Monday, August 24, 2015

Gay Terrorists Black List Orthodox Clinical Psychologist, For Signing a Pro Therapy Letter

Listen to Rav Yoshe Ber Soloveitchik on the possibility of changing homosexual inclination, and his strong opposition, to the liberal view of a therapists role in dealing with homosexuality.

An Australian Jewish advocacy group for child sexual abuse victims has cancelled an invitation due to gay protests to a US clinical psychologist who once practised therapies aimed at "curing" homosexuality.

Norman Goldwasser, who applied conversion or reparative therapies to treat same-sex attraction, was to have been the keynote speaker at Tzedek Australia's Melbourne education forum in September.

However, on Friday, Tzedek recanted in the face of opposition, saying it had planned to bring Dr Goldwasser to Australia, but was no longer doing so. so victims of molestation lose once again to gay terrorists

"We have taken on board concerns raised by the LGBTI community. As a result we have reviewed the matter and decided that it is no longer appropriate for Dr Goldwasser to speak at the forum," a spokesman said.

Several survivors of child sexual abuse in the Jewish community had condemned Dr Goldwasser's involvement and several Tzedek board members threatened to resign if he attended the event.  It's a known fact that many victims of sexual abuse develop homosexual desires

The founder of Tzedek, Manny Waks, himself a survivor of child sexual abuse, said he had advised the current chief executive of the organisation not to invite the controversial figure.

""Victims" of conversion therapy must be looking at what Tzedek is doing and feeling very upset," Mr Waks said.

Michael Barnett, the co-convener of "Jewish" LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) advocacy group Aleph Melbourne, said: "He is claiming that people who have been victims of child sex abuse who may have same sex attraction can have their attraction reversed, which can lead to "damaging" mental health outcomes, including suicide attempts.  this is a fact that is undeniable, a disproportional amount of molestation victims have developed homosexual tendencies

"By engaging with somebody like Norman Goldwasser, Tzedek are irreparably damaging their credibility with homosexuals."

The group issued a statement on its Facebook page on Friday, saying: "Tzedek's mission statement is to support and advocate for victims of sexual abuse in the Jewish community.

"Several months ago, a decision was made by Tzedek to invite Dr Goldwasser to speak at the Jewish Community Education Forum in Melbourne on September 6.

"The decision was made because of his considerable experience dealing with the dynamics of sexual abuse in the Jewish community. which should have been be the only factor in inviting him to speak

"More recently, we have become aware of other irrelevant matters and controversies relating to Dr Goldwasser.

"We wish to make clear that Tzedek does not in any way endorse or condone what has been described as 'reparative therapy'. Such 'therapy' has been completely discredited by propaganda artists.

(Dr. Nicholas Cummings is the former head of the American Psychological Association)

"Our forum will proceed on September 6 and we encourage all members of the community to attend."

Dr Goldwasser recently disassociated himself from conversion therapy which is not shocking considering liberal terrorists attacks like this.

"I have distanced myself from this type of therapy, as well as from those who practise it, as a result of a heightened awareness of the limitations and risks inherently involved in that particular type of therapy," he wrote in a statement posted on Tzedek's Facebook page.  yet they still refuse to allow him to speak showing that compromise doesn't work with terrorists.

But he is still listed as a signatory of the "Declaration on the Torah Approach to Homosexuality", a document endorsed by over 200 rabbis, community leaders and mental health professionals that said "same-sex attractions can be modified and healed".

He also stands by treatments aimed at treating "unwanted bisexuality" as a result of child sexual abuse.

Fairfax Media has tried to contact Dr Goldwasser for comment.

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  1. Lol @ "terrorism"

    Get over yourself.

    First of all, there's ZERO evidence that homosexuality is caused by child molestation. ZERO. So it's not an undeniable fact.

    Second of all, if a person is falsely claiming that changing your sexual orientation is in anyway relevant to you helping out victims of sexual abuse, then that person is simply not qualified to speak.

    Terrorism? Get over yourself

    Sincerely, a victim of sexual abuse.

    1. are you gay?

      there is plenty of evidence, a extremely disproportionate amount of homosexuals that were molested, compared to non homosexuals