Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Gay" Anti Semite Who Tried To Ban Bris Milah In San Francisco Responds To This Blog On Facebook

Jonathon Conte's response to my facebook post

Lloyd Schofield (2nd from the left) was the main person (gay of course) behind the ban, Matthew Hess (immediately to the left of Schofield) who's responsible for the Anti Semitic, pro gay, Anti Bris-Milah comic book (who found out about the Anti Bris Milah at a San Diego Gay Pride Parade).  This bill would have banned Bris Milah altogether!

Jonathon Conte at a gay "pride" parade

Jonathon Conte on MBP
Update more facebook attacks


  1. Accusations of antisemitism are based on three assumptions:

    1) That circumcision is exclusively Jewish
    2) That circumcision is universal among Jews
    3) That intactivists focus on stopping only Jewish circumcision

    The fact is, circumcision is not exclusive to Jews; only approximately 3% of all circumcisions in this country are Jewish brisim; the rest are secular, gentile circumcisions performed at hospitals.

    In addition, circumcision is not universal among Jews. There are Jews in Europe who have been leaving their children intact for years. A growing number of Jews are forgoing a traditional Bris Milah circumcision ceremony, and instead opting for a more peaceful, non-cutting Bris Shalom naming ceremony. Even in Israel, there is a growing number of parents who are not circumcising their children. A recent poll reveals that 1/3rd of Israeli parents question the practice.

    And finally, it would be one thing if intactivists targeted the Jewish ritual of infant circumcision. The fact is that intactivists oppose the forced genital cutting of ALL minors, regardless of race or creed. Of all circumcisions that happen in the US, only about 3%, perhaps even less, comprises of Jewish brisim; the rest are secular, non-Jewish circumcisions that happen at hospitals. We're opposed to ALL of it.

    It is dishonest for Jewish advocates of circumcision to pretend like they're being "singled out," when this clearly isn't the case. Little by little people are seeing through this smear tactic, as more and more people have the courage to speak out, despite the threat of being labeled Nazi-Germans.

    Go ahead and delete my comment. You know you read it.

    1. the only Bris Shalom will be on the person who kills you.
      see Numbers 25-12

    2. I want your comment on this blog so people will know about you, and how you are trying to destroy the Jewish people!

  2. And so what if he's gay? Does being so invalidate his argument?

    Let's talk about the "gay" Jewish politicians who helped deride the democratic process and whine the SF bill off the ballot.

    What crap do you have to talk about State Senator Mark Leno, District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener and Bevan Dufty?

    I guess only gays that defend genital mutilation aren't an "abomination" to "g-d," eh?

    What a pathetic cheap shot.

    1. If gays allow anti-bris people to march in their parade, then the gays might as well allow a pro-gay Hitler to march in their parade.

    2. Since YOU know him personally next time I will take out the question marks.

      PS: I agree with the statement by Unorthodox Yidden (who is Orthodox)