Friday, April 12, 2013

Ezra Friedlander Stands Behind Christine Quinn

New York City Council Speaker and Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn welcomed at a Tu BiShvat ceremony Sunday Jan. 27 2013 in Borough Park at the home of Ezra Freidlander. Photo credit: Shmuel Lenchevsky
Ezra Stands Behind Quinn
While non-Orthodox voters may still be up for grabs, one political consultant said that it may be too late for Anthony Weiner to win ultra-Orthodox support. Orthodox leaders and activists have already committed to candidates, particularly Bill De Blasio and Bill Thompson.

“I don’t see how he comes in and carves out his slice” among the Orthodox, said Ezra Friedlander, CEO of the Friedlander Group, a political consultancy, who backs Christine Quinn in the race. “At this late stage of the mayors race, it’s too late to solicit support when its already been pledged elsewhere.”
Few of the experts thought that Weiner’s mildly sordid scandal, in which he admitted to sending explicit photographs of himself to women he met online, would inhibit voters from backing him.
“The Orthodox community in particular is a very forgiving community,” said Friedlander. “Atonement and forgiveness is a part of our DNA.”


  1. Agudath Israel has hired Friedlander to run legislative breakfasts for them recently, and has worked with him in other ways as well. I ask, how can they, in good conscience, give business to such an individual, who openly supports Quinn, who has been a leading force, for so long, in dragging New York down to the moral gutter? Agudath Israel is supposedly an organization that stands for traditional Biblical morality. How can it support Friedlander?

    Another problem is that Friedlander is an independent political operator, who, on his own, is busy wheeling and dealing. If he was just a PR business that would be one thing, but he is, at the same time, doing PR, political consulting, acting as an independent political operator, and supposedly working for organizations like Agudath, as well as his customers like Shema Koleinu, for whom he tries to ingratiate himself with officials who control and influence gvt. grants. These interests conflict with each other. Ezra Friedlander is a walking conflict of interest.

    Friedlander is a real operator, he hedges his bets, on the Republican side he gets close to John Catsimatidis, while at the same time supporting Christine Quinn. Just like on the Federal level, where he went to the Democratic convention and Obama inaugurations, while, at the same time, after Paul Ryan was chosen as GOP VP candidate, he put out a photo of himself with Ryan. What an operator. But do we want a politico operator, a Hasidic wheeler dealer, or a frum Yid who actually stands for Torah values?

  2. I have known EZRA for many years can tell you all he did was MENIVOOLAS and chasing girls all day never davened never mind to look in a yiddish sifer after going and chasing his current wife from hungary and promising to atleast daven once a day she reluctantly agreed to marry him he also had to promise to buy a house and support her he never was marriage material o also puts on wherever he can the LISKA rebbe oc in vay for sucha yamying