Thursday, June 6, 2013

DeBlasio + Quinn Have NO Problem With Banning Milah, Only Saying Who's Trying To Ban It!

If your wondering how good the candidates are for the Jewish community watch their reaction to Mr Salgado at the FJCC Forum while he is saying that the attack on MBP is really an attack on Milah itself and specifically on the point that groups trying to ban Bris Milah march in the NY gay pride parade.
their immediate reaction
Bill Thompson, was listening intently (before and after the parade was mentioned) then looks like he just came up with a idea and stares at the lesbian Quinn and smirks.
Anthony Weiner, was enthusiastic and clapping at Mr Salgado's comments about people trying to ban Bris Milah, and was listening intently when he mentioned the parade, then writes something down and jots a look at Quinn and smirks.
Bill DeBlasio and John Liu, both are straight faced the entire time.
"Married" Lesbian Quinn, has a holier than though smirk on the entire time up until Mr Salgado mentions the gay pride parade, she then has a annoyed confused face until after Mr Salgado finished saying there trying to ban it all together, then she looks like her dog was shot, she then goes from biting her tongue, to redoing her hair before going back in to her usual condescending smirk.

When it was his turn it, Anthony Weiner seemed to have responded to Erick by saying "I'm a liberal by just about definition of it, but I believe that there is a liberal elitist condensation, when it come to religion in our city". (more on Anthony Weiner's Bris Milah position "is he pandering to us or the gays?")

When it was his turn it, Bill DeBlasio attacked Erick Salgado for fighting for arguably (kares) most important mitzva in torah, and DeBlasio only cared about the implied 100% true insult to the gay "community".  His attack led to heckles from the more than 90% orthodox audience, and Christine Quinn starting to lead a vibrant clap consisting of her and Liu and a few reporters.  This in turn led to booing and caused moderator Avi Schick to ask people to "hold their comments till the end".

John Liu in response to BDB said "This is a great city, where we can embrace our true diversity, whether it be the "pride" that is exciting with members of the LGBT "community", or the growing Orthodox community right here in Brooklyn and other parts of the city."

Christine Quinn YMS then proceeded to lecture the Jewish community on "tolerance" while NEVER addressing the fact that there is a movement to ban Bris Milah,  She "forgot" that the only "attack" on the gay "community" was the fact that the gay pride parade allows a group to march in their parade that wants to ban Bris Milah. she then proceeded to say she will keep Bloomberg's regulations with out ever adressing the fact that their is a move to ban Bris Milah in this country that is led by members of the said gay "community".

The shocking part is that may have not been Christine Quinn;s most egregious attack on the Jewish community in the forum which was easily over 90% Orthodox.  Christine Quinn spoke about her "wife" 3 times.  The most egregious of these was in a question about what sports team she liked she responded "when I married my "wife"

to see the corrupt story, how this video was found!

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