Thursday, May 22, 2014

הזאת העיר שיאמרו כלילת יופי?!?!?

In the city of Beitar, Israel, a teacher in a local Bais Yakov  girl school, named משמרת מאיר, has been raping her innocent female students. The teacher, Mrs. Bityah Peniel (פניאל בתיה ), who lives in the

The entrance of the city of Beitar 
 גבעה ב neighborhood, has been having relations with her students for over a year. She has been fired from the school once police got involved. The students are undergoing serious therapy from a psychologist.

Mrs. Peniel has been educated at the Ofakim Seminary ( סמינר אופקים -address: Tsahal Street 5, Ofakim, 87532, Israel) which is known for its lesbian students and the administration's nonchalance regarding this matter. She went on to become a מדריכה in the Ofakim Seminary which gave her the opportunity to molest her students prior to working at משמרת מאיר. The Ofakim Seminary administration, Rabbi & Rebetzin Cohen were well aware of her lesbian status, at the time of her hiring.

Mrs. Peniel is living peacefully in Beitar, while the Rabbonim are doing nothing to force her to leave town. In the past, the chief Rabbi of Beitar,  Aviezri Tufik, put an entire  family in Cherem because he decided the mother was disrespectful towards a friend of his wife.  And now, when a woman destroyed the lives of her own students- he couldn't care less!

Before Pesach 2015, Mrs. Peniel called the נתיבות חכמה high school (address: קדושת לוי 60 , ביתר עילית)  to ask that the girls come to help her with Pesach cleaning as part of the weekly יום החסד. The staff member who spoke with her politely refused knowing there may be consequences. Mrs. Peniel called Mrs. Halpern, the principal, who then sent her two girls. As the principal of the biggest girls high school in Beitar, Mrs. Halpern is fully aware of Mrs. Peniel's misdeeds,  however this did not stop her from sending innocent girls to the predator's den.

Chief Rabbi of Beitar,  Aviezri Tufik

Mrs.. Peniel currently is an active make up artist, and is studying for her degree in social work which will give her better access to females.



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  1. Sexual/Emotional abuse of girls is not just the subject of media
    headlines - Unfortunately it exists in our local communities
    You can not always spot an abuser " a mile away". In fact, many
    former victims can tell you that they would have never suspected their
    abuser until it was already too late.
    An abuser is not restricted to inflicting only physical pain. Most
    times, the psychological damage far exceeds the physical damage.
    Abusive relationships can be difficult to get out of because you might
    not know and how to get help.
    a lot of young girls innocently get involved with him. many who do
    not disclose their identity until it is too late. They are on an
    emotional rollercoaster. They basically fall in love with him and then
    they are abused by him.
    Blamers can be dangerous to love because they usually suffer
    victim identity. He will use their sympathy to get to them. He may
    even try to manipulate them by making it seem like its their fault

    Unfortunately this is a growing problem .

    please pass this on to all u know!