Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Aroni Satmar's Moshe Indig Donated $1000 To David Weprin After Rabbanim Says It Was Asur

Indig Donation

This donation was a few days after the Psak Halacha against donating money to Weprin was widely released!

  • It is therefore Assur [forbidden according to Torah law] to vote for, campaign for, publicly honor, fund, or otherwise support the campaign of NY Assembylman David Weprin, now running to succeed Anthony Weiner in the 9th Congressional district.

So why should we listen to Moshe Indig regarding Casinos!


  1. Indig/Indik means turkey In Yiddish.

  2. Ezra Friedlander was promoting pro toeivah Weprin in that race. So maybe Indig is a Satmar Liska Hassid.