Thursday, April 24, 2014

Public School Administrator Censors Students Protest Against Gay Day

OREGON CITY, Ore. – Students wearing anti-gay T-shirts to class disrupted Oregon City High School's celebration of unity Friday.

Friday was National Day of Silence. It's where students take some form of silence to call attention to the bullying of the LGBT community in schools.

Two students told KATU News that if the school is supporting Day of Silence, then they have the right to speak out against it.

They wore T-shirts to school that said, "Gay Is Not Ok" and "Gay Day Is Not OK," which is a reference to Day of Silence. They sought out a KATU reporter to be interviewed.

"I'm not comfortable with you guys making a whole day about what you believe," said Alex Borho, a senior. "So if you're going to make a whole day out of it and not talk and a have a 'moment of silence,' then I can wear my T-shirt."

They claim they’ve received a lot of support from other students at Oregon City High, but most of the students KATU spoke to said it's the shirts that are "not okay."

"I don't agree with the shirts at all," said a student. "I feel like it doesn't make a purpose. I don't feel like you're really saying anything."

One of the students KATU spoke to was so passionate about speaking out against the shirts that he wanted KATU to point out there are over 2,000 students at Oregon City High and only three or four chose to wear the shirts Friday.

A student wearing one of the shirts said his teachers didn't seem to care about it. But a school administrator said the school is not allowing the shirts on campus. The administrator said the school is making the kids turn the shirts inside out or take them off.
Censored T-Shirts

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