled equal rights ordinance took another legal turn this week when it surfaced that city attorneys, in an unusual step, subpoenaed sermons given by local pastors who oppose the law and are tied to the conservative Christian activists who have sued the city.

Opponents of the equal rights ordinance are hoping to force a repeal referendum when they get their day in court in January, claiming City Attorney David Feldman wrongly determined they had not gathered enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot.

City attorneys issued subpoenas last month as part of the case's discovery phase, seeking, among other communications, "all speeches, presentations, or sermons related to HERO, the Petition, Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality, or gender identity prepared by, delivered by, revised by, or approved by you or in your possession."

The subpoenas were issued to pastors and religious leaders who have been vocal in opposing the ordinance: Dave Welch, Hernan Castano, Magda Hermida, Khanh Huynh and Steve Riggle. The Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian legal organization known for its role in defending same-sex "marriage" bans, filed a motion Monday on behalf of the pastors seeking to quash the subpoenas, and in a press announcement called it a "witch hunt."

The city's lawyers will face a high bar for proving the information in the sermons is essential to their case, said Charles Rhodes, a South Texas College of Law professor. The pastors are not named parties in the suit, and the "Church Autonomy Doctrine" offers fairly broad protections for internal church deliberations, he said.

Calling it an "unusual but not unprecedented" subpoena request, Rhodes said the city would stand a better chance of getting the sermons if it were a criminal case in which the message or directive in the sermons prompted a specific criminal action.

Still, he said, the city likely will get a boost because many of the sermons are broadcast or recorded and are intended to be shared with the public.

"This is unusual to see it come up in a pure political controversy," Rhodes said. "The city is going to have to prove there is something very particular in the sermons that does not come up anywhere else."

To that end, Feldman said the pastors made their sermons relevant to the case by using the pulpit to do political organizing. That included encouraging congregation members to sign petitions and help gather signatures for equal rights ordinance foes, who largely take issue with the "rights" extended to gay and transgender residents.

Feldman pointed to a training video that surfaced this summer showing Welch, of the Houston Area Pastor Council, explaining the rules signature gatherers needed to follow during a church presentation. With aPowerPoint presentation behind him, Welch tells the audience the city's stringent repeal referendum process "makes it more challenging for us" to qualify for the ballot.

Ordinance supporters said the video proved the signature gatherers were aware of the rules but flouted them anyway.

"If someone is speaking from the pulpit and it's political speech, then it's not going to be protected," Feldman said.  say goodbye to the first ammendment

Plaintiff Jared Woodfill disagreed, saying the subpoenas impinge on protected religious freedoms.

"This is the city trampling on the First Amendment rights of pastors in their churches," said Woodfill, a former chairman of the Harris County Republican Party.

Woodfill and other critics pledged to take the issue to the voters after the City Council approved the ordinance in May, banning discrimination among businesses that serve the public, private employers, in housing and in city employment and city contracting. Religious institutions are exempt. not individuals of course

City Secretary Anna Russell initially counted enough signatures to qualify the opponents' petition, with about 600 more than the required 17,269 signatures. Feldman then looked through all of the petition pages to see if those who gathered signatures met city charter requirements - namely, whether signature gatherers were Houston residents and whether they signed the petition pages.

That process disqualified more than half the 5,199 pages. In their suit, opponents claimed Russell's original count should be the most important one and alleged Feldman had inserted himself into the process illegally.

In August, opponents agreed to drop their request for an emergency temporary injunction, aimed at forcing a referendum this November. The group has filed several appeals in an effort to expedite the case, including a pending appeal at the Texas Supreme Court.

The subpoenas, however, are tied to the January district court date and request more than just sermons. The requests touch on a wide range of communications among the pastors, with their congregations and with city officials about the ordinance, including "any discussion about whether or how HERO does or does not impact restroom access."

Opponents frequently have cited the perceived threat of male sexual predators dressed in drag entering women's restrooms, dubbing the measure the "Sexual Predator Protection Act."

