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A Modern Guide To Kashrus; How to Shect A Pig?

This story happened a few years ago

Being "Frum" and Gay
This weekend, the "Orthodox" Community at Penn (OCP) and JQYouth (JQY), a group that provides support to LGBT "Orthodox" Jews collaborated to develop a shabbaton aimed at addressing issues that gay and lesbian Jews face within the "Orthodox" community. The shabbaton built upon the format and ideas originally presented at the “Being Gay in the Orthodox World” panel that was held at Yeshiva University over all the Rosh Yeshivas objections this December.

After morning services, "Rabbi" Friedman held a brief survey of contemporary literature on homosexuality. Taking a "neutral" stance on the issue, "Rabbi" Friedman reviewed responses spanning from Rav Moshe Feinstein’s t’shuvah (response) stating that homosexuality reflects a deliberate act of rebellion against God, to contemporary approaches of "Rabbi" Chaim Rapoport and "Rav" Yuval Sherlo, that go so far as to deal with questions such as whether lesbian couples should wear hair coverings and observe laws of ritual purity.

The events of the weekend were widely considered a success drawing many people from diverse communities on campus. The event, according to one of the organizers, Isaac Setton, was a "kiddush hashem" as many people from many different backgrounds saw the "Orthodox" community coming together in support of the LGBT community. The "Orthodox" Community at Penn was able to organize and facilitate many discussions about the future of "Orthodoxy" and "Orthodox" education. One participant remarked, “One day, the people being educated at this event will sit on the board of shuls and schools and it will be up to them to make sure that when this issue comes up it is not a shock and is dealt with properly.” The people who attended the event were all glad they were provided with the opportunity to engage with this issue.
(From a "orthodox" lesbian website) highlights are additions they forgot to say

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