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Asking Girls To Kiss, How It Did Happen, The History Of The Dignity For All Students Act Part 1

Gov. Paterson was in Manhattan Sunday for the Gay Pride Parade.
David Paterson who signed the law on Erev Rosh Hashana that forced gay teaching into schools

As we previously reported girls in school in Upstate NY were required to ask one another for a lesbian kiss based on the so called "Dignity For All Students Act".

The most objectionable part of the law, is the following section which forces all schools to teach pro gay propaganda. (possibly even private and religious schools)  This law was the basis for telling middle schools girls to kiss each other.  (The capital letters are the new laws which the Dignity For All Students Act added to the previous law, that which is underlined is for emphasis)
S 801-a. Instruction in civility, citizenship and character education.
 The  regents  shall  ensure  that  the  course  of instruction in grades
 kindergarten through twelve includes a component on  civility,  citizen
 ship  and character education. Such component shall instruct students on
 the principles of honesty, tolerance, personal  responsibility,  respect
 for  others,  observance  of laws and rules, courtesy, dignity and other
 traits which will enhance the  quality  of  their  experiences  in,  and
 contributions  to,  the  community.  The  regents shall determine how to
 incorporate such component in existing curricula  and  the  commissioner
 shall  promulgate any regulations needed to carry out such determination

This bill including this section was first proposed in 2001 with former Assemblyman Steve Sanders sponsoring it in the Assembly and the former gay state senator Thomas Duane sponsoring it in the assembly.  When Steve Sanders retired, gay assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell (the lesbian actress Rosie O'Donnell brother) sponsored the bill in his place.

The bill was voted and passed 9 times in the assembly (never having more than 9 people voting against it) before it passed the senate.  On April 29th 2010, the NY City Council sponsored a resolution calling upon the New York State Legislature to pass the "Dignity For All Students Act".

2 people (Daniel Squadron, and Letitia James) currently running for Public Advocate of New York City supported this evil bill.

Here's are those in NY State senate voted in favor of the bill which forced the kissing incident
Eric Adams (currently represents Crown Heights, Is Now Running For Brooklyn Borough President), Joe Addabbo (currently represents Far Rockway and most of Central Queens), James Alesi, Darrel Aubertine, John Bonacic, Neil Breslin, Ruben Diaz, Martin Dilan (currently represents part of Williamsburg), Thomas Duane, Pedro Espada, Hugh Farley, John Flanagan, Brian Foley, Charles Fuschillo, Marty Golden (currently represents part of Flatbush, and Marine Park), Joseph Griffo, Kemp Hannon, Ruth Hassell-Thompson, Shirley Huntley, Craig Johnson, Owen Johnson, Jeffrey Klein (currently President Pro Tem of the New York State Senate, he represents Riverdale), Liz Krueger (currently represents Upper East Side), Carl Kruger, Andrew Lanza (currently represents Staten Island), Bill Larkin (currently represents Kiryas Yoel), Kenneth LaValle, Vincent Leibell, Thomas Libous, Betty Little, Carl Marcellino, Roy McDonald, Velmanette Montgomery (currently represents the outskirts of Williamsburg), Michael Nozzolio, George Onorato, Suzi Oppenheimer, Frank Padavan, Kevin Parker (currently represents Kensington), Jose Peralta, Bill Perkins, Michael Ranzenhofer, Joseph Robach, Stephen Saland, John Sampson (currently represents part of Flatbush, and Mill Basin, Diane Savino (currently represents Bensonhurst), Eric Schneiderman (Currently New York Attorney General), Jose Serrano, James Seward, Dean Skelos (Currently Majority Leader of the New York State Senate And Represents The 5 Towns), Malcolm Smith, Daniel Squadron (currently represents the Lower East Side, most of Williamsburg Is Now Running For New York City Public Advocate), William Stachowski, Toby Ann Stavisky, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Ruth Hassell-Thompson, David Valesky, George Winner, Catharine Young

