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Greenfield Argued That Borough Park/Flatbush Should Be Put In The Same Congressional District As Greenwich Village And Harlem, Nullifying Our Vote

David Greenfield argued in favor of this district which completely nullifies our votes, Joseph Hayon argued against this district
Nadler's district Manhattan-Brooklyn 3-1 split
that Greenfield helped make
 City Councilman David Greenfield is now running, against the pro Torah Joseph Hayon to become Borough Park and Flatbush's next City Councilman. However this is not the first time these 2 faced off with each other. Both Joseph Hayon and David Greenfield testified during the Congressional redistricting hearings. However only one, Joseph Hayon of them argued on behalf of Brooklyn's Jewish (and Cathlioc for that matter) Communities.  David Greenfield argued in favor of a district that places Borough Park, Flatbush, and Bensonhurst in a district that includes Greenwich Village/Chelsea the Gay Capital of the East Coast.  In the last election the anti Torah Jerry Nadler who has made publicly mocked Orthodox Jews because they oppose homosexuality won by a landslide due to the support coming from Manhattan.  Manhattan had more then 3 times as many votes as Brooklyn making it impossible to get rid of Jerry Nadler, or even have him advocate for or interests.  Instead Nadler is the leading advocate for homosexual laws in the country and openly mocks us.  He has a record that has harmed the Jewish community spiritually, physically and financially!  The judges even cited David Greenfield as one of the reason that Brooklyn's Jewish community should be placed in a liberal Manhattan district.
David Greenfield argued against this district, Joseph Hayon argued in favor this district

David Greenfield's testimony (on page 182) highlights are for clarification bolds are for emphasis on David Greenfield betrayal
  • COUNCILMAN GREENFIELD : My name is David Greenfield , I'm a member of the New York City Council. I represent approximately 165,000 people in parts of Kensington Borough Park , Bensonhurst and Midwood . I'm also the only Orthodox Jewish member of the City Council, and so due to the time limitations my testimony today will focus on the impact that the proposed lines will have on the Orthodox Jewish Community

    First , I want to thank you service . I understand this role was thrust upon you by the inaction of the State Legislature, and considering the serious time constraints you have put together an impressive set of plans. 

    Southern Brooklyn is home to the largest concentration and fastest growing Orthodox Jewish community in the United States of America . I believe this to be community of interest

    The 200,000 or so Orthodox Jews live in the contiguous communities Kensington, Borough Park , Bensonhurst , Gravesend, Midwood, and Marine Park . While the proposed lines do a great job of protecting half of Southern Brooklyn's 200,000 Orthodox Jewish community , I think that they accidentally ignore the other half . And I say, " Accidentall , " because as the judge pointed out , how are you to know specifically the ethnic make - up of those particular communities and that's actually why I am here today . Specifically, the proposed lines do an out standing job in combining the Kensington, Borough Park and, Bensonhurst communities, roughly half the communities under the newly created 10th Congressional District.the map on the top that is majority in Manhattan and is currently represented by Nadler YMS  These lines consolidate these communities of interest along with other communities of interest such as, for example, the large Orthodox Jewish community of the Upper West Side of Manhattan the upper West Side is less then 5% Orthodox even with very liberal definitions, furthermore in order to get from Borough Park to the Upper West Side you need to pass through the gay and super liberal Greenwich Village. We thank you for this portion of the proposal as the Kensington , Borough Park, and Bensonhurst areas will be represented under this plan the plan included Harlem with Brooklyn's Jewish communities.

