Sunday, April 26, 2015

Flatbush Jewish Journal's Star Reporter Admits He's "Pro Gay"

Rosenberg's pro gay tweet

David Rosenberg is a political columnist for the Flatbush Jewish Journal (FJJ), his admission to being pro gay makes us wonder a few things:
1. How much has Rosenberg's pro gay ideology influenced his articles and thus the public?
2. Did FJJ Owner Mordy Mehlman know his stance before he was hired?
3. If he didn't, why not? Shouldn't he have asked him in today's political climate about his opinion on homosexuality before letting him writing a political column that can influence thousands of voters?
4. Is it possible Mordy Mehlman is also pro gay?
and more importantly now that they know what Rosenberg is:

5. Will they immediately fire Rosenberg?
6. Will they make changes to insure that they will not ever have a pro homosexual paper, but one that follows the Torah and opposes toevah even over promises of money?

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