Monday, June 3, 2013

Erick Salgado Says That MBP Is The First Step Towards Banning Milah Altogether

Erick Salgado says that MBP is the first step towards banning Milah Altogether.  He uses proof from the atempts to ban Milah altogether in Massachusetts, San Francisco and Santa Monica.  He further notes that groups trying to ban circumcision march every single year in the Gay Pride Parade.

He also notes he's the only candidate that will fight for vouchers for yeshiva parents.

The reason candidate Salgado said  "and you better say that" is due to Jacob Kornbluh writing an article for YWN where he "forgets" to mention Erick Salgado's position on helping Yeshiva parents.

coincidentally he also "forgot" only Erick Salgado's position in his video on the subject.

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