Saturday, May 31, 2014

Medicare To Now Cover "Sex Change" Operations

Transgender people receiving Medicare may no longer be automatically denied coverage for sex reassignment surgeries, a U.S. Department of Health and Services review board ruled Friday in a groundbreaking decision that recognizes the procedures as a medically necessary and effective treatment for individuals who do not identify with their biological sex.

Ruling in favor of a 74-year-old Army veteran whose request to have Medicare pay for her genital reconstruction was denied two years ago, the agency's Departmental Appeals Board ruled that a three-decade-old HHS rule excluding such surgeries from the procedures covered by the national health program for the elderly and disabled was "unjustified".

"Sometimes I am asked aren't I too old to have surgery. My answer is how old is too old?" the veteran, Denee Mallon, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, said in an email interview before the board issued its decision.  "When people ask if I am too old, it feels like they are implying that it's a `waste of money' to operate at my age. But I could have an active life ahead of me for another 20 years. And I want to spend those years in congruence and not distress."

Jennifer Levi, a lawyer who directs the Transgender Rights Project of Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders in Boston, said the ruling does not mean Medicare recipients are necessarily entitled to have sex reassignment surgery paid for by the government.

Instead, the lifting of the coverage ban means they now will be able to seek authorization by submitting documentation from a doctor and mental health professionals stating that surgery is medically indicated in their individual case, Levi said.

"They should either get coverage or, at a minimum, receive an individualized review of the medical need for the specific procedure they seek, just like anyone seeking coverage for any "other" medical treatment," Levi's organization said in a statement after the ruling was issued.

Transgender health advocates said that because private insurance companies and state-run Medicaid programs that provide health insurance for low-income individuals often take their cue from the federal government on which treatments to approve or exclude, the decision could eventually pave the way for sex-reassignment surgeries to be a routinely covered benefit.

No statistics exist on how many people might be affected by the decision. Gary Gates, a demographer with The Williams Institute, a think tank on LGBT issues based at the University of California, Los Angeles, has estimated that people who self-identify as transgender make up 0.3 percent of the U.S. adult population.  Over 49 million Americans are enrolled in Medicare.

Friday, May 30, 2014

"Orthodox" Jew Who Supports Same Sex "Marriage" Running For Congress

The pro same sex "marriage" "Orthodox" Jew running for congress in New Jersey

Three Democrats target District 11 incumbent

If Rodney Frelinghuysen were a moderate I would not be running in this election,” said Mark Dunec as he stood near the banner of the Livingston Democrats, moments before the start of his town’s Memorial Day parade. “He has voted more than 95 percent of the time with his own party. He is so partisan that I am running against him.”

Dunec, a management consultant by profession, and two other candidates are vying for the Democratic nomination to face the Republican incumbent, who has held the office since 1995, come November.

Voters in parts of Essex, Morris, Passaic, and Sussex counties will be able to choose from among the three candidates at the District 11 primary election on June 3.

An "Orthodox" Jew, Dunec is a board member of Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy/Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School, a former officer of the Synagogue of the Suburban Torah Center — both in Livingston — and a former member of the National Council of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Despite an increasingly Republican trend in many parts of the Orthodox community, Dunec said he “supports women’s "rights", gay "rights", and minority rights, and I am accepting of gay "marriage".”

He told NJ Jewish News those stands are “absolutely not” in conflict with his religious beliefs.

“I strongly believe in the separation of church and state,” he said. “I am running for government office, not for president of my synagogue.”

Dunec defines himself as “a numbers guy” who is running “to restore fiscal responsibility, social consideration, and sanity to Congress, which has been hijacked by people who are willing to seek gridlock, including shutting down the government. Rodney Frelinghuysen voted for that,” he said.

Dunec’s rivals are also trying to connect Frelinghuysen to perceived gridlock in Washington.

As Brian Murphy passed out leaflets and shook hands along the parade route in his hometown of Nutley, he said, “Frelinghuysen has become an institution and not an agent for change. The country needs a jumpstart, and men like Frelinghuysen are not the men to do it.”

An editor at the financial services firm Standard & Poor’s, Murphy said, “I know what works for the economy on a macro level and a micro level. When you have a bunch of lawyers in Congress trying to decide financial policies, it just doesn’t work.”

While Murphy and Dunec agree on most issues, they part company on the question of West Bank settlements.

“What Israel needs to do is halt the provocative settlements,” Murphy argued. “When they push people off their land, it creates exclusion, and that creates hard feelings. They need to work with Palestinians, no matter how distasteful they may find it, because they need a two-state solution.”

By contrast, asked about the potential for Arab-Israeli peace, Dunec said, “I do not believe the settlements are an impediment to peace. If whatever agreement they come to over what will be the new Palestine, I think Jewish people [in the settlements] will become Jewish Palestinians, the same way there are Israeli Arabs.”
Added Dunec: “If we want to solve the Middle Eastern conflict, we must focus on women’s rights, gay rights, and minority rights, and peace will come. When the Palestinian and Israeli governments come to an agreement, I will support it.”

Murphy, a Catholic, also holds positions that are seen as at odds with conservative members of his faith.

“I think being gay is not a choice,” he said. “It is something you are born with. I never chose to be straight. I am 100 percent for marriage equality. Abortion should be safe, but rare, and it should be legal.”

The third candidate, Lee Anne Brogowski, describes herself as a “process engineer who solves things that are broken.” She is currently working with PSE&G to develop environmentally friendly “green” technologies.
Seated at a table in the backyard of her Mount Tabor home, Brogowski said running for a House seat is “something I’ve been thinking about for 16 years. I am so dissatisfied with our government, so I can make things change by bringing groups of people together.”

