Thursday, November 20, 2014

Democrat Corruption That Led To Passing Of The Assisted Suicide Bill

For starters The democrats tried to sneak this bill by by announcing after 5:00 p.m. on Monday (11/10), to quietly add A2270 to the voting schedule board for November 13th.
The kicker? Tuesday November 11th, was Veterans Day sooooo state offices are closed and your phone calls will fall on deaf ears until Wednesday morning… by design 
(from with some changes

When the bills's sponsor John Burzichellia was asked by Republican Jay Webber if this bill would prohibit government paying for Poison for Assisted "suicide" Burzichellia responded "it was thought that the normal course of process associated with what is paid for or not paid for in the multiple programs the state has, would be sufficient to sort out those details as they unfolded, so we did not specifically address that in this bill, thinking there was enough process in place for protection."

When Webber further asked if it was Burzichellia's intention for the state to be able to fund Assisted "suicide" Burzichellia responded "this legislative initiative is not working in that area of statute with regards to those managed plans, so I make no comment related to what those process would provide based on this intentive legislation."  (the above video started right after this exchange)

Later when (as can be seen in the video on top) Republican Assemblyman Jay Webber in the floor debate brought up what happened in practice in other countries that allowed assisted "suicide" how it continued to "Evolve" into harsher forms of murder, Democrat Speaker Vincent Prieto said that is this was "assumptions, and speculating on what could come" and that he had to "Stick on the bill".

When Later in the debate Republican Assemblyman Robert Auth asked a question the bill's sponsor John Burzichellia question on the bill, Burzichelli responded by trying to show what happened in Oregon, showing the democrats hypocrisy.

A side not but the Chilul Hashem of this passage of the bill was further implemented because Rabbi Lt. Col. Yaakov Bindell a Orthodox Rabbi gave the opening prayer on the day this evil bill passed.
(to watch the entire session)

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