Thursday, September 18, 2014

David Greenfield YMS "Thinks" Voting For Cuomo Is A "Mitzva"

David Greenfield YMS "Thinks" Voting For Cuomo Is A "Mitzva"
Brooklyn Council Member David Greenfield on last Tuesday encouraged Jewish voters in the southern part of Brooklyn to come out and vote on primary day for Governor Andrew Cuomo and his running mate, Kathy Hochul, or face political consequences never mind the Torah.
Addressing some 500 members of the Orthodox Jewish community, gathered at the annual dinner of ‘Rav Chesed’ organization in Borough Park, Greenfield stressed that the reason the community sometimes gets under-funded or feels ignored is the result of a low turnout on Election Day and the fact that even those who vote trade their vote away for nothing, so every single politician knows the Jewish community stands for nothing and only votes for the front-runner so they come to us only after they secure a majority of goyim.
“In politics, if you want to get things done and if you want people to respect you, they need to be afraid of you. And being afraid of you doesn’t mean we have to carry big sticks or be mean, afraid comes down to basic respect. And the only thing that matters, when it comes to politics, is: do people come out and show up to vote on primary day and election day,” said Greenfield more accurately politicians have to be afraid that you will vote against them, the problem is the Jewish community almost never votes against politicians who hurt us, voting for people who hurt us only means we are telling the whole world we don't care what you will do because we are stupid and will vote for you anyways.
Greenfield went on to decry the lack of accomplishments due to a lazy voting effort in the community. “If you look at the conversation that’s happening today, politically in New York, it is not about our community,” he said. “We are the fastest growing community in NYC, with a half million Orthodox Jews in New York” 
Ahead of next week’s primary day, Greenfield noted that there’s only one choice for the community – the Cuomo/Hochul same sex "marriage" ticket.
‘This election is very important,” he explained, “because the governor has been a good governor to the gay community and has worked with us Jewish kappos on a lot of issues. He’s getting a challenge, not from the left, but from the extreme left – the ultra-left…  They are looking to see who’s going to come out and support us as a reward for passing same sex "marriage"? Will our community come out and support us as a reward for passing same sex "marriage"?”  unfortunately the answer was yes the "Orthodox Jewish community supports same sex "marriage" completely
I ask you, this Elul, do one extra Mitzvah: go out and vote next week in the primary. And when you’re out there, make sure to look on the ballot and vote for Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul – people who we can work with to pass every single reshus like genda which would force jewish stores to hire men in dresses,” he concluded.
As reported earlier today, the two competing Satmar YMS factions came together on Wednesday in a united effort to reelect Governor Andrew Cuomo and help his running mate Kathy Hochul overcome her competitive primary challenge from the left.
A similar effort is being done at the grassroots level in Borough Park, in which the Fake Orthodox Jewish  community’s political leaders, along with the various institutions will aggressively reach out to voters to come out on primary day next Tuesday.
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