Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thank you Yonoson Rosenblum and R' Simcha Bunim Cohen!

                                                                    Yonoson Rosenblum

Yonoson Rosenblum, in his articles in the Mishpacha, is spreading awareness of the downfall of morality. He laments the politicians who are pro-gay and the danger we are in as our freedom to be anti-gay is being taken away from us.

R' Simcha Bunim Cohen

R' Simcha Bunim Cohen spoke in Beth Medrash Govoha, in Lakewood, NJ. He spoke strongly about the current state of affairs and encouraged the people to take a stand and fight.

These two individuals are definitely receiving slack for speaking openly regarding this subject. They are doing us a great service. May G-d bless them and give them the courage to continue this agenda.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

David Greenfield and Chaim Deutsch Vote For Gay Mesirah Bill

Two Months ago in the City Council passed 2 bills send out spies to see if people are following the city's non "discrimination" policies.  Remember that the Williamsburg store case is still considered by the city to be gender discrimination. Bill De Blasio signed both of these bills in to law last month.  One bill Intro. 690 would establish an employment "discrimination" testing program in an attempt to proactively attempt to root out what they consider employment discrimination.  For example if a Kosher Pizza store refused to hire a homosexual spy sent by the city to trap him who was flaunting his same sex "marriage" in the face of everyone else, the store owner would be sued. The other bill Intro. 689 would establish a similar testing program to root out housing "discrimination".  For example if a landlord refused to rent a apartment in a building filled with Orthodox Jews, to a gay "couple" then he would be sued.  Unfortunately the Housing discrimination bill's main sponsor and pusher also represent the Jewish community Brad Lander (Borough Park, Kensington).  Even worse both David Greenfield and Chaim Deutsch Who claim to be Orthodox voted for both of these bills. The Commissioner of Human Rights who will decide how to do these mesirah tests, and how many is a Park Slope Lesbo who thinks she is "married" to another woman.

As city council man Brad Lander put it
One technique we will start using again is “matched-pair testing,” where two otherwise similar individuals – one black and one white, one straight and one gay, one abled and one disabled, one with and one without a housing voucher – both apply for an available apartment or job. The idea is to hold landlords and employers who systematically discriminate against New Yorkers accountable for their actions, with real investigations and tough sanctions. That’s part of how we’ll make change.

A Local Law in relation to establishing an employment discrimination testing program.
Be it enacted by the Council as follows:
            Section 1. Investigation of discrimination in employment using testers. a. For a period of one year, the commission on human rights shall organize and conduct no fewer than five investigations of discrimination in employment during which the commission shall use pairs of testers to investigate local employers, labor organizations or employment agencies and employees or agents thereof. Such investigations shall include but not be limited to using matched pairs of testers who shall apply for, inquire about or express interest in the same job and who shall be assigned similar credentials but who shall differ in one of the following characteristics: actual or perceived age, race, creed, color, national origin, gender, disability, marital status, partnership status, sexual orientation or alienage or citizenship status, or other characteristic protected pursuant to title 8 of the administrative code of the city of New York. The first of the investigations shall commence on or before October 1, 2015.
           b. On or before March 1, 2017, the commission shall submit to the speaker of the council a report related to employment investigations conducted during the prior 12 month periodcommencing on October 1, 2015. Such report shall include, but not be limited to: (i) the number of matched pair tests completed; (ii) identification of the industry of the employer where each completed matched pair test was conducted; (iii) the protected class variable used in each matched pair test; (iv)  the number of incidents of actual or perceived discrimination by protected class for each such investigation; and (v) a description of any incidents of discrimination detected in the course of such investigations, provided that the commission shall not be required to report information that would compromise any ongoing or prospective investigation or prosecution.
           c. Any incidents of actual or perceived discrimination that occur during such investigations shall be referred to the commission's law enforcement bureau.
      d. Nothing herein shall preclude the commission from conducting other such discrimination testing programs or investigations pursuant to the commission's authority under this Code and the New York city charter.
           § 2. This local law shall take effect immediately upon enactment.      

here's the link to the similarly worded housing bill

The votes for both bills were identical; This vote is for both bills which were voted on individually

