Sunday, July 14, 2013

OU Stamps Hashgacha On Quinn (The Hater Of Torah) Greenfield's The Mashgiach

Jeff Leb, NY Director of Political Affairs for the OU; Maury Litwack, OU Director of State Political Affairs and Outreach; City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, City Councilman David Greenfield, Sam Sutton, co-chair of OU Advocacy-Teach NYS, and Nathan Diament, OU Executive Director for Public Policy. yemach shemom vezechrom

The OU's press release supporting Quinn YMS who has no problem with banning Milah
July 10, 2013                                                                               Roslyn Singer, 212-613-8227
Addressing a crowd of reform Jewish community, synagogue and day school lay leaders who convened at the formally Orthodox Union for the first meeting in a series of leadership forums with the mayoral candidates how come you only mention Quinn? , New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn YMS agreed to work with the community on the issue of security for non-public schools. where was she for the past 12 years?

of all the candidate Quinn has the worst record on helping Yeshiva parents and also promises the least yet these poshiem are supporting her.

“We’ve heard loud and clear now that it's an election year that this is an area where the non-public schools need help,” Quinn said, adding that she would work with the non-public school community to figure out the details.

During the OU Advocacy-Teach NYS-sponsored leadership forum, Speaker Quinn also spoke candidly about other issues of importance to the Jewish community, including aid for religious institutions damaged by Hurricane Sandy, enhancements to the police department, fair treatment of special needs children within the education system and improvements overall to New York City schools
Saying “it doesn’t make sense at all” and only adds to the stress and duress of a family that is already in a stressful situation, Speaker Quinn said that, as mayor, she would remove the requirement for parents of special needs children to endure administrative hearings in order to have their local school district cover the cost of a private school placement for their child.

Speaker Quinn also spoke about the safety of New York City, stating that she would increase the size and strength of the police force as well as work to improve the technology available to the police. Noting that New York City has “the best hate crimes task force of any police department in the country,” Speaker Quinn said, “We should make New York City the first hate crimes free city in America,” adding that it’s “not acceptable” that mezuzahs were burned in Williamsburg, or that a man was killed in Greenwich Village because he was gay her comparing a mezuzah to a someone who is CHAYAV MISA is insulting and demeaning to the Torah, and the fact that the OU quoted the whole statement shows that they don't believe in whats in the mezuzah VECHARA AF HASHEM , or that Muslims in New York were attacked after the Boston Marathon.

New York City Council Speaker and mayoral candidate Christine Quinn meets with reform Jewish community, synagogue and day school lay leaders to discuss her vision for the city as mayor and address issues of concern to the Jewish you mean toevah community.

contact The OU and tell them to fire Jeff Leb (who helped pass toevah "marriage",) Maury Litwack, Sam Sutton, and Nathan Diament.

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