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Gay, And Lesbian Teenagers Are More Likely To Be Involved In A Teenage Pregnancy

Ramban Devarim 29-18
. . . ופירוש למען ספות הרוה את הצמאה - להוסיף השבעה עם המתאוה, כי נפש שבעה תקרא רוה, כענין ורויתי נפש הכהנים דשן ועמי את טובי ישבעו (ירמיה לא יג), והיתה נפשם כגן רוה (שם פסוק יא), והמתאוה תקרא צמאה, צמאה לך נפשי (תהלים סג ב). והטעם, כי נפש האדם הרוה שאיננה מתאוה לדברים הרעים לה, כאשר תבא בלבו קצת התאוה והוא ימלא תאותו אז יוסיף בנפשו תאוה יתירה ותהיה צמאה מאד לדבר ההוא שאכל או שעשה יותר מבראשונה, ותתאוה עוד לדברים רעים שלא היתה מתאוה להם מתחלה. כי המתאוה לזמת הנשים היפות, כשיהיה שטוף בזמתן תבואהו תאוה לבוא על הזכר ועל הבהמה, וכיוצא בזה בשאר התאוות, וכענין שהזכירו חכמים (סוכה נב ב) משביעו רעב מרעיבו שבע. ולכך יאמר הכתוב בהולך בשרירות לבו, שהוא אם ימלא נפשו בתאוות השרירות והחזקות עליו אשר היא צמאה להם, יוסיף נפשו הרוה עם הצמאה, כי יתאוה ויצמא למה שהיה שבע ממנו וכאשר השביע נפשו בו. ולפי שהזכיר "שרש פורה" אמר בלשון הזה, כי יוסיף השרש הוא כפתו אשר היא רוה ורעננה עם הצמאה ותשובנה כולם צמאות:

We see that "gays" have higher rates of teenage pregnancies which can be explained by the above Ramban that men who are very promiscuous for women may eventually develop desires for men.

 Notice that chart show that the more gay you are the more likley you are to be involved in a teenage pregnancy

This was from a gay website (and I can give many more studies that show this same phenomena)

Higher Pregnancy Rate for LGBT Youth

The pregnancy rate for teenagers who identify as lesbian or as bisexual is two to seven times greater than their heterosexual counterparts, according to a 2007 British Columbian study  “Not Yet Equal: The Health of Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual Youth in BC.”  While the average teen birth rate is currently at an all-time low due in part to improved sexual education, this sexual education may be biased toward heterosexuals.  The fact that sexual harassment and substance abuse has been found to be more common in lesbian and gay youth may also contribute to this disparity.

Popular shows like “Teen Mom” make the pregnancy rate seem like it is forever increasing.  However, the overall rate of teenage pregnancies decreased 9 percent from 2009 to 2010, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionResearch suggests that the reason for this decline may be an increased use of contraceptives and dual protection.  A focus on sexual education in high schools has helped teenagers become more aware of the risks and choices that go along with sex.

Why, then, is the rate of teenage pregnancies for lesbian and bisexual youth so high?  One major reason could be a greater likelihood of harassment and discrimination which may lead to risky behaviors involving people they claim not to be attracted to?.  “Not Yet Equal: The Health of Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual Youth in BC” found in a survey of 30,000 LGBT and heterosexual youth in British Columbia that lesbian and bisexual females who had been involved with a pregnancy were at least twice as likely to have experienced sexually-oriented "discrimination" in the past year.  Similarly, gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) youth who said they experienced family rejection during their childhood were 3.4 times more likely to have had unprotected sex than youth who did not experience family rejection, according to a 2009 Pediatrics report.  According to “Not Yet Equal: The Health of Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual Youth in BC,” this type of psychological abuse can lead to coping behaviors that include risky sexual decisions.

Further, a greater propensity toward substance use may also have an effect on the higher rate of teenage pregnancies.  In one study, more GLB youths reported alcohol use before their last sexual encounter than did heterosexual youth, according to a report in the American Journal of Public Health.   The authors theorized that this may in turn lead to a decrease in the likelihood of using contraceptives and thus an increase in the pregnancy rate.  A different study found that GLB youth use contraceptives less frequently.

To counteract this, it is necessary for schools to put a greater emphasis on sexual education that caters more toward the needs of LGBT youth.  A major reason that lesbian and bisexual youth are less likely to use birth control is that sexual education that is directed toward them rarely emphasizes the need for birth control.  There is a biased idea that these adolescents do not need information about birth control simply because they are LGBT, but this is clearly not the case. if there truly not attracted members of the oposite sex how can they get pregnant?  

The importance of GLB-sensitive sexual education in schools was made evident through a study conducted by the report in the 2001 American Journal of Public Health that was previously mentioned.  This report found that GLB youths who attended schools that had sexual education that was specified for their needs had sex less recently, had fewer sexual partners, and reported less substance use than did GLB youths in other schools.

It should therefore be a priority of schools to enact a system that does not discriminate against LGBT youth.  this mean that normal people in schools will be more exposed to this perversion Clearly these adolescents are more likely to become teenage mothers than their heterosexual counterparts.  Measures need to be taken, particularly in the school system, to address these needs so that teenage pregnancy can be consistently addressed for all young people.
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 How can someone see this information and not realize that homosexuality is a choice? (though usually subconscious)

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