    Unfortunately , the other half of the community , roughly a hundred thousand or so , Orthodox Jews in the Gravesend , Midwood , and Marine Park neighborhoods they are split into three different congressional districts which thereby dilutes their voice and their ability to be with similar like - minded communities of interest . So I therefore ask that you keep the proposed 10th Congressional District Nadler's Manhattan based district intact while separately combining the areas of Gravesend , Midwood , and Marine Park within one area to be part of a congressional district, specifically , I would ask that this new district, which would incorporate the rough borders of 18th Avenue to Avenue Z running north to south , and McDonald Avenue to Flatbush Avenue running east to west be part of the old 9th Congressional District that was eliminated and our votes would be nullified by the African American Neighborhoods in Brooklyn , the one that is currently represented by Congressman Bob Turner . It's not just that these are communities of interest in terms of Orthodox Jewish religion and culture , I also believe that the communities are entitled to be able to express themselves with an ideology so before he was saying that Greenwich Village represents Borough Park's ideology   that does not necessarily always reflect all of their neighbors, and lies at the heart of those political realitiesAlternatively , I would suggest that these communities of interest be combined into proposed 11th Congressional District, which would give them the opportunity to be give with other community of interest specifically the Orthodox Jewish community of Staten Island . Thank you very much.
  • CIRCUIT JUDGE LYNCH : Just so I understand . You don't think at least your ideal proposal would not take in people from Borough Park and move them into an other district that was combined with other South Brooklyn Jewish communities. You' re satisfied with that piece that completely nullifies the Jewish vote in favor of Liberals, but you're interested in taking the communities to the east of there and linking them in some way either to what's now the proposed 8th which is a majority black district, and includes Bedford–Stuyvesant, or what' s now the proposed 11th . Is that the idea ? 
  • COUNCILMAN GREENFIELD : Let me just be clear . I think it's a two - part question , if I may . So part one I would say that the community that I represent notice how Greenfield is speaking for all of Borough Park I think is very satisfied with the plans of the 10th Congressional District are you happy being in the same district as The largest gay "community" on the east coast and being represented by Jerry Nadler. We notice how he's speaking for all of Borough Park don't believe that we need to have a district that encompasses the entire community or try to elect an Orthodox Jew . I can say that honestly because I would probably benefit the most if such a district would be created so this baal geyva thinks that we would elect him to congress?. That's not we're looking for, we're just looking for the communities to have a voice like in Nadler's district we have a voice?. So you have a hundred thousand roughly Orthodox Jews Kensington, Borough Park, and Bensonhurst we're now currently in the 10th , that's great if you are for homosexuality and liberalism, and don't want Shuls getting money from FEMA. The problem is on the other side they're sort of broken up . So what I've proposed is that let's either go back to the - - once again , I understand the burdens that you have in terms of trying to balance this all so that's why I ' m trying to give some possibilities . Potentially go back to the 9th where we can incorporate this community , or perhaps combine them with the current 11 th . For example, honestly, if we're speaking frankly, the 9th, current proposed 9th District , which is currently represented by an individual whose views and values do not mesh very well with the Orthodox Jewish community he's referring to Yevette Clarke and is correct but Nadlers doesn't fit with us any better then Clarke . And so, I would propose that those communities specifically the communities of Midwood , Gravesend , and Marine Park they should be combined into one area to give those communities a fair voice. and he has no problem if they would be linked together with Bedford–Stuyvesant

Joseph Hayon's testimony highlights are for clarification and important missing information
  • MR . HAYON : Thank you very much . My name is Joseph Hayon.
    My mother is born in South America and my father is born in Egypt Brooklyn . I am currently President of the Brooklyn Tea Party and former assembly candidate in the 45th District , South Brooklyn, where I reside. I'm also a resident of the 9th Congressional District , Bob Turner, and I'm here to actually support the map the 2nd map in green submitted by the Orthodox Alliance For Liberty. What the Orthodox Alliance For Liberty did was they combined Bob Turner's district together with Mike Grimm. The reason for this is even though 25 percent of Orthodox Jews live in Bob Turner's current district, the number one issue of the Orthodox Jewish community was completely ignored by Bob Turner. In fact, because we're only 25 percent , and not 40 or 50 percent, this number one issue in the Orthodox Jewish community is completely ignored . For this reason , I also strongly support District 2 submitted by the Orthodox Alliance For Liberty which is currently not a district it combines a little bit of Nadler's district which is proposed by the maps by the magistrate , Ms . Mann
    In addition to that , I also reached out to two assembly representatives . I only spoke to representatives , I didn't speak to the assemblymen themselves , Hakeem Jeffries and Kareem Camara, and when I asked them to take a look , and I only spoke to the representatives spoke to representatives , and I asked them to take a look at the map submitted by Orthodox Alliance For Liberty, on first glance they seemed to be okay with it . District 5 of the Orthodox Alliance For Liberty, which is the old District 12 it makes a Spanish district for the Spanish community . We also have District 4 and District 5 by the Orthodox Alliance it's District 12 and District 13 , former District 5 and former District 4 , they put the Orthodox Jewish community together as well . Overall , the Orthodox Alliance For Liberty tried , to the best of my knowledge , tried their best to submit something so that this Court wouldn't have to start from scratch but to start with something somewhat presentable . My understanding is that the map submitted by them is not constitutional because it's - - it doesn't have the exact numbers per se, but I believe that this court can make those maps constitutional not just to help the Orthodox Jewish community but to help the African - American community , to help the Spanish American community , to help all the communities that live in Brooklyn . And that would be communities, definitely communities of interest of all interests , all communities are submitted in the Brooklyn portion of the map submitted by the Orthodox Alliance For Liberty 

The Court in it's decision Even Quoted Greenfield, as one of the excuses to not allow the Jewish community to be united in one district, and thus nullifying our votes
  •  The proposed solutions also varied.
  • One public official Greenfield noted that the Orthodox population was insufficient to constitute a majority in any single district . He suggested that the Recommended Plan adequately concentrated what he characterized as about half of the Orthodox residents of South Brooklyn ( those residing in Borough Park) in Recommended District 10 Nadler's district , but he argued that more easterly residents were divided among several districts and could beneficially be unified.
  •  These divergences mostly Greenfield's suggest the difficulties, even under ideal conditions, of identifying and satisfying the particular concerns of the objectors

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