She labels herself a “Libertarian Democrat” who believes “people should take care of themselves, but people unable to take care of themselves should be helped out by the government. In a society where we want to be compassionate, that is the way we should do it,” she said.

Growing up in a Republican home in Paramus, Brogowski said, she switched parties in the 1990s while running a small on-line sales business. “We were struggling financially, and I saw a lot more money being taken out of the bottom and going to the top,” she said.

As for the Middle East, she declared herself “a very strong supporter of Israel, and there are a lot of things Israel does really well. But I am against the settlements on the West Bank, and nothing can be done about peace until they talk about those settlements. Both sides have to give up something.”

Like her opponents, she is pro-choice and a strong supporter of same sex marriage equality and gay rights. “As a libertarian I think it is appropriate that our government focus on things we need as a collective,” she said. “But on personal things, the government should stay out of our business.”
(NJ Jewish News) highlights and cross out sections, were made for sanitary reasons
This is Mark Dunec's campaign phone number

Phone: (973) 287-4724

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Yeshiva Bochrim marrying Yeshiva Bochrim

The famous Chaim Shaulzon from Boro Park  claims that Lubavitcher bochrim who come from Israel to 770, and are looking to stay in the US, they legally marry other bochrim. Until now it was impossible to find an american beis yaakov 18 year old girl who would go along with this due to the fact that the process  takes a few years and the girls want to marry at a younger age then boys.
770 -lubavitch 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why Are We Fawning Over Bill De Blasio

Am I the only one who notices, that we (as a Jewish community) treat our low life politicians, similarly to the way the world at large treats celebrities.

From the Agudah Dinner

From before a fund raiser for Bill De Blasio by "askan" Jeremy Reichberg
Chinuch Bonim In Borough Park

sorry about the lack of updates for the past month

Thursday, May 22, 2014

הזאת העיר שיאמרו כלילת יופי?!?!?

In the city of Beitar, Israel, a teacher in a local Bais Yakov  girl school, named משמרת מאיר, has been raping her innocent female students. The teacher, Mrs. Bityah Peniel (פניאל בתיה ), who lives in the

The entrance of the city of Beitar 
 גבעה ב neighborhood, has been having relations with her students for over a year. She has been fired from the school once police got involved. The students are undergoing serious therapy from a psychologist.

Mrs. Peniel has been educated at the Ofakim Seminary ( סמינר אופקים -address: Tsahal Street 5, Ofakim, 87532, Israel) which is known for its lesbian students and the administration's nonchalance regarding this matter. She went on to become a מדריכה in the Ofakim Seminary which gave her the opportunity to molest her students prior to working at משמרת מאיר. The Ofakim Seminary administration, Rabbi & Rebetzin Cohen were well aware of her lesbian status, at the time of her hiring.

Mrs. Peniel is living peacefully in Beitar, while the Rabbonim are doing nothing to force her to leave town. In the past, the chief Rabbi of Beitar,  Aviezri Tufik, put an entire  family in Cherem because he decided the mother was disrespectful towards a friend of his wife.  And now, when a woman destroyed the lives of her own students- he couldn't care less!

Before Pesach 2015, Mrs. Peniel called the נתיבות חכמה high school (address: קדושת לוי 60 , ביתר עילית)  to ask that the girls come to help her with Pesach cleaning as part of the weekly יום החסד. The staff member who spoke with her politely refused knowing there may be consequences. Mrs. Peniel called Mrs. Halpern, the principal, who then sent her two girls. As the principal of the biggest girls high school in Beitar, Mrs. Halpern is fully aware of Mrs. Peniel's misdeeds,  however this did not stop her from sending innocent girls to the predator's den.

Chief Rabbi of Beitar,  Aviezri Tufik

Mrs.. Peniel currently is an active make up artist, and is studying for her degree in social work which will give her better access to females.



Monday, May 5, 2014

Man Asks Court to Marry His Porn-Filled Computer

Chris Sevier is trying to upend federal same-sex marriage cases by filing motions to wed his Apple laptop

Lawyer-turned-professional-troll Chris Sevier has asked the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to let him marry his porn-filled computer. On Friday, he submitted a 50-page motion with the court to intervene in the ongoing federal appeal over Utah’s same-sex marriage ban—suggesting that the love he has for his laptop is no different than the bond between gay couples.

“[They] discriminated against me when they reject [sic] my request to marry my computer,” Sevier writes in the motion. “I approached the Utah clerk to have a marriage license issued for me and my machine-spouse. The clerk denied my request for a marriage license in the same manner and for the exact same reasons—my object of affection was outside the scope of the narrow definition.”
It’s not the first time Sevier has attempted to use the courts to make his point. In March, the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida filed a lawsuit on behalf of eight gay married couples challenging the Sunshine State’s refusal to recognize the legitimacy of same-sex ceremonies conducted in other U.S. states. In response, Sevier submitted a 24-page motion to intervene, which stated that if gay couples “have the right to marry their object of sexual desire, even if they lack corresponding sexual parts, then I should have the right to marry my preferred sexual object…my porn filled Apple computer.”

Mr. Sevier's pretty wife
Either way, the court threw out the first motion. ”Chris Sevier has moved to intervene, apparently asserting he wishes to marry his computer,” wrote Judge Robert Hinkle in his ruling. “Perhaps the motion is satirical. Or perhaps it is only removed from reality. Either way, the motion has no place in this lawsuit.”

And I ask why not?!? He is right.