Tuesday, March 5, 2013

7,000 Orthodox Jews flee Rio de Janeiro Brazil after immodest women dance on the street

Family that left

Thousands of Orthodox Jews fled a city in Brazil, after immodest women were dancing on the street, according to press reports in Brazil.

While the Brazilian Carnival attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, in recent years it has been driving away some local residents.

Jewish residents of Rio de Janeiro, one of the main centers of celebration in Brazil, have fled their homes and moved to a city nearby in order not to expose their children to indecent women.

The traditional carnival held in Brazil last week was a hassle for the 7,000 Orthodox Jews living in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Local residents say that passersby on the street were forcing them against their will, to look at dancers in revealing clothing that a religious person can not tolerate.

The Jewish residents told a television news station that they will continue to leave the city every year when the festivals are held, in order not to expose their children to nearly nude female dancers and party goers. 

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