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More Proof Of FJCC/COJO Of Flatbush Corruption: The Case Of Yosef Rapaport

supporter of toevah Yosef Rapaport

As we recently reported someone from the FJCC/COJO went around telling reporters not to report on the event and specifically Erick Salgado the only candidate who it's not assur to vote for!
The fact that Yosef Rapaport in his recent article did not even mention the name of the candidate who won the debate or the fact that he ignores Quinn's and DeBlasio's disregard for the gay "communities" attack on Bris Milah gives further proof that the FJCC/COJO is corrupt.

He furthermore openly distorts the facts of the debate by implying that Weiner spoke after someone screamed out shame, which is clearly disproved by the video.

(editors note) Yosef Rapaport deleted some of his tweets, and made more restrictions after we replied to them.

by Yosef Rapaport (former editor of the Hamodia) (comments highlighted)
There you have it [Hat Tip to Jacob Kornbluh] my interview with Anthony Weiner where he basically endorsed Weiner who sponsored the bill in Congress for toeivah "marriage". In the background you see Yermi Brenner who did a story on the event for the Forward. For a better audio of the chat before the forum organized by FJCC and COJO of Flatbush, click here

It was a very lively debate, with one heckler who interrupted Bill DeBlasio when he mentioned the  word “LGBT” with shouts of “Shame” and other invectives after DeBlasio defended the LGBT communities attack on Bris Milah altogether .  I have observed over the years candidates who speak to mostly  Orthodox audiences avoid the topic altogether because our askoniem who HATE the Torah don't bring it up and the politicians know they'll get the askoniem and fake rabbaineim support anyways. Most Haredim [Ultra-Orthodox] are content with that standoff only haradiem who are charid from politicians; haradiem who are charid HKB are gainst toeivah. After all virtually all politicians -especially those running for citywide office- have the same views on social issues because they know that our askoniem who control many votes don't care about Torah only kavod.
The issue is how do we as Orthodox Jews find our place in a this big metropolis and have our rights and needs protected. Many zealots in our community have a view that the issue of “LGBT” should be not only be at the forefront of Haredi concerns; it must be the ‘only’ demand the Orthodox have!  Concern for Yeshivos in general, for Special Needs Children, Security for Yeshivos and Institutions should be set aside. Hatzolah„ Shomrim, Ohel, Misaskim all should fend for themselves the main purpose of government is to make and enforce laws (see mishna in avos) not getting money from non jews, (which is called a chillul hashem and is only allowed in very limited cases: see YD hilchos tzdeaka). Even Metzitza BePeh should be at most, of secondary concern.yes toeivah "marriage" effects us even in Williamsburg. Even more the toevah community is the biggest pushers behind banning Milah altogether in this country
Those who hold this opinion -and they are many- direct most of their anger at Haredi Jewish Organizations for not making this the one-and-only test in this and other elections of any politician seeking Orthodox support. So the Hecklers were out there mostly to embarrass the organizers; that failed and for her part Ms. Quinn took the cue and was not shy to mention “my wife” in response to the heckler. she said it the strongest around 45 minutes later!
Obviously presuming she has nothing to lose with our community anyways. so if let's say he din'd scream out shame we should have voted for her?
I have a feeling that the great majority of Orthodox Jews, even even? if they deeply abhor the gay lifestyle, recognize that government support and tolerance of our religious practices sometimes depend on having an understanding with government you mean how the pro toevah candidate Bloomberg respected MBP and the BDB and Quinn had no problem with banning Milah altogether only saying that the LGBT "community" is behind it. The demand “to-be-left-alone” regarding MBP ultimately rests with an appeal for fairness remember this video, that is solidly grounded in American law and polity. Those laws are based on the same principles that give the LGBT community their right to behave has they please.
I won’t provide a link to the words “they please”, but mohel’s practitioners of MBP can point to the NY City Dept of Health treatment of high risk behavior in Bars and Bathhouses from whom the Department never demands that any of their clients must sign any form, or from bath-keepers to keep form records on file for a year the most anti MBP candidate is Quinn she is also the most pro toevah
So on the issue of MBP and the Orthodox struggle to prevent the city from regulating the procedure, Haredim might have to resort to an appeal to principles that are based on the same grounds that give rights to others with whom we strongly disagree.didn't you sell us the same line 4 years ago regarding the pro toevah Bloomberg
Anthony Weiner hit this point during the debate when he passionately pointed out, that “I am a proud liberal, but I believe that regarding many issues including “metzitzah bepeh” there is a such a thing as ‘liberal elitism’ which i oppose” as he went on to explain principles of tolerance and religious liberty he only said that because of the fact that Erick Salgado called out the toevah "communities support for banning Milah altogether!
For that he got strong applause [and silence from the heckler]. the heckler only called out "shame" after Weiners speech as you can clearly see on the video; which YOU don't want the Jewish community to know about.

 Since obviously YR is an am haretz and thinks halachly there is no problem with toevah "marriage" since "it doesn't effect us".

Rabbeinu Behaye (parshas shoftiem) says it was forbidden to live in Egypt because of toevah. we see elsewhere (toras kohaniem on the pasuk quoted) the toevah referred to in this pasuk was same gender "marriage"

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