The ordinance protects transgender residents' ability to use the restroom consistent with their gender expression in short if a perverted man says their woman womens bathroom it is, regardless of their biological sex, but puts the onus on the individual to prove he or she was a victim of bias.

The city also is seeking any information about payments and incentives offered to people contracted to circulate the petitions, and the tax information associated with those payments.

The city does not intend to back down from its request and is working on a response to the Alliance Defending Freedom's motion, Feldman said.
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Rabbis remember to make a copy of your shabbos hagadol drashos available for the goverment

Houston city attorneys modify subpoenas that had sought clergy sermons in equal rights lawsuit
Published October 17, 2014

HOUSTON – Houston city attorneys are no longer seeking through subpoenas sermons from five pastors who publicly opposed an ordinance banning discrimination against gay and transgender residents. after a major campaign against Houston including by formal presidential candidate Micheal Huckabee and Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Mayor Annise Parker said Friday that the city was backing off the sermon request but would not withdraw the subpoenas, which seek other information from the pastors as part of a lawsuit over a petition drive to repeal the equal "rights" ordinance.

"They were too broad," Parker said at a news conference. "They were typical attorney language in a discovery motion. They were asking for everything but the kitchen sink." that's not what she said before the pressure (see her tweet at the top of the page)

While the word "sermons" was being deleted from the subpoenas, the revised request for other speeches or presentations was appropriate, Parker said.

"This is not about what anyone is preaching; this is not about their religion; it's not about the free exercise of religion," she said. "It is our right to defend the city and asking legitimate questions about the petition process."

In May, the City Council passed the equal rights ordinance, which consolidates city bans on discrimination based on sex, race, age, religion and other categories and increases protections for gay and transgender residents. Parker, who is gay, and other supporters said the measure is about offering protections at the local level against all forms of discrimination in housing, employment and services provided by private businesses such as hotels and restaurants.

Religious institutions are exempt, but city attorneys recently subpoenaed the pastors, seeking all speeches, presentations or sermons related to the repeal petition.

Christian activists had sued after city officials ruled they didn't collect enough signatures to get the question on the ballot. The city secretary initially counted enough signatures, but then city attorney David Feldman ruled that more than half of the pages of the petition were invalid.

Erik Stanley, senior legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian religious rights legal organization that filed the motion to quash the subpoenas, said the city "still doesn't get it."

"It thinks that by changing nothing in its subpoenas other than to remove the word 'sermons' that it has solved the problem," Stanley said. "That solves nothing."

Subpoenas still demand 17 different categories of information that encompass speeches made by the pastors and private communications with their church members, he said.

"They must be rescinded entirely," Stanley said, contending the city needs to respect First Amendment religious freedoms.

Feldman said that the subpoenas were routine in the give-and-take between lawyers in a lawsuit and that the now-contentious matter could have been defused in negotiations involving attorneys for both sides.

"They decided to make it a media circus," he said.

The controversy has touched a nerve among religious conservatives around the country, already anxious about the rapid spread of gay "rights" and what it might mean for faith groups that object. Religious groups, including some that support civil "rights" protections for gays, have protested the subpoenas as a violation of religious freedom.

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Kentucky Court Orders T Shirt Company To Make Pro Gay Shirt

Ordered To Go To Diversity Training Courses
T-Shirt that they tried to force religious people to make

