Sunday, July 21, 2013

Christine Quinn Sends Pro Gay "Rights" Literature Into Borough Park

A few questions to ponder
1. If she's already promoting homosexuality in BP before she's elected what will she do if CV she is actually elected?
2. If these pro toevanicks (gay activists) are so dedicated to be out on such a hot day doesn't that show us how dangerous they are?
3. how come Yosef Rapaport doesn't understand questions 1 and 2?
4. would Yosef Rapaport have a problem with her doing this if Quinn "only" did this in non Jewish areas (MZ is also assur for a Ben-Noach)?

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  1. Y R is the brother-in-law of molester Jerry (Yechiel) Brauner.

  2. I am curious re what exactly the controversial material contained. Anyone have more info? Would be nice to see images of it.

  3. This is disgusting and outrageous. Was this done with the Liska Rebbe's hechsher, under Ezra Friedlander?

  4. Desecration of Liska legacyJuly 21, 2013 at 1:46 PM

    Meanwhile, frum wesbites are running more PR from Christine Quinn's favorite Hasid, Ezra Friedlander, promoting his family's tiny and almost non existent Liska sect of Hasidism (it is so miniscule, they need the Rebbe's son's PR so that people will be made aware that they actually exist). They are promoting an event this evening for the yahrzeit of the Ach Peri Tevia of Liska, the Rebbe who passed away close to 150 years ago.

    Is Christine Quinn invited, like she was invited to Ezra's tu bishvat seder a few months ago?

    Would the Ach Pri Tevia (the Liska Rebbe's of old Hungary were zealots) approve of his descendant being poiretz geder and giving a hechsher for a toeivah Mayor?

  5. Thanks for exposing this outrage and your other great work. Yasher koyach!.

    I call upon Ezra Friedlander to publicly condemn this outrageous behavior and demand an apology from the Quinn campaign for it.

  6. Religious freedoms and the "gay agenda are on a crash course in America and this is a speeding train no mere earthly can stop.