Melissa Mark-Viverito
Maria Del Carmen Arroyo
Inez D. Barron
Fernando Cabrera
Margaret S. Chin
Andrew Cohen
Costa G. Constantinides
Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. 
Elizabeth S. Crowley
Laurie A. Cumbo
Chaim M. Deutsch
Inez E. Dickens
Daniel Dromm
Rafael L. Espinal, Jr.
Mathieu Eugene
Julissa Ferreras
Daniel R. Garodnick
Vincent J. Gentile
Vanessa L. Gibson
David G. Greenfield
Vincent Ignizio
Corey D. Johnson
Ben Kallos
Andy L. King
Peter A. Koo
Karen Koslowitz
Rory I. Lancman
Brad S. Lander
Stephen T. Levin
Mark Levine
Alan N. Maisel
Steven Matteo
Darlene Mealy
Carlos Menchaca
Rosie Mendez
Donovan J. Richards
Ydanis A. Rodriguez
Deborah L. Rose
Helen K. Rosenthal
Ritchie J. Torres
Mark Treyger
Eric A. Ulrich
James Vacca
Paul A. Vallone
James G. Van Bramer
Mark S. Weprin
Jumaane D. Williams
Ruben Wills


Flatbush/Borough Park

Kew Garden Hills
Boro Park/Kensington


The mayor is requesting a 25% budget increase for the Human Rights Commission in fiscal year 2016, to $8.8 million from its current budget of $7 million. Those funds would help pay for a 51% staff increase to 100 employees from the agency's current staff of 66.
(crains new york)

 In her second week on the job, Carmelyn P. Malalis, the new commissioner appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio, was vowing to vigorously enforce the law and to revitalize the chronically underfinanced agency, which primarily serves residents who cannot afford to hire their own lawyers.

“I get that folks want to see results,” Ms. Malalis, a 40-year-old lawyer who specializes in workplace discrimination cases, said in an interview. “I know that we’re going to do some great work here.”

But the new commissioner, who lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, also has a personal stake in the fight.

Ms. Malalis, the daughter of Filipino immigrants, is "married" to a woman from Ethiopia and has two biracial daughters.

How can these legislators who are supposed to represent us justify putting our community at risk for following the Torah?

Let's contact these legislators who have large Jewish constituencies and ask them how they can justify voting to harm the Jewish community!
Chaim Deutsch (718)368-9176 or (212)788-7360
David Greenfield (718)853-2704) or (718)853-2704
Rory Lancman (718)217-4969 or (212)-788-6956
Brad Lander (718)499-1090 or 212-788-6969
Steve Levin (718)875-5200 or (212)788-7348
Jumaane Williams (718)629-2900 or 212-788-6859

As a side point how come those who claim mesirah regarding molesters are silent here where mesirah clearly applies?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cuomo Comes To Yeshiva, Children Brainwashed, Hayon Successfully Protests

Why are we having 8 year olds posing with Cuomo? keep children away from politicians especially scumbags

Is there a difference between these way children act for Cuomo and public school Children over a baseball player?

We are training our kids to worship politicians as celebrities?

After getting this advertisement for this event, Joseph Hayon upset over the word "honored" gave out flyers outside of Sharai Torah against honoring Cuomo
Sharai Torah invitation 

After receiving some of Hayon's flyers before the event, a few parents decided to skip the event, showing even 1 person can have a major impact

Hayon's Flyer

Friday, May 15, 2015

חכמה בגוים תאמין

A liberal  human-rights group urged Indonesia to abolish its practice of performing a virginity test on women who wish to join the military, but government officials insisted that the procedure is an essential tool for keeping naughty women out of the armed forces.

The Indonesian military promptly fired back, claiming the virginity tests were a necessary health check for female recruits. “We need to examine the mentality of these applicants,” an Indonesian military spokesman told the Guardian. “If they are no longer virgins, if they are naughty, it means their mentality is not good.”
Image result for indonesian women army
Indonesian Army

The spokesman continued: “We will continue to carry out the test because to be a military person, the most important thing is your mentality. Physical and intellectual requirements are secondary.”

No wonder the far east is progressing on every front while the west and America are stagnant.  The far east countries understand that a good economy and a healthy society goes hand in hand with decency and morality.


City Installs "Gay Traffic Lights" For $71,500

Yes, exactly what you hear.

In Vienna, A total of 120 Gay traffic lights have been installed at a cost of $71,500. The gay traffic lights have been timed to coincide with the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, and are intended to promote Austria as open minded.

