Friday, August 23, 2013

Dov Hikind's Wife Supports Erick Salgado For Mayor!

Erick Salgado's Petition
Blown up

Dov Hikind endorsed pro gay "marriage", UFT endorsed candidate Bill Thompson for mayor "based" on "education".  We respectfully ask Dov to from now on listen to his wife on all political decisions.

Dov Hikind said regarding his Thompson endorsement ”The bottom line is this: I support people who I think are going to be best. I don’t look at poll numbers.”   Dov seems to have confused himself with his wife!


  1. שמע בקולה!

    מרת הייקינד היא בתו של הרב לשעבר בטולסא

  2. May hashem bless u Mrs. Hikind!!