Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why No Jew Should Vote For Chris Christie!

Currently, there is a grave issue in this country with Republican politicians caving in on same gender "marriage" and other devastating homosexual bills.

There are currently 3 Republican Senators in favor of same gender "marriage", including 2 in states where there is a large Orthodox population (Rob Portman- Ohio, Mark Kirk- Illinois, Lisa Murkowski-Alaska).  Last year there were none.  All these senators ran on a morality platform and have betrayed their constituents. Politicians do this because they know you are going to vote for them anyways. The only way to prevent them from voting like socially liberal democrats is if you don't vote for them.  

Recently, John McCain wrote an article condemning Russia's laws prohibiting the homosexual propaganda (teaching in schools about homosexuality, banning parades, etc). 
  • They write laws to codify bigotry against people whose sexual orientation they condemn.  (John McCain)
 Most prominently, former president, George W. Bush, was a witness in a same gender "marriage".

In fact the Washington Post Recently Wrote An Article Titled "Gay rights supporters wage a quiet campaign to push Republicans to the middle.  Furthermore they wrote

  • "But by proactively retracting his appeal, Christie gave voters in his blue state another reason to pull the lever for him in next month’s election.   Dropping the appeal did something else. It was an exhibition of the kind of leadership more national aspirants in the GOP would do well to emulate. Denying those couples the rights and responsibilities that come with civil marriage, denying anyone the full benefits of the American Dream, is not a winning strategy."     (Washington Post)
 Finally Christie has done more for the Toevah agenda then all the previous NJ governors put together. He passed a law that mandated teaching about homosexuality in public schools, banned therapy to help children lose their unwanted homosexual desires, and allowed same gender "marriage" to pass in the courts.
If you vote for Christie after he finalized the same gender "marriage", you will in essence be telling Republicans around the country you don't care about moral issues and that will lead to more Republicans caving in to the homosexual lobby. If you don't vote for Christie, but write in a vote in mass "no gay marriage" and Christie loses a lot of support because of that, Republicans around the country will be less likely to cave in to the homosexual lobby.

New Jersey Teaching Homosexuality Bill (Read About What Happened In NY because of a similar law)

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