Friday, April 12, 2013

Rav Nelkenbaum (Mir RY) Donates To Erick Salgado's Campaign (2013 NYC Mayoral Election)

Rav Avrohom Yaakov Nelkenbaum's tzeddaka donation to Erick Salgado's campaign
Rav Nelkenbaum Leading By Example

In light of the recent attacks on "morality and religious freedom," HaRav Avrohom Yaakov Nelkenbaum, Rosh Yeshiva of Mir, joined with 7 other rabbis, including HaRav Yisroel Neuman, Rosh Yeshiva of Lakewood Yeshiva (the largest yeshiva in the world), issuing a statement on his mayoral campaign.  The statement which was read, at Erick Salgado's kick-off ,stated "it is a Mitzva Chiyuvis (religious obligation) to support" Erick Salgado's campaign.

Highlighted in their statement was the mitzva of "volunteering and donating" to Erick Salgado's campaign "as you would to any other charity".  The rabbis also urged that anyone who is not yet registered to vote should do so, in order to vote in the democratic primary.

The last day to register to vote is Friday: AUGUST 16, 2013 (10th of Elul).

To illustrate the importance of this mitzvah, Rav Nelkenbaum specifically had the check released publicly.

According to NYC Campaign Finance Law, for any resident of New York City who donates between 10-175 dollars the city gives the campaign 6 times that amount.

Letter with Rav Nelkenbaum's last minute emendations and signature. (Rav Haim Benoliel)


  1. I'd rather have a Libertarian like Lhota, then a gun grabbing, top down govt knows best Liberal like Selgado. He's a Catholic fundamentalist, who will cave to every union demand out there.
    Lhota, as a libertarian, just wants less govt. Less govt means out of the marriage industry altogether, less govt means not telling us how much soda to drink, etc. He is for educating, not banning.

  2. Erick Salgado is not a Catholic. The fact that you think he is shows you know nothing about him or his campaign.

    The only thing Lhota ever did in his career was raise the subway fare and tolls.

    Most importantly Lhota want the government to allow same gender marriages which is against the torah. Besides it's 100% impossible for the government to get out of marriage with out totally changing it's whole immigration system. If I marry someone from another country they would be considered a illegal immigrant if the government got out of marriage.

  3. Not only is Salgado not Catholic, he is a Protestant Minister!

    The Satmar Rebbe, in 2005, let it be known that Jews needed to vote for Mike Bloomberg. I was in Williamsburg just five days before the election and I had never seen as many campaign signs for a single candidate in any neighborhood ever. Almost all were in Yiddish, and they were all for Bloomberg. This despite the fact that Bloomberg had endorsed same sex marriage just a few months earlier.

    1. Then why did the same Satmar Rebbe sign a Kol Korei in adar of 5743 (1983) where he said it was assur to vote or endorse Ed Koch over just gay "rights"?

      is it possible the Satmar Rebbe never knew that Bloomberg supported same gender "marriage" which is infinitely worse than gay "rights"?

    2. no community cares more about MbP than Satmar, maybe God is paying them back.

    3. Charlie do you also accept the Satmar Rebbe's position on Zionism?

    4. Anonymous 11:50
      don't forget the city suing specifically stores in Williamsburg about tzniyos.