Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Agudath Israel of $$$$$

From: Mr. Marvin Schick

Great attention has been paid to the recent Agudah Dinner, an unusual circumstance arising from the publicity given to the speech of the Novominsker Rebbe and the failure – if that is an appropriate term – of Mayor de Blasio to respond to the Rebbe’s criticism of Open Orthodoxy and the non-Orthodox movements.  We have been treated to a barrage of anti-charedi bigotry, beginning with The Forward and continuing more importantly to Michael Powell of the New York Times who with regularity utilizes his column as a vehicle to attack religious Jews.

We are living through the social earthquake that is gay marriage.  Certainly in New York, every top official is an ardent supporter of gay marriage and the Mayor surely is.  Mr. de Blasio stands for a heck of a lot of things that are anathema for the Agudah and for the Orthodox community.  Why the invitation?  Why the desire to be popular?  Is the Agudah Dinner to become an Orthodox Jewish counterpart to the Catholic Church’s annual Al Smith Dinner where major public figures are invited to participate and even to speak, irrespective of how much their views and actions depart from the belief system of the sponsoring organization?

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