Sunday, March 24, 2013

Borough Park Community Board Leader Yidel Perlstein Supports "Married" Lesbian
(L-R) Lesbian mayor candidate Christine Quinn, Yidel Perlstein's daughters, Yidel Perlstein, Ezra Friedlander

 Yidel Perlstein the first Chasidic chairman of a community board in New York City posed for a photo with his daughters and Ezra Friedlander on the day of "married" lesbian Christine Quinn's kick off.   Perlstein became the chairman of a community board community board 12 (Borough Park, Kensington and Flatbush) with the strong support of City Councilman David Greenfield.   He was also supported by assemblyman Dov Hikind.

Ezra Friedlander who's the son of the Liska Rebbe continues his support for homosexual supporting candidates by supporting Quinn.  He previously brought her to Borough Park for a delayed Tub beShvat Seder and brought her to Williamsburg for the Glauber Shiva.  As head of the Friedlander group Ezra, helps run event for many Jewish organizations including Agudas Yisroel's legislative breakfast.

Christine Quinn has previously tried to force religious businesses out of New York City for opposing same gender "marriage".

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  1. I see Yidel agrees with state senator Simcha Felder that lesbian Quinn is a "role model" for our daughters.

    "aicha haysa kazonah"