An administrative law judge has ruled that a Kentucky printer’s refusal to print gay pride t-shirts “constitutes unlawful discrimination,” and, by extension, that printers cannot refuse to print materials promoting ideas they disagree with.
Hands On Originals is a business that prints custom designs on clothes, accessories and other items like mugs and bottles. According to the ruling, Blaine Adamson, its managing owner, “instructed his sales representatives to decline to design, print, or produce orders whenever the requested material was perceived to promote an event or organization that conveys messages that are considered by the sales representative or Mr. Adamson to be inappropriate or inconsistent with Christian beliefs.”
Don Lowe, board member of the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization, contacted three different printing companies in February 2012 about t-shirts for an upcoming gay pride festival, including Hands On Originals. A HOO sales representative approved the design without consulting Adamson, and Adamson didn’t see the design until weeks later, when Lowe called Adamson asking how to pay the deposit and attempting to negotiate a lower price.
During their conversation, Lowe told Adamson that the GLSO was sponsoring the Lexington Pride Festival, “the region’s up and coming premiere festival for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning community and its allies,” according to their website. At this point Adamson said his company would not be willing to print material “for an event that encouraged people to be proud of their same-sex behavior,” in the words of the ruling, but offered to give Lowe the name of another company that would do the same work for the same price. Lowe declined, and within a month a complaint was filed with Lexington’s Human Rights Commission.
In November 2012 the Commission found that HOO violated the local “Fairness Ordinance,” which “prohibits a public accommodation from "discriminating" against individuals based upon their sexual orientation or gender identity.” Adamson disagreed, arguing that his refusal was not motivated by Lowe’s sexual identity, but by Adamson’s own religious beliefs. “[Hands On Originals] and its owners did not want to convey the ideological message that people should take pride in engaging in sexual relationships or sexual activity outside of a marriage between one man and one woman,” as the ruling explained. Adamson does, however, regularly do business with and employ homosexual people.
Adamson’s lawyers also argued out that the GLSO, who filed the complaint, “does not have standing to bring a complaint of discrimination before the Lexington-Fayette County Human Rights Commission” because only individuals may do so. "Luckily" for the GLSO, nonprofits are people too, because of a Kentucky statute that defines “person” as “one or more individuals, labor organizations, joint apprenticeship committees, partnerships, associations, corporations,” and so on. but liberal hate it when people say that owners don't lose their first amendment rights in their capacity as the owner of a business
a copy of the ruling (to read the whole decision )

“The ordinance effectively places discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity on par with the effects of discrimination based upon race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, and age,” he explained. “An analysis of the Fairness Ordinance does not support a finding that the ordinance ‘substantially burdens’ [HOO's] freedom of religion.” in short liberals get to "decide" what your religion allows or doesn't He also explained that “the Commission has presented clear and compelling evidence that the Fairness Ordinance addresses a compelling interest of Lexington-Fayette County government in safeguarding specified classes of individuals from the humiliation and other deleterious subjective and objective effects of being denied equal access to public accommodation.”
Adamson’s team also tried to defend his decision on First Amendment grounds, arguing that being forced to print the t-shirts would violate his freedom of speech, forcing him to convey a message he did not want to convey. They pointed out that Adamson did not deny Lowe service until he knew what the t-shirt design was, arguing that because the refusal was based on the design and not the customer or his group it did not constitute discrimination.
When asked what about the t-shirt design he objected to, Adamson said “specifically, it’s the Lexington Pride Festival, the name, and that it’s advocating pride in being gay, in being homosexual, and I can’t promote that message.”
Munson didn’t buy it, saying that acceptance of their argument “would allow a public accommodation to refuse service to an individual or group of individuals who hold and/or express pride in their status. …  which is 100 allowed according to the first amendment even when it's reprehensible kal vechormer when it's admirable The Hearing Commissioner [Munson] agrees with the Commission’s contention that [HOO's] objection to the printing of the t-shirts was inextricably intertwined with the status of the sexual orientation of members of the GLSO.”
As GLSO President Aaron Baker himself admitted during the hearing, “I believe that a gay printer would have to print a T-shirt for the Westboro Baptist Church… And if the Westboro Baptist Church were to say, ‘Look, we’re a church; we’re promoting our church values by having our name on a T-shirt,’ I don’t see how you could refuse that.” that because it was theoretical in practice it has never happened and will never happen
“No one wants to live in that kind of America – a place where people who identify as homosexual are forced to promote the Westboro Baptists and where printers with sincere religious convictions are forced to promote the message of the GLSO,” said Bryan Beauman, one of HOO’s lawyers. “In America, we don’t force people to express messages that are contrary to their convictions.”
Not only did the judge rule that Adamson’s actions constituted unlawful discrimination in violation of the Fairness Ordinance, he also ordered him “to participate in diversity training to be conducted by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission within twelve months of the issuance of this order.”
According to Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal group helping defend Adamson, the Commission can either accept or modify Munson’s recommended ruling. ADF senior counsel Jim Campbell told the Daily Caller that “Hands On Originals has 10 days to file its objections to the recommended decision with the Commission. Once that happens, it is unclear how long it will take the Commissioners to decide whether to adopt or modify the recommended decision.”
The Lexington-Fayette Human Rights Commission “is an independent chartered agency of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government” whose statutory functions are to “promote and secure mutual understanding and respect among all ethnic groups in Lexington-Fayette County and act as conciliator in controversies involving inter-group and inter-racial relations; cooperate with Federal, State and other local agencies in the efforts to develop harmonious inter-group and inter-racial relations and…endeavor to enlist support of civic, religious, laborer, and commercial groups and leaders dedicated to the improvement of human relations and the elimination of discriminatory practices; and receive complaints, conduct investigations, hold hearings and make studies as will able the Commission to carry out the purposes of the Kentucky Civil Rights Act.
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If this is what happened in the "conservative" state of Kentucky what do you think is going to happen in NYC