The traffic lights in central Vienna show male or female gay couples with hearts - in red for stop and green for go - replacing the usual single, gender-neutral figure.
One hundred and twenty pedestrian crossings will be equipped with the new traffic lights which are intended to show how open-minded Vienna is, Greens MP Maria Vassilakou said.
Readers of the mass circulation tabloid Kronen Zeitung have expressed their outrage at the move in the paper's comments section. "That's our tax money - not your private play money! Couldn't a better use for it have been found?" one reader fumed. 
"There's not enough money to help single parents or build new play parks but there seems to be plenty of money for senseless things," another reader complained. 
Toni Mahdalik of the right-wing FPO party called the initiative gender politics "gone mad", and said the money would have been better spent on reducing poverty and unemployment figures.

לסביות בביתר עילית

 בעיר ביתר בהרי יהודה היתה מורה בתיכון מקומי ששמו משמרת מאיר שאנסה תלמידות.
המורה, גב' בתיה פניאל גרה בביתר עילית בגבעה ב', ברחוב הרב שך, לפני חצי שנה היתה גרה ברח' קדושת לוי 24. היה לה קשר  מיני  עם תלמידותיה קרוב ל-4 שנים. היא פוטרה מעבודתה ברגע שהמשטרה התערבה. התלמידות מטופלות ע''י פסיכולוגים וסקסולוגים.
Image result for ‫ביתר עילית‬‎
גב' פניאל למדה בסמינר 'אופקים' שידוע כסמינר עם  הרבה תלמידות לסביות וצוות המקום אדישים לעניין.כשגב' בתיה פניאל גמרה סמינר היא המשיכה שם כמדריכה בדירה שהעניק לה את ההזדמנות להטריד תלמידות לפני שעבדה בתיכון משמרת מאיר.
גב פניאל חיה בשלווה בעיר ביתר, ואילו הרבנים לא עושים דבר כדי לאלץ אותה לעזוב את העיר.
בעבר, הרב הראשי של ביתר
, אביעזרי טופיק, שם חרם על משפחה שלימה בגלל שהחליט שאותה ראש משפחה לא התיחסה בכבוד לחברה של אישתו. ועכשיו כשאישה הרסה והורסת את חייהם של הרבה בנות- לא אכפת לו?!
לפני חג הפסח, גב' בתיה פניאל התקשרה לסמינר 'נתיבות חכמה' בביתר עילית ובקשה שישלחו אליה בנות לעזרה בניקיונות הפסח. הסמינר בתחילה סרב אך כשבתיה אמרה להם שהכל בסדר/אין חשש/הכל שטויות אז הסמינר שלח לשם 2 בנות שיעזרו לה. הרבה מתלמידותיה לשעבר עדיין בקשר אתה ....
כיום בתיה מאפרת נשים ומתמחה בחינוך מיוחד בסמינר נוות ישראל. בעבר למדה טרפיה במוסיקה שזו הזדמנות נוספת לפגוע באנשים המגיעים אליה לטיפול.

ראו הוזהרתם!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Lesbians in Beitar

In the city of Beitar, Israel, a teacher in a local Bais Yakov  girl school, named משמרת מאיר, has been raping her innocent female students. The teacher, Mrs. Bityah Peniel (פניאל בתיה ), who lives in the

The entrance of the city of Beitar 
 גבעה ב neighborhood, has been having relations with her students for close to 4 years. She has lived at רח'קדושת לוי/ריטפורט 24 until half a year ago and now she lives on רח' הרב שך. She has been fired from the school once police got involved. The students are undergoing serious therapy from a psychologist.

Mrs. Peniel has been educated at the Ofakim Seminary ( סמינר אופקים -address: Tsahal Street 5, Ofakim, 87532, Israel) which is known for its lesbian students and the administration's nonchalance regarding this matter. She went on to become a מדריכה in the Ofakim Seminary which gave her the opportunity to molest her students prior to working at משמרת מאיר. The Ofakim Seminary administration were well aware of her lesbian status, at the time of her hiring.

Mrs. Peniel is living peacefully in Beitar, while the Rabbonim are doing nothing to force her to leave town. In the past, the chief Rabbi of Beitar,  Aviezri Tufik, put an entire  family in Cherem because he decided the mother was disrespectful towards a friend of his wife.  And now, when a woman destroyed the lives of her own students- he couldn't care less!

Before Pesach 2015, Mrs. Peniel called the נתיבות חכמה high school (address: קדושת לוי 60 , ביתר עילית)  to ask that the girls come to help her with Pesach cleaning as part of the weekly יום החסד. The staff member who spoke with her politely refused knowing there may be consequences. Mrs. Peniel called again and the staff member relented and sent two innocent girls to the predator's den.

