Friday, June 26, 2015

Churban America

Today is fast day of the 9th of Tamuz when the Babylonians broke the walls of Yerushalim
Today is the fast day of friday parshas Chukas, when the french burnt 24 cartloads of gemaras
Today is the double fast day of what most likely will signal the end of Torah Jewery in America, and will in the future be called Churban America

Since we the Orthodox community in it's entirety caused the marriage bill in NY which led to this moment we are responsible and we must do Teshuva!
חטאנו צורנו סלח לנו יוצרנו

25 years ago "no one" would have predicted this day would have happened
25 years ago "no one" would have predicted photographers would be fined for refusing to photograph these "Weddings"
25 years ago "no one" would have predicted that a internet dating website would have been sued for not having an "alternative" option
25 years ago "no one" would have thought that they will routinely read to kids in school books like "King and King
25 years ago no would would have believed that an Orthodox Jewish speaker would have voted for a same sex "marriage" bill along with the legislators of many other Jewish communities that the Orthodox Jewish vote is required to get elected
25 years ago no one would believe that a City named after the person who was known as the biggest kanui in America would have voted (more than his margin of victory) for a man who had a so called "Wedding"

The Future of the Western World depends not so much on this evil court decision, but on what we conservatives do today and the day afterwards!  
It Goes with out saying that we should never vote for a pro gay candidate again

An example of what you can do: I suggest everyone who lives in Lakewood call up 
Congressman Chris Smith (609) 286-2571
and demand "he sponsor a constitutional amendment banning same sex "marriage" across the country including the state of New Jersey"

will do analysis of the decision at a later date

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