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Gay Activist Shows His Bigotry, Racism, and Antisemitism

Gay Activist Christopher Li-Reid showing his racism
Gay Activist Christopher Li-Reid  showing his antisemitism

UN Passes Pro Homosexuality Resolution, Which Israel Supported

UN Passes Pro Homosexuality Resolution

The United Nations Human "Rights" Council adoptedlandmark resolution shown below for LGBT "rights" during its 27th session on Friday, the second-ever motion of its kind. The resolution, which was heavily promoted by the U.S., was sponsored by Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil and Chile. Countries from every geographic region in the world joined as supporters.  

The action, which passed by a 25-14 vote margin countries listed below after more than an hour of debate, condemns violence and "discrimination" on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity across the globe. 

“We are pleased to see that today the international community is visibly and publicly upholding the rights of LGBT individuals, and thereby we demonstrate ourselves as a global community respecting the rights of all,” said Ambassador Keith Harper, who represents the U.S. on the U.N. Human Rights Council. 

Still, since the resolution comes with no enforcement capability thank God — it simply calls for a report from the U.N. high commissioner on LGBT "rights" abuses — it will likely largely be seen as a symbolic gesture, albeit it one that the U.N. has largely failed to make in the past. This resolution is "only" the second time the U.N. has referred to LGBT rights as “human rights.”

Not all of the reaction to the resolution was positive: Pakistan’s representative to the U.N. Human Rights Council called it a “divisive and controversial initiative.” 

We feel there is an attempt to impose uniculturality” that “runs counter to religious and cultural practices of some countries,” said Saudi Arabia’s representative during debate a broken Clock is right twice a day. “In my opinion, this [resolution] is a human rights violation.”

South Africa, considering their recent history of harsh "anti"-LGBT legislation has allowed same sex "marriage" for years and co sponsored the 2011 resolution, surprisingly backed the resolution. But Buzzfeed reports that insiders on the Human Rights Council say the African nation helped “water down” the resolution before lending its support.

A total of 21 countries either opposed or abstained from the resolution. Also — ironically in light of the sponsors of the resolution — Latin America accounts for almost 80% of the world’s reported murders of transgender people, with more than half of these deaths occurring in Brazil. showing that promoting perversion leads to more perversion

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The U.S., along with Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Montenegro, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, South Africa murder central, Macedonia, the U.K., Venezuela and Vietnam voted for the proposal. 

Algeria, Botswana, Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Gabon, Indonesia, Kenya, Kuwait, Maldives, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates opposed it. 

Burkina Faso, China, Congo, India, Kazakhstan, Namibia and Sierra Leone abstained. 

