Friday, December 27, 2013

Moshe Feiglin Also Attacks Bayit Yehudi Due To Mishkav Zachar; And His Attack Was Not Hypocritical

Deputy Knesset Chairman Moshe Feiglin (Likud) was the only nationalist MK to vote against a bill giving same-sex "couples" a tax break this week. The bill was voted for by Likud-Beytenu, and Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett notice how he is the anti religious person in Bayit Yehudi. The remaining 11 Jewish Home MKs left the hall to abstain. Sheket was not there but wanted to vote for it

Only the hareidi-religious parties, Feiglin, and MK Eitan Cabel he voted against the bill because he wasn't sure the final bill would include the language explicitly mentioning mishkav zachar (the bill wasn't treiph enough) (Labor) opposed the bill, which was proposed by MK Adi Kol (Yesh Atid).

"Again it was proven that only the right is capable of expelling Jews, and only the "religious" are capable of harming the religion," Feiglin told Arutz Sheva.

"Last week it was the Jerusalem bill, before that it was the Bedouins in the Negev and the release of terrorists, and now recognition of same-sex "couples"," remarked Feiglin. "For the first time they have recognized an institution that undermines the normative family foundations and Jewish family values."The later part of his statement seems a lot stronger and on topic then Meir Porush's overall attack on Bayit Yehudi "which after 65 years lends a hand to passing many laws that are destroying Yiddishkheit"

Feiglin's comment on the Jerusalem bill refers to the absence of the nationalist camp in a vote last Wednesday, on a bill requiring 80 MKs to approve any Jerusalem withdrawals. Feiglin joined 11 hareidi MKs in voting for the bill that was rejected.

At the time, Feiglin said he "looked at the empty seats of Likud, Jewish Home, and Yisrael Beytenu, and when their names were called and 'not present' was called - I thought to myself, truly the 'right' is not present."

Feiglin calls the Jewish Home claims that the same-sex bill will be changed in committee debates "utter nonsense."

"They are trying to minimize the damage, but it won't happen," commented Feiglin. "We are witnesses to the attack on all foundational values of society, on all fronts, including the national identity and the gender and familial identity, and the coalition is giving a hand to it all."

"Unfortunately on all the meaningful fronts, the nationalist camp has not placed goals for itself," the Likud MK concluded.

Coalition allies Jewish Home and Yesh Atid found themselves at odds over the same-sex "marriage" issue initially, even leading to a coalition crisis.

Eventually a compromise was reached whereby same-sex couples would receive equal tax breaks but not through official recognition in the legislation, sparing Jewish Home from being perceived as officially condoning same-sex marriage.

Bennett's enabling of Yesh Atid's agenda has sparked criticism from within his own party, as Jewish Home MKs on Monday said Bennett and his confidante MK Ayelet Shaked are letting themselves be "pushed around" by Finance Minister Yair Lapid's party.
(Arutz Sheva)
While every single person in the keneset was mechiyuv to vote against this evil bill Feiglin was the only person who actually passed their nesayon.  Politically this was a bad move for Feiglin to go against his own party and his coalition.  Since the charadi Parties are in the opposition and their votes were not necessary for the vote to pass, They had no POLITICAL reason to support this bill and every POLITICAL reason to oppose it (like Meretz, and Labor from an anti Torah View). This besides the fact that Meir Porush has the added reason of criticizing Bayit Yehudi because to bash them where they are 100% wrong it helps fight the draft war.
Since Moshe Feiglin took a politically hard stance He's the one who obligates (see Yoma 35A) others to vote against this, and has the right, should, and did critique Bayit "Yehudi"!

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