Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bill de Blasio To Ban NYC Travel To Indiana

Cuomo, de Blasio ban official travel to Indiana following state's adoption of religious freedom act

(amny) highlights our additions

How can Pinny Ringel (917) 417-3283 and Avi Fink justify working for a mayor with policies such as these!

Where are our Orthodox Legislators publicly supporting Indiana's law?

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  1. Not long ago, before he ran for re-election in November, Cuomo had a big meeting with Ortho and Hasidic machers in Brooklyn. He promised Education tax credits for donations to parochial schools as a matter of justice. They carried on about him being their friend.

    A little afterward, his father died, and the flatterers like Ezra Friedlander sprang into action with more flattery.

    The new budget just passed without the tax credits.

    When it comes to toeivah, Cuomo acts forcefully. When it comes to other things, justice is expendable evidently.