The U.N. Human "Rights" Council before the final vote rejected seven proposed amendments put forth by Egypt, Uganda, Pakistan, South Sudan and other countries that sought to strip LGBT-specific language from the proposal.

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Tragically Israel also supported this anti Jewish (Torah) Resolution bill making a complete mockery of the "Jewish" state

Statement by Ambassador Samantha Power, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, on the UN Human Rights Council Resolution on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, September 26, 2014

Samantha Power
U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations 
New York, NY
September 26, 2014

I am very pleased that the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution today to combat "discrimination" notice the emphasis is on "discrimination" which means not allowing a gay to be a Rosh Yeshiva, not violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons. This is only the second time in its history the Human Rights Council has adopted a resolution on LGBT "rights", and the first time it has done so with a majority of its members. This resolution mandates a much-needed UN report that will investigate and bring to the world’s attention the violence and "discrimination" faced by individuals around the world "simply" because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

This has been an important week for advancing LGBT rights at the UN. Today’s adoption is another historic step forward. Yesterday, I joined Secretary Kerry remember the Tochicha in vayikra at the first UN high-level LGBT Ministerial event that was open to all UN delegations, as well as to representatives of civil society. The event was attended by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights as well as by ministers from around the world. As Secretary Kerry said at the meeting, “we have a "moral" obligation to speak up against marginalization and persecution of LGBT persons. We have a "moral" obligation to promote societies that are more just and more "fair", more "tolerant".”

Across the globe, we still continue to witness acts of intimidation and persecution against LGBT persons "simply" because of who they are and who they love. Indeed, more than 75 countries around the world still maintain "discriminatory" laws aimed at LGBT individuals. We must do more to ensure that governments do not condone the jailing or killing of individuals because of their acting upon their supposed sexual orientation or gender identity.

The United States is "proud" to have worked with member states from every region in the world on this resolution, and we commend Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay for taking the lead in sponsoring it. We remain unwavering in our commitment to "advance" "equality" for LGBT persons at home and abroad. "Discrimination" against LGBT individuals exists in every corner of the world and we must continue working together to ensure that “all human "rights" for all” is truly a reality.
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City Of Yerushalim Funds Gay Organization

Thanks To Ger$ Supporting Mayor Nir Barkat We Have This Chillul Hashem RL

Amid a large contingent of police, including a helicopter and officers on horseback, a relatively small number of gay and transgender men and women marched through the streets of the capital Thursday night in the annual Jerusalem Gay "Pride" parade.

According to Jerusalem Open House, which represents the city’s LBGT community, while the event normally attracts several thousand participants, two postponements during Operation Protective Edge diminished this year’s showing.

Nonetheless, roughly 2,000 people – gay and straight – marched downtown to support greater tolerance of the capital’s thousands of LBGT residents.

“Both of my sons are gay, and I’ve been volunteering for years at Tehila [a gay rights organization], which supports parents of LBGT people and helps them go through the process of acknowledging and accepting their children,” said Nita Klausner.

Asked to gauge the present level of tolerance for gay citizens, Klausner said she was heartened by inroads the city has made.

“Jerusalem’s come a long way in my eyes in accepting gays,” she said. “A lot of work has been done by the Open House – which is partially supported by the municipality – including funding for support groups, lectures, and activities during the High Holy Days for those who can’t go home to their families.”

Hannah, a heterosexual ex-pat from London, who requested her last name not be published, said she marched to encourage equal human rights for all the city’s residents.

“I believe that gay rights are human rights, and as a Zionist and someone who gave up a lot to live in this country, I believe it’s important to build a society that exemplifies the "anti Jewish" values I was taught by an apikores?,” she said.

“I think that Israel needs to be a home for everyone who lives here, and it makes me sad that this is more of a demonstration than a parade.”

Yuval Sadan, a 30-year-old gay Jerusalemite, described the parade as an important reminder that a sizable gay community lives in the city and should be treated with respect.

