Friday, May 15, 2015

City Installs "Gay Traffic Lights" For $71,500

Yes, exactly what you hear.

In Vienna, A total of 120 Gay traffic lights have been installed at a cost of $71,500. The gay traffic lights have been timed to coincide with the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, and are intended to promote Austria as open minded.

The traffic lights in central Vienna show male or female gay couples with hearts - in red for stop and green for go - replacing the usual single, gender-neutral figure.
One hundred and twenty pedestrian crossings will be equipped with the new traffic lights which are intended to show how open-minded Vienna is, Greens MP Maria Vassilakou said.
Readers of the mass circulation tabloid Kronen Zeitung have expressed their outrage at the move in the paper's comments section. "That's our tax money - not your private play money! Couldn't a better use for it have been found?" one reader fumed. 
"There's not enough money to help single parents or build new play parks but there seems to be plenty of money for senseless things," another reader complained. 
Toni Mahdalik of the right-wing FPO party called the initiative gender politics "gone mad", and said the money would have been better spent on reducing poverty and unemployment figures.

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