Here's are those in NY State Assembly voted in favor of the bill (the time it passed) which forced the kissing incident!
Peter Abbate, Marc Alessi, Thomas Alfano, George Amedore, Carmen Arroyo, Michael Aubry, James Bacalles, Greg Ball, William Barclay, Robert Barra, Inez Barron, Michael Benedetto, Michael Benjamin, Jonathan Bing, William Boyland, Philip Boyle, James Brennan (currently represents Kensington and Borough Park), Richard Brodsky, Alec Brook-Krasny (currently represents Sea Gate),  Kevin Cahill, Nancy Calhoun, Karim Camara currently represents Crown Heights, Ronald Canestrari, Robert Castelli, Nelson Castro, Joan Christensen, Barbara Clark, William Colton (currently represents Bensonhurst), James Conte, Jane Corwin, Marcos Crespo, Clifford Crouch, Michael Cusick (currently represents most of Staten Island's Jewish Community), Steven Cymbrowitz (currently represents Flatbush, Francine DelMonte, Michael DenDekker, RoAnn Destito, Jeffrey Dinowitz (currently represents Riverdale), Janet Duprey, Steven Englebright, Joseph Errigo, Adriano Espaillat (currently represents Washington Heights and the Upper West Side in the New York State Senate, Herman Farrell (currently represents Washington Heights), Ginny Fields, Gary Finch, Dennis Gabryszak, Sandra Galef, David Gantt, Michael Gianaris, Vanessa Gibson, Joseph Giglio, Deborah Glick, Timothy Gordon, Richard Gottfried, Aileen Gunther, Stephen Hawley, James Hayes, Carl Heastie, Andrew Hevesi, Earlene Hooper, Sam Hoyt, Janele Hyer-Spencer, Rhoda Jacobs (currently represents part of Flatbush many people consider her "Orthodox", Ellen Jaffee (currently represents part of Monsey and New Square), Hakeem Jeffries (currently represents Marine Park, Mill Basin, Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach, and Sea Gate), Susan John, Tony Jordan, Brian Kavanagh, Michah Kellner, Brian Kolb, David Koon, Rory Lancman (Now Running for the 24th City Council District in Central Queens), Charles Lavine, Joseph Lentol (currently represents Williamsburg), Barbara Lifton, Peter Lopez, Vito Lopez, Donna Lupardo, William Magee, Wiliam Magnarelli, Alan Maisel (Now Running for the 46th City Council District in Flatbush, Mill Basin, Marine Park), Margaret Markey, Nettie Mayersohn, David McDonough, John McEneny, Thomas Mckevitt, Grace Meng (Currently represents Central Queens in Congress), Joel Miller, Michael Miller, Joan Millman, Marcus Molinaro, Michael Montesano, Joseph Morelle, Dean Murray, Catherine Nolan, Robert Oaks, Daniel O'Donnell, Tom O'Mara, Felix Ortiz, William Parment, Amy Paulin, Crystal Peoples-Stokes, Nick Perry, Audrey Pheffer, Adam Clayton Powell, Gary Pretlow, Jack Quinn, Ann Rabbitt (Currently represents Kiryas Yoel and Monsey), Andrew Raia, Philip Ramos, Bill Reilich, Robert Reilly, Jose Rivera, Naomi Rivera, Peter Rivera, Annette Robinson, Linda Rosenthal, Addie Russell, Joseph Saladino, Teresa Sayward, William Scarborough, Michelle Schimel, Robin Schimmminger, Mark Schroeder, Diedre Scozzafava, Shelly Silver (Speaker of the New York State Assembly, a so called "Orthodox Jew, who represents The Lower East Side), Frank Skartados, Mike Spano, Albert Stirpe, Robert Sweeney, James Tedisco, Matthew Titone, Michele Titus, Lou Tobacco, Darryl Towns, Helene Weinstein (Currently represents Flatbush), David Weprin (This was prominently included in the psak against him, a so called "Orthodox Jew"), Kenneth Zebrowski, Jr. (Currently represents Kiryas Yoel and Monsey)

Here are those who sponsored  the City Council resolution pushing for the "Dignity For All Students Act".
Daniel Dromm , Margaret S. Chin, Leroy G. Comrie, Jr., Julissa Ferreras, Lewis A. Fidler (This was included in the psak against voting for him), Sara M. Gonzalez, Letitia James (Currently Running For New York City Public Advocate),, G. Oliver Koppell, Karen Koslowitz, Domenic M. Recchia, Jr. (currently running for congress in part of Flatbush and Staten Island), Deborah L. Rose, James G. Van Bramer, Ydanis A. Rodriguez, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Jessica S. Lappin, Michael C. Nelson

If any of these legislators made a mistake, and didn't understand what they were voting for, we now call on them to try and correct their mistake and sponsor a bill to repeal that section!

Call your legislator to demand they repeal section 801-A of the education law!

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