“The parade is important in many ways,” said Sadan.

“It’s important that people remember that we want to live and prosper here. It’s also important that the gay community shows itself in the capital, especially at this time when there is a call for tolerance.”

Citing the rioting that engulfed the city following the murders of yeshiva students Eyal Yifrah, Gil-Ad Shaer, and Naftali Fraenkel which took place during gay "pride" week – compounded by the revenge slaying of Muhammad Abu Khdeir – Sadan added that much work remains to achieve a truly pluralistic community.

“Jerusalem still suffers from a lack of tolerance,” he said wearily.

Noa Luzzati, an 18-year-old lesbian from Modi’in, echoed Sadan’s sentiments.

“Here people don’t accept gay people as they do in Tel Aviv,” she said. “One of the reasons is that the government is based here and many of the religious people are homophobic. So I don’t feel safe here.”
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Agudas Yisroel Makes Fundraiser for Same Sex "Marriage" Orchestrator

NYGov – Cuomo Meets Agudath Israel Board Ahead Of Jewish Fundraiser in Flatbush

Governor Andrew Cuomo was back in Brooklyn on Monday trying to secure a super majority in his reelection bid, by courting the "Orthodox" Jewish community’s support at the early stages of the general election.

The governor attended a fundraiser Monday evening at the home of Sol Werdiger, chairman of Agudath Israel of America’s board of trustees, in Flatbush.

Prior to the fundraiser, Cuomo met with members of Agudath Israel’s board and community leaders, two sources told JP. During the meeting, the governor pledged to do a greater effort to pass the Education Tax Investment Credit in next year’s session, one source said. “He was very positive and promising.”

The Education Tax credit bill introduced the NY Senate during the 2013 legislative session. But it was not included in this year’s budget deal and did not reach the floor at the end of the legislative session, despite fierce lobbying on the issue by Jewish and Catholic advocacy groups.

“The Cuomo Administration has a strong legislative record in support of the Jewish slight correction for accuracy cross out Jewish and replace it with LGBT-community, including policies supported by "Orthodox" Jewish organizations and leaders like sane sex "marriage", casinos near our summer camps etc.,” Elbert Garcia, a spokesperson for Gov. Cuomo, told JP at the time. “Although some proposals we support did not pass the Legislature this session (such as the Education Investment Tax Credit the bathroom bill otherwise know as Genda, a bill to ban therapy that would help overcome homosexual desires a practice that was endorsed by approximately 200 rabbis), we remain committed to these policies and to working with leaders and community members to move these issues forward.”

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Rob Astorino, during his acceptance speech at the GOP convention in May, promised to pass the Education investment Tax Credit if elected as governor. “To those who have been waiting for an Education Investment Tax Credit in this state… I want you to know that when I make a promise to you, I’ll keep it. We will have an Education Investment Tax Credit in 2015,” he proclaimed.
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David Greenfield YMS "Thinks" Voting For Cuomo Is A "Mitzva"

