Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We can do it!!!!!!!!

We can beat them.

A new group named One Million Moms  got together to fight gays. When the conservative group One Million Moms initiated an email campaign against Nabisco for releasing a Honey Maid ad featuring same-sex couples, the company sat up and listened. But Nabisco didn't retract the ad or apologize; instead, it doubled down, hiring artists to transform the flood of hate tweets and emails into printed pieces of paper that spell out the word “love.”
“That’s how they decided to respond” says Monica Cole, director of One Million Moms. “Now we know not to support Honey Maid, and we won’t be buying their products. …We can vote with our wallets.”
Monica Cole, director of One Million Moms is seen with Dr. James Dobson during an event on June 25, 2012.
 Their Facebook page has only about 64,549 likes. Cole says the real number is closer to 500,000. Pressed for more specifics, she declined to offer any confirmation. “We’re not at a million yet—that’s our goal. And we are working towards that goal every day,” she says. “One million starts with one.”

Their successes rate is astonishing!!! They have forced many, many  companies to change their policies and adds. 
It’s not just lesbian and gay adults that worry them. Cole and her cohorts believe that gay teens are also a threat to the fabric of society. An upcoming “Day of Silence“ to be held on April 11, encouraging students across the country to support their LGBTQ peers, has her particularly concerned. Cole sees it as clear evidence of the “homosexual agenda” entering the public school system, and warns that it will cause Christian students to miss school.
“Many Christians will stay at home. They won’t go to school that day because they don’t want to participate in something that they feel like they’re being forced to participate in,” says Cole. “Because in scripture it does say that if you participate or agree with something, it’s the same as sinning yourself.”

  1. Why don't we have such an organization?!?!
  2. Please  register and join the - One Million Moms!

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