Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The OU Now Gives A Hashgacha On Assisted Suicide, And Same Sex "Marriage"

The OU's support for Assembelyman Timothy Eustace is indefensible, as I wrote earlier regarding Eustace on my endorsements page
not only did he (Eustace) vote and sponsor NJ"s same gender "marriage" he also had a homosexual "marriage" and prime sponsor NJ's Euthanasia law, he is most likely the worst person in the assembly and anything that can knock him out is essential, he won his last election by only 56 votes
The OU's endorsing evil candidates, while pretending to only try and get out the vote, is a tactic straight out of Williamsburg

Josh Pruzansky is the OU's NJ Director of Political Affairs and Public Policy

How can the OU bring a person who had a same sex "Wedding" who is the leading pusher of  assisted suicide to a Yeshiva?

make that 2 Yeshivas

How many different Yeshivas does the OU have to bring lowlifes to?

as I wrote earlier regarding Lagana on my endorsements page he 
supports same gender "marriage", and voted for assisted suicide,barley won his last election.  

as I wrote earlier regarding Huttle on my endorsements page she 
voted for same gender "marriage" she was also one of it's prime sponsors: she was also the prime sponsor of a bill mandating propagandizing to children about homosexuality, original prime sponsor NJ's assisted law, a case can be made that she is the worst person in the assembly.

as I wrote earlier regarding Johnson on my endorsements page he 
voted for same gender "marriage" original cosponsor NJ's assisted law

as I wrote earlier regarding Diegnan on my endorsements page he 
voted for same gender "marriage", and assisted "suicide", was also the prime sponsor of a bill that would mandate propagandizing to children about homosexuality

Just in case you think it's only employed of the OU and not the organization 

Here we see clearly that it's the OU itself and not just it's workers


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    Look at the picture of the yeshiva. Or this יאצאנית dressed in the גויישער dress posing with men for pictures. This is the very modern חברא. Not that it entitles them to a pass, but I don't understand why we would judge them harsher than Yeshiva University which has been enabling same sex relationships for over quarter of the century now.

  2. 1. YU is/was wrong and, R Ahron Soloveichik said that it's better to sut down then allow the club.

    2. This is on a practical level worse then YU, because laws mean much much more then anything that a institution could possible do. YU only did what they did, because of laws that people like Eustace supported. Thus whoever voted for candidates that supported the laws that "forced" YU to do what they did are also partly responsible for YU's actions.

  3. Josh works for the Satan. the OU saw how what a good רשע he was while working for the Agudah, so they hired him .