Sunday, March 1, 2015

How Agudah Talks From Both Sides Of It's Mouth On Assisted Suicide

Diane Savino is the prime sponsor of the assisted suicide bill in the senate

this was retweeted by the Lefkowitz Leadership and offial agudah tweet account and A. D. Motzen a Agudah lobbiyist


  1. Isnt this the time of year for you to post "askanim bmegillah minalan?"

  2. Agudath of Shushan
    Bowed down to Haman
    Ate at the (Too Bishvat) party
    The OU approved the veggies

    They held a debate
    Which almost sealed their fate
    They honored a (vashtin or Quinn) lesbian
    Who had a different plan

    He took out the Kaylim
    Agudath became grim
    They walked out in protest
    And Vashti was not dressed

    So God had Vashti killed
    A plan God had built
    Esther took her place
    Agudath found God's grace

    But that was long ago
    Today they want the dough
    They lead us all to hell