Saturday, April 6, 2013

Jewish Politicos Bring The Pro Toevah Jerry Nadler To A Cheder (Yeshiva) To "Teach" Our Children

The Jewish "political figures" in this video that brought the pro Toevah Jerry Nadler to the cheder are.

1. Ezra Friedlander: the son of the Liska Rebbe and CEO of the Friedlander group which helps run event for many Jewish organizations including Agudas Yisroel's legislative breakfast.
2. Yidel Perlstein : Borough Park and part of Flatbush's community board chairman. (1st Chasidic chairman of a community board in New York City). Yidel got his position with the strong support of Borough Park and Flatbush City Councilman David Greenfield.
3. Pinny Ringel : the Community Affairs Associate for the NY Public Advocate Bill deBlasio the strongly pro Toevah NYC mayoral candidate.
4. Moshe Friedman: executive director for Nachman Kaller's Community First and hosted the radio show "Let's Talk Tachlis".
(if anyone knows any other political figures or the name the name of the Yeshiva in the video please comment)

All the kids seemed to be genuinely impressed upon seeing Nadler.  None seemed to have the impression that much of congress or Obama stand for all the Jewish Community hates.

Jerry Nadler is known as the biggest pro Toevah (homosexuality) congressman in Washington.  He is the leading sponsor of more homosexuality bills in congress, than any other congressman, including the bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (which will force all states that are still against Homo "marriages" (like New Jersey) to accept homo "marriage" from states that allow it (like New York)).

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