Monday, June 15, 2015

Dov Hikind Votes For 2 Bills That Recognize Same Sex "Marriage"

It's bad enough that people like Steven Cymbrowitz (Flatbush), Joseph Lentol (Williamsburg) vote for pro homosexuality bills because they know our community doesn't have our priorities straight and wouldn't use political pressure to force these politicians to vote appropriately.  But here we have 2 bills that's purpose is to consider same sex "marriages" equivalent, to real marriages, and of the 5 Jews in Albany who claim to be Orthodox all 5 voted for it (Dov Hikind, Phillip Goldfeder, Michael Simanowitz, Shelly Silver (who no longer has his fake heter of being speaker), and David Weprin).

The memo to Bill A05476 makes it clear that it's purpose is to extend same sex "marriages" to other areas of the law, and is thus really a bill to recognize same sex "marriage" in estates, powers and trusts law.  (highlighted portion is added for clarity). The reason for this bill was that the state didn't change other laws when they made the same sex "marriage" law.  Voting for this bill is voting to recognize those said unions for other areas of the law.  Thus voting for this bill is equvlient to voting for same sex "marriage".
The "Marriage" Equality Act enacted as Chapter 95 of 2011 provides that "marriages" of same-sex and different-sex couples are to be treated equally in all respects under the law. This bill makes conforming changes to the Estates, Powers and Trusts Law and the Surrogate's Court Procedure Act to reflect the provisions of the same sex "marriage" Act.
The second bill A00023 makes it that same sex "marriages" must be recognized regarding adoptions as is made perfectly clear by the memo.  Voting for this bill means by default, you recognize the "marriage" of a same sex couple, and furthermore wish to make sure that other states recognize the "parentage" of both parties in the same sex couple
Under existing New York law, judges already have the ability to grant an adoption of a child by a petitioner whose parentage is already legally-recognized. These adoptions are routinely granted and can be very important for many same-sex "couples" and their "children"
While the spouse of a woman who gives birth to a child is presumed to be the child's parent, same-sex "couples" find themselves in a legally precarious position when traveling in places where same-sex "marriages" are not recognized. A New York adoption would be honored in another jurisdiction, and afforded full faith and credit, even if a couple's "marriage" was not. This gives children the security that both their "parents" will be legally recognized wherever family members may be due to their same sex "marriage".
Already under existing law, judges may and routinely do grant these adoptions. Despite this clear legal authority, a Surrogate's Court in Brooklyn recently denied a "married" same-sex couple an adoption. This bill further codifies the existing law to explicitly state that a petition to adopt shall not be denied solely on the basis that the petitioner's parentage is already legally-recognized due to a same sex "marriage". This bill ensures that same sex couples' access to such adoptions could not be fettered by future court decisions.

Contacting some of these legislators to complain can prevent them from ever voting for such rishus again, this is especially true for Dov Hikind who is represents the largest Orthodox community in America

Dov Hikind (718) 853-9616
Phillip Goldfeder (718) 945-9550, (718) 641-8755
Michael Simanowitz (718) 969-1508
Shelly Silver (212) 312-1420
David Weprin (718)454-3027, (718)805-2381
Steven Cymbrowitz (718)743-4078
Joseph Lentol (718)383-7474

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