Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cuomo Comes To Yeshiva, Children Brainwashed, Hayon Successfully Protests

Why are we having 8 year olds posing with Cuomo? keep children away from politicians especially scumbags

Is there a difference between these way children act for Cuomo and public school Children over a baseball player?

We are training our kids to worship politicians as celebrities?

After getting this advertisement for this event, Joseph Hayon upset over the word "honored" gave out flyers outside of Sharai Torah against honoring Cuomo
Sharai Torah invitation 

After receiving some of Hayon's flyers before the event, a few parents decided to skip the event, showing even 1 person can have a major impact

Hayon's Flyer


  1. David Greenfield was the only politician who refused to take the flyer. All the other elected officials took the flyer.

  2. David Greenfield?!?!
    מהרסיך ומחריביך ממך יצאו

  3. we need another 10 Joseph Hayon's and we win this war.

  4. Bravo Joseph HayonMay 19, 2015 at 1:07 PM

    Bravo Joseph Hayon.

    !יישר כחך, קדשת שם שמים

    Cuomo claimed in his speech that he loved the community, he said that he himself went to religious school. If he wants to repent and do the right thing, good, but let us see action, as he said in his speech (video available online), not just talk. Let him stop destroying the foundations of civilization and religion, with his promotion of 'alternative lifestyles'

    Giving a small sum to private school parents while attacking religion

  5. (continued) is like putting some cookies on a table while sawing off its legs at the same time. If you are undermining the foundational underpinnings of a structure, you are threatening it fundamentally, and a small gesture of support does not offset that great threat. More remedial action is needed..