David Greenfield YMS "Thinks" Voting For Cuomo Is A "Mitzva"
Brooklyn Council Member David Greenfield on last Tuesday encouraged Jewish voters in the southern part of Brooklyn to come out and vote on primary day for Governor Andrew Cuomo and his running mate, Kathy Hochul, or face political consequences never mind the Torah.
Addressing some 500 members of the Orthodox Jewish community, gathered at the annual dinner of ‘Rav Chesed’ organization in Borough Park, Greenfield stressed that the reason the community sometimes gets under-funded or feels ignored is the result of a low turnout on Election Day and the fact that even those who vote trade their vote away for nothing, so every single politician knows the Jewish community stands for nothing and only votes for the front-runner so they come to us only after they secure a majority of goyim.
“In politics, if you want to get things done and if you want people to respect you, they need to be afraid of you. And being afraid of you doesn’t mean we have to carry big sticks or be mean, afraid comes down to basic respect. And the only thing that matters, when it comes to politics, is: do people come out and show up to vote on primary day and election day,” said Greenfield more accurately politicians have to be afraid that you will vote against them, the problem is the Jewish community almost never votes against politicians who hurt us, voting for people who hurt us only means we are telling the whole world we don't care what you will do because we are stupid and will vote for you anyways.
Greenfield went on to decry the lack of accomplishments due to a lazy voting effort in the community. “If you look at the conversation that’s happening today, politically in New York, it is not about our community,” he said. “We are the fastest growing community in NYC, with a half million Orthodox Jews in New York” 
Ahead of next week’s primary day, Greenfield noted that there’s only one choice for the community – the Cuomo/Hochul same sex "marriage" ticket.
‘This election is very important,” he explained, “because the governor has been a good governor to the gay community and has worked with us Jewish kappos on a lot of issues. He’s getting a challenge, not from the left, but from the extreme left – the ultra-left…  They are looking to see who’s going to come out and support us as a reward for passing same sex "marriage"? Will our community come out and support us as a reward for passing same sex "marriage"?”  unfortunately the answer was yes the "Orthodox Jewish community supports same sex "marriage" completely
I ask you, this Elul, do one extra Mitzvah: go out and vote next week in the primary. And when you’re out there, make sure to look on the ballot and vote for Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul – people who we can work with to pass every single reshus like genda which would force jewish stores to hire men in dresses,” he concluded.
As reported earlier today, the two competing Satmar YMS factions came together on Wednesday in a united effort to reelect Governor Andrew Cuomo and help his running mate Kathy Hochul overcome her competitive primary challenge from the left.
A similar effort is being done at the grassroots level in Borough Park, in which the Fake Orthodox Jewish  community’s political leaders, along with the various institutions will aggressively reach out to voters to come out on primary day next Tuesday.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Homosexuality No Longer Going To Blocked By Internet Filter Company

Symantec halts search filter's block of gay websites

SAN JOSE -- A popular online "safe"-search filter is ending its practice of blocking links to mainstream gay and lesbian advocacy groups for users hoping to avoid obscene sites.
For several years, top Web-filtering services have been resolving a security over-reach that conflated gay rights websites with child porn, blocking both from web surfers using safe-search software. Now Symantec, one of a handful of key players in the content-filtering market, is joining the push.
Online security firm Symantec told The Associated Press that while customers can still set their search to block offensive websites, there will no longer be an option to block websites just because they relate to sexual orientation.
"Making this change was not only the "right" thing to do, it was a good business decision," said Fran Rosch, executive vice president, Norton Business Unit, Symantec in a Tuesday announcement. "Having a category in place that could be used to filter out all LGBT-oriented sites was inconsistent with Symantec's "values" and the mission of our software."
Symantec's shift, which came after customers at an Au Bon Pain cafe and bakery blogged in January that the free Wi-Fi was blocking access to advocacy groups, is the latest in a series of Internet-filter revamps prompted after frustrated Web searchers found human rights campaigns and gay advocacy groups were being grouped together with child porn sites by some Web-content monitors, which then prevented users from clicking on them.

Internet filters are mandatory in most public schools and libraries, and they are frequently used as well by anyone offering Wi-Fi, from airports to cafes. They can limit students and patrons from browsing obscene or inappropriate content. But many of those filters have blocked appropriate and important content.
In 2011, the American Civil Liberties Union launched a "Don't Filter Me" campaign specifically aimed at getting public schools to allow students to look at non-sexual websites about LGBT issues and organizations. ACLU attorney Joshua Block said that at the time, they had "a gazillion complaints" about Internet filters, but in recent months, as many software firms have revised their systems, they've heard few grievances.
"Symantec is a little bit behind the curve on this," said Block, who helped lead that campaign. "Most of the leading Internet-filtering companies have already eliminated these sorts of filters from their own systems."

