Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why No Jew Should Vote For Joe Lhota, vote For Erick Salgado On The School Choice Line

If You Vote For Joe Lhota You telling the world that you don't care about same gender "marriage", abortion on demand, drugs etc.  Future candidates will take note and ignore these issues in the future (and future social issues) .  We need to send a message nationally that it doesn't pay to be a Socially Liberal Republican.  If you want to make a Kiddush Hashem, not make a Chillul Hashem, be a or lagoyim and a part of mamleches kohanim vegoy kadosh vote for Erick Salgado (the ONLY mayor candidate who believes in morality) On The School Choice Line!

If done by enough people it could have national implication and help stem the tide of Republicans becoming liberal Democrats when it comes to morality!


  1. Not my thing, but this is the kiss of death in Boro Park

  2. Thanks for letting me know that I can vote for Salgado. I really didnt want to vote for Joe Lhota when I heard he was for Murder & Homosexuality.