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Gallup Poll Says Most Americans Support Assisted Suicide

 How Polls Can Be Misused

Nearly 70 Percent Of Americans Support Euthanasia actually many may have interpreted the question to include things lesser like withholding food, But Opinions Vary By Religiosity  by saying 70% support Euthanasia when it really substantially less, it changes weak minded people who are good on this issue because they don't want to be part of the "30"%

A strong majority of Americans support "euthanasia" and have done so for the past 20 years yet in the 2012 election it lost a vote in the liberal state of Massachusetts 51.9% -48.1%. Nearly 70% are in favor of giving physicians the ability to legally "end [a] patient's life by some painless means which can include not doing things to save the persons life which many times will still problematic, is not even remotely as bad as assisted suicide," but opinions vary dramatically by religiosity and by the wording of the question, according to a recent Gallup poll.

Pew Research's Religion & Public Life Project gathered summaries from 16 major American religious groups in 2013 outlining their faiths' stance on euthanasia. Almost all of the 16 expressed either strong opposition or serious concern over "prematurely ending a person’s life," with the exceptions being the United Church of Christ and the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations.

Gallup also found that only 48% of Americans who attend weekly religious services support "euthanasia", compared to 82% of those who attend religious services less than once a month.

General support decreased from 69% to 58% when Gallup inquired about support for "doctor-assisted suicide." Whether a case of wording or a genuinely subtle distinction between doctor-assisted suicide and euthanasia, the issue sparked debate in 2013 when a 44-year-old transgender "man" in Brussels deliberately ended his life with the help of a physician.
or maybe it's like Lifesite news said
The Gallup poll question is vague.
The Gallup poll question refers to ending a patient’s life by some painless means. Many Americans believe that withholding or withdrawing medical treatment is the same as euthanasia and many Americans confuse palliative care with euthanasia.
Euthanasia has been legal in Belgium since 2002 they're now trying to allow child euthanasia, but in Nathan Verhelst's case some may wonder whether emotional pain constitutes as grounds for euthanasia, as the pain of the elderly or dying might.
even if "only" 50% of the country is in favor of assisted suicide we have a major problem.

 (Huffington Post) highlights mine

from a
American's please sign this petition against Euthanasia
Canadians please sign this petition against  

Remember this is a serious concern Quebec (Montreal) recently (‎in the beginning of June) allowed assisted suicide

Quebec passes law allowing assisted "suicide"

Posted Fri 6 Jun 2014, 11:43am AEST

Montreal  - Canada's Quebec province adopted legislation Thursday allowing terminally ill patients to kill themselves with a doctor's help, becoming the first jurisdiction in the country Canada to effectively legalize assisted "suicide".

The move sets the stage for a judicial row with Ottawa, as federal criminal law forbids euthanasia even with a person's consent.

Opponents have said it will undermine confidence in doctors' care, but there is growing demand for the suffering to have more control over their parting.

To get around Canada's criminal law against assisted "suicide", Quebec is expected to argue that this is a "health" issue, which falls under its jurisdiction, and not a criminal matter.
Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard defended the bill, saying it dealt with end of life care, and "not euthanasia."

The French-speaking province's former health minister said when it was unveiled last year that the law would allow Quebecers to face "their final days in a more "serene" way, and in accordance with their "wishes"."
But critics, including some doctors, philosophers, ethicists, lawyers and clergymen, warned it could lead to abuses and unnecessary deaths.

The option is only available to adult Quebec residents who are suffering from a terminal illness, and an independent doctor must concur with the prognosis.

Four US states -- Montana, Oregon Israel's proposed assisted "suicide" law was based on Oregon's, Vermont and Washington -- have similar statutes on the books.
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