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Gays infiltrating Orthodox Jewish Day Schools and Synagogues

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Read this my friends and weep!
This is directly from their Website:

JQY Panel programs of LGBT Orthodox Jews at a schools and synagogues can be a life-saving resource for those who may be closeted and feeling isolated and depressed. The value of a panel over a single individual speaker is that a panel sends a message of community and camaraderie, rather than tokenizing or isolating LGBT Orthodox Jews. JQY panels also offer the invaluable opportunity for rigorous interactive Q and A with the Orthodox community. Some of our past panels have included:

JQY Orthodox High school Panels:

Kushner Yeshiva High School – Being LGBT and Orthodox
JQY worked with Rabbis at Kushner High School to create a youth-based panel program for their 12th grade class.
With Rabbi Richard Kirsch

SAR Yeshiva High-School, Bogrim Program – Homosexuality in the Orthodox Community
JQY worked with SAR to create a panel of LGBT Orthodox Jews for the SAR Bogrim Program.
With Rabbi Tully Harcsztark

JQY Yeshiva Panels:

Yeshiva University, YU Gay Panel - Being Gay in Yeshiva
JQY organized the groundbreaking speaker’s panel in Yeshiva College at Yeshiva University. The JQY panelists (consisting of YU students and alumni) talked about what it was like to grow up gay in Yeshiva. The event had almost one thousand attendees and the subsequent online videos of the event have over ten thousand viewers. The program has been credited with inspiring the Statement of Principles, in which over 200 Orthodox Rabbis called for the welcoming and acceptance of gays in the Orthodox community.
With Rabbi Yosef Blau and Dr David Pelcovitz
Press Coverage
Press Coverage

View the videos for this panel.

Yeshiva Chovevei Torah - Hearing from Gay Orthodox Jews
JQY members spoke to the YCT Rabbinical class about the issues facing LGBT Orthodox Jews.
With Rabbi Dov Linzer

JQY Orthodox Community and Synagogue panels:

Lincoln Square Synagogue - Orthodox and Gay: at school, at shul and at home
JQY served as consultant for this program and organized the panel of Orthodox Gays and Lesbians for this landmark event.
With Rabbi Shaul Robinson, Rabbi Chaim Rappaport, Dr Michelle Friedman, and Rabbi Dov Linzer

The Jewish Education Project (formerly BJENY-SAJES) - Bullying in Jewish high schools: "Bully" Screening and Panel
JQY provided the Jewish Education Project with LGBT Orthodox high school students who shared their stories about bullying in Jewish high schools

Chicago West Rogers Community Panel - Tradition and Compassion: Homosexuality and the Orthodox World
JQY organized a panel of LGBT Orthodox Jews and their parents who shared their stories with the West Rogers Orthodox Community in Chicago Illinois.
With Rabbi Asher Lopatin

JCC Manhattan and the United Orthodox Synagogues of the Upper West Side -Tehillim Service & Panel in honor of the Tel - Aviv Shootings of Gay Youth
Following the Tel Aviv tragic shooting of LGBT Youth, JQY organized a community-wide memorial and tehillim service. Rabbis and representatives from NYC Orthodox synagogues spoke publicly in support of gay youth, and renounced homophobia in the Orthodox world.
With Rabbi Yosef Blau, Rabbi Avi Weiss, Rabbi Dov Linzer and Elana Stein Hain

View videos from this event.

JQY College Panels:

Yale University Orthodox community at Hillel (Slifka Center) - LGBT & Orthodox Shabbaton Program
JQY worked with the Orthodox community leaders at Yale Hillel to organize an LGBT & Orthodox Shabbaton consisting of multiple panels on the topics of Orientation, Gender and Orthodoxy.
With Rabbi Noah Cheses

University of Maryland, Kedma Orthodox Community at Hillel - LGBT & Orthodox Shabbaton Program
JQY worked with the Orthodox community leaders at UMD to organize the largest ever Hillel LGBT & Orthodox student event, with over 200 Orthodox students taking part in multiple panels and workshops on the topics of Orientation, Gender, and Orthodoxy.
With Rabbi Eli Kohl
Press Coverage

U of Penn Orthodox Hillel Community "Being Gay and Orthodox"
JQY collaborated with Rabbi Mordechai Friedman at the Orthodox community
of U Penn Hillel to develop a weekend program of panels, speeches, and learning opportunities. Over the course of the weekend, the campus community explored the issues involving being gay and orthodox. The event has become a template for a nationwide Hillel program.
With Rabbi Mordechai Freedman
Press Coverage

Columbia Orthodox Hillel Community - "Being Gay and Orthodox"
JQY collaborated with the Orthodox community of Columbia University and NUJLS on a panel about the hopes, challenges, and issues facing LGBT Jews in the Orthodox Community.
With Rabbi Yonah Hain

NYU Bronfman Center - "Religion and Sexuality"
JQY speakers discussed their thoughts and feelings about being gay and living in the Orthodox community.
With Rabbi Yehuda Sarna

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  1. The subject at hand is NOT the attitude toward sincere people struggling with unwanted same-gender attractions. The issue at stake is the public *flaunting* of homosexuality, and the seeking of approval and acceptance for those who agitate for societal legitimization of that "abominable" conduct.

    Rav Aharon Kotler OB"M, a leading Torah Sage of the previous generation, warned decades ago that the greatest threat we Jews face is not intermarriage or assimilation, but rather distortion of the Torah (Mishnas Reb Aharon 1:2:3:6).

    We are Jews only by virtue of the Torah with which The Creator has graced us. To invert His Torah into a means of rebellion against Him, threatens our very identity, and even survival - spiritual and physical.

    The Almighty Himself is The True Source of all true compassion. He Himself brands the homosexual act as a capital crime, and an "abomination" ("to'aivah").

    To even insinuate any denigration for those who exhibit the Torah-required ATTITUDE required by that term - as it appears in Lev. 18:22 and 20:13 - smacks of heresy, ke'firah.

    And to arrogate the "compassion" pulpit in doing so brazenly imputes (sic) the True Compassion of our Creator, Who warns us to shun that which is truly harmful for us.

    Any "Rabbi" who doesn't understand THAT - understands
    NOTHING about authentic Judaism.