Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Who Is The Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition (FJCC)?

Psak Avi Schron violated when he donated money to Meng
This Year a "new" political group was formed, named the Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition (the FJCC). The main leader of this organization is Josh Mehlman, (COJO Board Member). Most of the leaders of this are connected to Agudah (at least 2 people have chaired Agudahs dinner Menachem Lubinsky, and Shimon Lefkowitz) and/or COJO (Leon Goldenberg) .  Many also have lousy records, in their support of terrible politicians

The Rest of the committee in formation of the FJCC is
Avi Schron (donated money to Grace Meng even though Rav Shmuel Kaminetzky and many other rabbanim asered it), Shimon Lefkowitz, Avi Schick (lawyer for the Working Families Party), Menachem Lubinsky, Chaim Scharf, Leon Goldenberg (donated $4,950.00 to the Lesbian Christine Quinn's campaign, he also publicly violated the psak of many rabbaniem by supporting Lew Fidler), Abish Brodt, Elly Kleinman, Peter Rebenwurzel, Chaskel Bennett (was one of the leading supporters of Helen Weinstein who voted for toeivah marriage 5 times and 9 times for a bill that led to teachers asking girls to kiss one another), Yechiel Landau, Yussie Zalmanowitz, Yanky Arem, Pinny Rand, Aaron Tessler, Dr. Simon Friedman, Rafi Treitel, Shmuel Kairy, Mendy Pomerantz, Yitzchok Fuchs, Lenny Wassner, Avrohom Poznanski, Ephraim Fruchthandler, Dudi Spira, Sruli Berger, Dr. Seymour Edelstein, Victor Shine, Ephraim Nierenberg, Avrohom Tikotsky, and Dr. Israel Zyskind.

Leon Goldenberg ignoring rabbaniem by supporting Lew Fidler

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