Chief Rabbi of Beitar,  Aviezri Tufik

Mrs.. Peniel currently is an active make up artist, and is studying special education at the Navat Yisrael Seminary ( Shmuel Hanavi, Jerusalem). She is a
Music Therapist and is looking for a job in this field. This can only hurt the vulnerable people she will be working with.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Is this the Agudah the Chofetz Chaim envisioned?!?!?

New Jersey US Senator Cory Booker will be addressing the 93rd Anniversary Dinner of Agudath Israel of America to be held on Sunday, May 10th at the Hilton New York, as the keynote speaker. In his distinguished public career, first as Newark City Councilman, then as Mayor of Newark, and as United States Senator since 2013, Cory Booker has made a name for himself as an individual who is intensely devoted to promoting gay rights and has also been a staunch supporter of gay "marriage".

 Rabbi Avi Schnall, Agudath Israel’s New Jersey Director said, “We ‘Garden Staters’ are very proud to have the New Jersey Senator as the guest speaker for this year’s national Agudah dinner. He has been a true friend to our community and he is an absolutely dynamic speaker. We look forward to hosting him and having the opportunity to hear from him.”

Would the Chofetz Chaim have been very proud to meet this true friend of our community??

Agudah Dinner's have in recent years included the pro Homosexual Agenda

Shortly before Michel Bloomberg's speech at the '09 Agudah dinner he gave this speech, (leaving the rally early to be "on time" to the agudah dinner)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"Orthodox" Assemblymen Vote To Ban Helping People Overcome Unwanted Same Sex Attraction

Four "Orthodox" Assemblymen Voted to ban helping people try to overcome their same sex attraction, they furthermore voted that there is no problem with being a homosexual!
a.  Being  lesbian,  gay,  bisexual  or  transgender is not a disease, disorder, illness, deficiency, or shortcoming.  The  major  professional associations  of  mental  health  practitioners  and  researchers in the United States have recognized this fact for nearly 40 years. (bill)

Call them to protest their evil votes
Michael Simanowitz (718)-969-1508
Phillip Goldfeder (718)-945-9550
David Weprin (718)-805-2381
Shelly Silver (212)-312-1420

Remember that many rabbis (from all circles) stated there was a obligation for those who have a desire for homosexuality, to go for therapy to get help

Listen to Rav Yoshe Ber Soloveitchik's strong opposition to the liberals stopping a therapist from helping a person overcome homosexuality.
Here are examples of some of the things they want to ban for being "traumatic" !
“Then modern Orthodox high schools were sending their kids to a conversion therapy program. The school psychologist would try to change them from being gay to straight. Their methods included having the kid repeating the verse in the Bible over and over again for 45 minutes. Looking at pictures of AIDS victims and colorectal cancer victims and say ‘this is what comes of homosexual sex.’ Kids were being "traumatized". We haven’t heard that lately. Now the complaints kids have is that they don’t hear anybody from the administration using the word ‘gay’, and worry about what would happen if they come out. "Orthodox" high schools are starting to think proactively about it,” says Levovitz. “We’re heading in the "right" direction.”

For the remainder of this post all those politicians who acted problematically that have a decent sized Orthodox population in their district will be highlighted yellow,

those that have a sizable Orthodox community will be highlighted green "Orthodox" politicians will be highlighted blue

SPONSOR    Glick (MS)

COSPNSR    Titone, Jaffee, O'Donnell, Barrett, Roberts, Skoufis, Zebrowski,
           Schimel, Rosenthal, Kavanagh, Abinanti, Arroyo, Buchwald, Bronson,
           Magnarelli, Weprin, Linares

MLTSPNSR   Cook, Hevesi, Lavine, Ryan, Stirpe, Thiele
Vote Count in the Assembly

A04958 Votes:

A04958 04/29/2015 111/26
BronsonYFahyYJohnsNOMcDonalYPichardYSimanowitsYMr SpkrY

As we can see there is no chazaka that a "Orthodox" Politician is kosher

The Senate sponsors of the bill 



Everybody should call up their state senators, urging them to do whatever they can to prevent this evil bill from passing the Senate and becoming law!

Senator Simcha Felder (718)253-2015 is one of the most influential members in the senate: Everyone should call him, urging him to use his influence to help stop this evil bill from ever becoming law!