Monday, June 3, 2013

Jewish Politicans Chanfin the Lesbian Quinn

The names of the "orthodox" politicians who are kissing up to the lesbian Christine Quinn are Ezra Friedlander, City Council candidate Chaim Deutsch, Yeshiva World News Reporter Jacob Kornbluh, Christine Quinn donor Leon Goldenberg.

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  1. Here is a picture for you - Ezra Friedlander and his wife, with VP Biden, Ezra's buddy, between them -

    That is VP Biden, who infamously came out for toeivah 'marriage' a few months ago even before his running mate, Pres. BHO (Yidel Perlstein is in right hand corner of photo).

    This piece informs us as well, that Ezra was at the reception where Biden made his infamous remarks crediting Yidden for toeivah 'marriage', R"L, by mentioning that Ezra was at the leaders reception as well (last paragraph). Cf

    Did Ezra voice a protest? Or did he stay quiet?

    What simcha Ezra displays when with his buddies like Joe and Christine Quinn. And he is a Chasidic leader? Disgraceful.