Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ami Magazine Editor "Masers" on Rabbi To District Attorney Because He Opposed Ami's Stance On Same Sex "Marriage"

Last night Yitzchok Frankfurter (Ami's editor) admitted on the Just Enough Heshy radio show that he reported a specific Rabbi in Lakewood to the District Attorney's office for threatening him. 

After a thorough investigation, the only correspondence that the Rabbi had with Ami Magazine was the following email.  That email contained the "threat" to Frankfurter.  

The only "threat" was that he will show his editorial to key rabbis in Lakewood, (which can be seen in the following letter).  

After Mr. Frankfurter admitted to massering on the Lakewood Rabbi, Mr. Frankfurter had the gall to say in an attempt to paint us as terrorists (read the comments clearly written by Ami to our first editorial) "You know what the problem I was actually trying to prevent him from getting involved in craziness, cause I see we're he's leading, these guys are going totally off".  

Then he has the complete hypocrisy to defend himself by saying about our accusations that "those types of accusations our the worst"  (This got cut off on the tape but can be seen at the tail end of the video on the bottom)

"Threatening" letter

"Rabbi" Yitzchok Frankfurter please answer us a few questions?  (we now know you read this blog)
What is the heter to masser on a Jew for following the Torah?
Is going to rabbis with your own editorial a real threat?
Did you go to a rabbi to get a heter to go to the DA?
If so which Rabbi?
Did you show them the "threatening letter"?
Can I also go to the directly to the DA when someone is molesting a child?
How about the police?
Will you devote a editorial to hilchos mesira showing your heter to go to the DA?

In response to Ami's critique we changed the name of our original anti-Ami editorial from

"Ami Magazine "Paskens" It's A Chiyuv To Support Same Sex "Marriage""

"Ami Magazine "Paskens" It's Assur To Oppose Same Sex "Marriage""

The worst part about Ami is they are like a chazer they pretend to be kosher by saying they are against same sex "marriage", but then they clarify it with treyfus (I forgot, I was supposed to be literal) make that, the ability to regurgitate, by saying things like it's assur to fight against it, and we shouldn't be upset because we lost nothing.

Remember, subscribers and advertisers will force Ami Magazine to stop its perversion!

Will Be'ezras Hashem put up editorial on whole interview tomorrow

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  1. How come regarding molestation someone has to go to the rabbis first before going to the police, but Ami is allowed to go to the police regarding going to the rabbis first?