Analyst Bryan Fischer at the conservative American Family Association said some people consider websites advocating gay rights as dangerous propaganda and should be allowed to block them.
"Symantec is simply wrong to deny their customers this option," he said.
GLAAD, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender media advocacy organization, along with The Trevor Project, a youth suicide prevention program, were among those that until now were blocked by Symantec's software, and they are still blocked by several major systems.
GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said the change shows that "Symantec gets it."
"It's time that our software reflects our values, and that means filtering out discrimination," she said Monday in advance of the announcement.
Web-filtering systems, including McAfee, Blue Coat, Websense and Netsweeper, divide millions of Web addresses into categories like nudity, marijuana, cults or war games and then allow the network owner to select what categories they want blocked from their systems.
Symantec's Web-content database, which is used by its Web-content filtering and parental-control programs, dates to 1996 and is one of the largest in the industry, including billions of Web pages from around the world.
Symantec, the fourth-largest software company in the world, said the lifestyle-sexual orientation category has been removed from its databases, but that it's still being implemented in some products. The Mountain View, California-based firm said it's also taking a broader look at all of the categories in this database, and it will be eliminating any others that are similarly outdated.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rally To Protest Yerushalayim's gay pride parade in Yerushalayim

Gay Parade in Jerusalem Brings Disaster on Israel

For the past decade, the gay "pride" community has been holding an annual parade through the streets of Jerusalem, much to the vexation of most of the city’s Jewish, Christian and Muslim residents.
Postponed by the summer’s Gaza war, this year’s “pride parade” will be held next Thursday.
In more recent years public outcry against the parade has died down somewhat as most Israelis are focused on other threats, like the Hamas military buildup in Gaza.
But at least one activist is raising an alarm, warning that such a public embrace of homosexuality is no less dangerous than any other threat to national security.
“[Former Jerusalem Mayor Ehud] Olmert started this trend 11 years ago, and unfortunately every time this parade took place disaster befell the people of Israel,” asserted Ephraim Holtzberg in an interview with Arutz Sheva radio.
Holtzberg has helped organize a large rally in Jerusalem’s Shabbat Square for next week to protest the gay pride event, noting that “more than 90 percent of residents oppose this parade. This is the holy city, and this kind of parade has no place here.”
He further insisted that the public’s more recent acceptance of the pride parade as inevitable is “being exploited by [the homosexual community] to defy God. …They are playing with fire.”
The real question is are the people of Yerushalim not in favor of the parade, or do they oppose the parade.

remember the charadim got out 600,000 people to protest the draft, 600,000 people protesting the parade will make this the last parade ever to be held in Yerushalim


Author: Tom Canning
Source: Jerusalem Open House
Published: September 10, 2014
Despite recent violence, the Jerusalem March for "Pride" and "Tolerance" will finally be held next week : The Jerusalem "Pride" March was twice postponed the summer following the recent violence on the streets of Jerusalem and operation ‘Protective Edge’ in Gaza.
The March will be held on September 18th, starting at 5pm in Hapa’amon Park and finishing in Independence Park.
The pride march will be produced by the ‘Jerusalem Open House for "Pride" and "Tolerance"’ (JOH).
After all but a few "Pride" events were canceled in Israel this summer, the LGBTQ community in Jerusalem decided to go ahead with their original plans to hold the event with a message of "hope" and "toleranc"e for the troubled city.

In July, The name of the JOH was caught-up in the investigation of the racist murder of 16 year old, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, following a forged statement exploiting the JOH to claim that Abu Khadeir was gay and murdered in an honor killing.

Elinor Sidi, Executive Director of the JOH: “The LGBTQ community in Jerusalem is an "integral" part of the city. Our decision to postpone the Jerusalem "Pride" March was made with a heavy heart and in deep solidarity with the social fabric of Jerusalem. Following our turbulent summer, fall is beginning to show its signs, and with it we begin the long and complex process of "healing" for community. "Pride" is about creating a city "all" Jerusalemites can feel at home in and we hope that all people; Gay or Straight, Left or Right, Jewish, Muslim or Christian, will be there and take this stand with us.”