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New Minnesota Study Shows Once Again, Gays Have Much Higher Teenage Pregnancy Rates

Ramban Devarim 29-18
. . . ופירוש למען ספות הרוה את הצמאה - להוסיף השבעה עם המתאוה, כי נפש שבעה תקרא רוה, כענין ורויתי נפש הכהנים דשן ועמי את טובי ישבעו (ירמיה לא יג), והיתה נפשם כגן רוה (שם פסוק יא), והמתאוה תקרא צמאה, צמאה לך נפשי (תהלים סג ב). והטעם, כי נפש האדם הרוה שאיננה מתאוה לדברים הרעים לה, כאשר תבא בלבו קצת התאוה והוא ימלא תאותו אז יוסיף בנפשו תאוה יתירה ותהיה צמאה מאד לדבר ההוא שאכל או שעשה יותר מבראשונה, ותתאוה עוד לדברים רעים שלא היתה מתאוה להם מתחלה. כי  מתאוה לזמת הנשים היפות, כשיהיה שטוף בזמתן תבואהו תאוה לבוא על הזכר ועל הבהמה, וכיוצא בזה בשאר התאוות, וכענין שהזכירו חכמים (סוכה נב ב) משביעו רעב מרעיבו שבע. ולכך יאמר הכתוב בהולך בשרירות לבו, שהוא אם ימלא נפשו בתאוות השרירות והחזקות עליו אשר היא צמאה להם, יוסיף נפשו הרוה עם הצמאה, כי יתאוה ויצמא למה שהיה שבע ממנו וכאשר השביע נפשו בו. ולפי שהזכיר "שרש פורה" אמר בלשון הזה, כי יוסיף השרש הוא כפתו אשר היא רוה ורעננה עם הצמאה ותשובנה כולם צמאות:

Once again new study (there are numerous studies that show this phenomenon) shows that "gays" have higher teenage pregnancy rates showing what a crock the LGBT movement is.

Minnesota gay teenage pregnancy rate

At a time when teen pregnancy rates across the state are at historic lows, the numbers for gay teens are surprisingly high.
In Minnesota, these young people are far more likely than their straight peers to become pregnant or have gotten someone pregnant, according to a recent analysis of data on adolescent sexual health.
“It’s very counterintuitive,” said Judith Kahn, executive director of Teenwise Minnesota, the organization that discovered the trend.  
(startribune)  to read the rest of this story.

A third study on this phenomenon from earlier this year

Gay, bisexual teens more likely to get pregnant than straight peers: study

Gay and bisexual teens are twice as likely to get pregnant than their heterosexual peers a low number when compared to other studies, says a shocking new study of New York City teens.

Lisa Lindley of George Mason University and Katrina Walsemann of the University of South Carolina studied 10,000 New York City teens via three years' worth of surveys from the Centers for Disease Control.

The CDC measured sexual orientation in two different ways: how people label their sexuality, and how they behave sexually. So a person may not identify as bisexual on paper but may have had male and female sexual partners. That could be because that person was forced into sex or isn't ready to come out yet, for example.

Those adolescents may also think they're at a low risk of getting pregnant or impregnating someone since a partner of the opposite sex isn't who they normally opt for.

"We don't know the circumstances," Lindley told the Daily News.

Overall, 14.3% of female and 10.8% percent of male students experienced a pregnancy. But women who identified as a lesbian or bisexual, as well as women who didn't label themselves but did admit to male and female partners, were more likely to get pregnant.

There were also more pregnancies from men who labeled themselves gay or bisexual, and men who slept with both men and women.

Providers need to do a better job of giving all teens reproductive services, Lindley said.

"Just because someone identifies as gay, you don't know," she said. “We want people not to make assumptions."

The research was reported in the American Journal of Public Health.
(daily news) highlights our additions

If anyone is interested in more studies on this phenomenon please let us know!

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