Tuesday, April 23, 2013

David Greenfield Has No Problem With Christine Quinn, But Does With Anthony Weiner (Audio Clip)

While Ezra Friedlander's betrayal of the Jewish community by supporting the militant "married" lesbian surprises no one, it Seems City Councilman David Greenfield might also be supporting Christine Quinn.  Why else would he jump all over a non political jew's support of Anthony Weiner because of immorality but not over a "askan" like Ezra Friedlander's support of a "married" lesbian.

Also David Greenfield's appointee to head Community Board 12, Yidel Perlstein has already indicated support for Christine Quinn.

David Greenfield appointee, Yidel Perlstein, at Christine Quinn's kick off with his daughters and Ezra Friedlander

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  1. Ezra Friedlander says that Christine Quinn is "very sensitive". Huh? What about the recent NY Times expose on her, how dirty her way of operating is, and her gutter mouth? I guess in Friedlander's book, spewing off profanities aimed at those who don't do as she pleases qualifies as 'very sensitive'? What planet is he living on?