Monday, August 12, 2013

David Greenfield Votes For Resolution In Favor Of Abortion On Demand!

On June 12th The City Council voted to pass a resolution urging Albany to pass the so called "Women’s Equality Act".  The 10th plank of the "Women’s Equality Act" was one of the most extreme "abortion on demand" laws ever.  David Greenfield along with the entire City Council voted for the abortion on demand bill, except for 7 people (4 voted against and 3 abstained).   Meanwhile Simcha Felder based on the psak of his rav was willing to stay in Albany over Shabbos to vote against the bill.  David Greenfield Previously ignored the psak of many rabbaniem by endorsing pro same gender "marriage" Lew Fidler.

In 2009 41% of all pregnancies in New York City ended in abortion! The African American Abortion rate was 59.8%!

The vote Greenfield made for abortion on demand

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  1. Greenfield does not believe in Hashem. Only in $.