Sunday, November 1, 2015

'15 NJ Assembly Endorsements For Tuesdays Election

Knocking out Eustace is arguably the most important thing that can be done this election, his district overlaps with Senator Gordon, who is a very important vote needed to stop the assisted suicide bill. 


Under no circumstances is it ever muter to support a candidate who actually voted for same sex "marriage" even after th

Bolded candidates are people you should vote for
candidates in pink are the ones you should not vote for: 
candidates in pink who are also striked through ones are extremely against the torah, and are terrible to an extreme level and should be opposed even more then normal candidates.

in short
endorsing, not sure badworse

Please spread this list as much as possible

NJ Assembly

District 6 (Cherry Hill)

District 11 (Deal)

District 18 (Highland Park, Edison)

District 20 (Elizabeth)
  • Annette Quijano (D) voted for same gender "marriage", however abstained on assisted "suicide"
  • Jamel Holley (D) actually preformed a same sex "marriage", heard from someone knowledgeable he also supports assisted "suicide"
  • Roger Stryeski (R) looking at his facebook page makes me feel there is a very good chance he will vote like a liberal democrat on Torah issues
  • Stephen E. Kozlovich (R)

District 27 (Livingston, Maplewood, West Orange)
  • John McKeon (D) sponsor of the same sex "marriage" bill and assisted "suicide", this person is amongst the worst in the assembly on every issue
  • Mila Jasey (D) sponsor of the same sex "marriage" bill and assisted "suicide", this person is amongst the worst in the assembly on every issue
  • Tayfun Selen (R) assuming He's also good, but not enough to give an endorsement
  • Wonkyu "Q" Rim (R)  Heard very good things about him, may become one of the best people in the assembly if elected.  WE MUST VOTE FOR HIM AND MAKE A KIDDUSH HASHEM
  • Damien Caillault (L) pro same sex "marriage"
  • Jeff Hetrick (L) pro same sex "marriage" as can be seen from his facebook page (back in June)

District 33 (Union City)

  • Raj Mukherji (D) voted for assisted "suicide"
  • Annette Chaparro (D)
  • Garrett P. Simulcik, Jr. (R) support same sex "marriage"  as a Republican if she gets our support despite being bad on all issues it will nullify our support by attributing our votes to non Torah politics and not important issues
  • Javier Sosa (R)

District 34 ( Clifton)

  • Sheila Y. Oliver (D) voted for same gender "marriage" she was one of the prime sponsors, though did vote against assisted "suicide"
  • Thomas P. Giblin  (D) voted for same gender "marriage", though did vote against assisted "suicide"
  • John M. Traier (R) he is a homo who is "married" to another man,  Voting for a gay Republican is worse than eating a pig on yom kippur
  • Clenard Childress (A Better Tomorrow) He is a outspoken advocate for morality and is getting blasted by the left for it, WE MUST VOTE FOR HIM AND MAKE A KIDDUSH HASHEM

District 36 (Passaic)
  • Gary Schaer (D) voted to ban therapy that helps people overcome same sex attraction, as a Orthodox Jew he should be leading the gfight against librealisim in the assembly however he has done nothing positive (sponsoring good bills) and quiet a few negatives (voted for the "minor" gay bills)
  • Marlene Caride (D) voted for same gender "marriage", and assisted "suicide"
  • Forrest Elliott, Jr. (R)
  • James A. Lenoy  (R)
  • Jeff Boss (NSA DID 911)

District 37 ( Englewood, Teaneck, Tenafly)

District 38 ( Bergenfield, Fair Lawn, Paramus)
  • Timothy Eustace (D) not only did he vote and sponsor NJ"s same gender "marriage" he also had a homosexual "marriage" and prime sponsor NJ's Euthanasia law, he is most likely the worst person in the assembly and anything that can knock him out is essential, he won his last election by only 56 votes
  • Joseph Lagana  (D) supports same gender "marriage", and voted for assisted suicide, barley won his last election
  • Mark Dipisa (R)
  • Anthony Cappola (R)

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