Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Blog's Back; Correction And Apology For Accidentally Misstating David Greenfield's Record

                 We'll like to apologize to all my readers for making a mistake in David Greenfield's record.  we accidentally stated that Greenfield applied for money for toevah institutions (including teaching in schools).  While the money was applied for, it wasn't applied for by him.  The way the process works is that any group can apply for a grant to any member of the city council.  We were misinformed by someone who should have (and most likely does) know how the process worked.  The person in question did not know that money was requested in Greenfield's name for teaching toevah but did tell us that money was requested for toevah groups.  Unlike all other things reported on by this blog we didn't properly understand by ourselves how the grant process works and relied on those who should have understood these matters. We therefore apologize to all those who relied on us for 100% accurate information.

                    We further apologize to David Greenfield YMS, for accidentally making him a bigger rasha than he really is.  While Greenfield did vote for a resolution labeling gay relationships "families" (which implies "marriage"), vote for a resolution pushing for late term abortions, vote for a resolution asking the government paying for abortions, argued in court for Nadler to represent Borough Park and Flatbush in congress, and goes against rabbaniem in supporting toevah candidates most notably Lew Fidler, and was one of Christine Quinn's biggest supporters, got a gay political clubs endorsement (without ever condemning it), he did not apply for funding for toevah organizations and for our misunderstanding of the application process we are now publicly apologizing to him.

Because of this unfortunate mistake We temporarily stopped the blog but now we are back.

Unfortunately most of Borough Park And Flatbush voted to elect this rasha, choosing to listen to "askoniem" instead of the Torah.  May all these askoniem (misyavniem) be thrown out together with the chamez this year

May we be remember that Am Yisroel should be a nation that hates toevah and do teshuva for reelecting this rasha gamur.

We finally call on David Greenfield to apologize for all his stated misdeeds plus the ones that we didn't state, and do everything in power to undo all the reshus that he helped pass.

We urge David Greenfield to sponsor a resolution calling on NY to ban same gender "marriage", to become a true Baal Teshuva.


  1. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Just who is a "rasha" here? Maybe it's the person who shamelessly smears another yid in public? Which rabbonim endorsed your gross trangression of hilchos shmiras haloshon? Open up a sefer chofetz chaim and if you want to see toevah, look in the mirror

    1. do you know why we fast on tozm gidalya because Gedaliah refused to accept the fact that Yishmoil wanted to kill him.

      learn hilchos toeles

    2. how come everybody's so makpid about lashon harah when there is a chiyuv to speak it, but when it's 100% assur nobody cares?

      lo saamod al dam reacha is in the same pasuk

  2. anyone who votes for this resolution is not part of mesah amcha and the is no issur of lashon harah