Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Orthodox" Run Simon Wiesenthal Center Supports "Same Sex "Marriage" And Homosexuality In Schools

Simon Wiesenthal Center's reaction to same sex "marriage"

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is supposedly run by Orthodox Rabbis "Rabbi" Marvin Hier (Dean and Founder, and former head of YULA), Rabbi Abraham Cooper, (Associate Dean), and "Rabbi" Meyer H. May" (Executive Director)

They have a strong record of pushing homosexuality, including opposing Arizona's freedom of religion law, which would allow Jews, and other people who understand God's Eternal law, to refuse to bake a wedding cake for a so called "Wedding"

Wiesenthal Center to Arizona Governor: Veto Gay Discrimination Bill
Center says denying services to people based on their sexuality, "hearkens back the dark history of American racial, religious and sexual discrimination and threatens the hard earned civil rights of all Americans"
The Simon Wiesenthal Center today called on Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (pictured) to veto that state's proposed law that would allow businesses to refuse to service gay customers.
"To classify and deny services to any group of people based on their sexuality is an act of discrimination that hearkens back to the dark history of American racial, religious and sexual discrimination and threatens the hard earned civil rights of all Americans," said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the Associate Dean of the Wiesenthal Center, and Mark Weitzman, the Center's Director of Government Affairs.
"The protection of the right of Americans to their religious commitment is a core American value; however that value must not be used as a justification for unequal treatment in the public sphere," Cooper and Weitzman continued.
"We urge Governor Brewer to veto this bill and to protect the rights of all Americans to fair and equal treatment," they concluded.
 (Wiesenthal Center to Arizona Governor: Veto Gay Discrimination Bill)

In case you think their corruption is limited to NY "Rabbi" Steven Burg (Eastern Director Simon Wiesenthal Center) testified as a "Orthodox" Jewish rabbi" at a committee on "protecting" homosexual children in schools which was really a effort to push homosexuality further in the school system.  The previous speaker before Burg, lamented the "lack of "education" materiel and books that are inclusive of LGBT "families" and many other gay propaganda methods in the school."  You can clearly see Burg's paying attention during the speech immediately prior to his own as well as the last speaker (12:22) who also promoted LGBT agenda so a gay basketball player will be in a school text book.  This committee hearing led to a resolution promoting teaching of homosexuality in the schools. Nowhere in his speech did he say he opposed homosexual propaganda in schools  (Yeshivas also use public school history books).

Burg's speech begins at (4:42)

If that wasn't bad enough Steven Burg is now Director General of Aish HaTorah  (If anyone can help get Aish Hatorah to fire him it's a mitzva gidolah to do so)


  1. Everyone, email Aish out of protest.

  2. Aish HaTorah deserves better than R. Steven BurgJune 30, 2015 at 12:04 PM

    Steven Burg is a phony politician, who is a regular participator in Ezra Friedlander's phony 'Tu BiShevat seder', with people like Christine Quinn.

    Aish HaTorah is evidently quite confused, after the passing of founder Rabbi Noah Weinberg z"l, to hire someone like that. They should wake up quickly and dump him now to minimize the damage.

    What a disgrace to the legacy of Rav Noach Weinberg z"l that such a phony politician has gotten such a position in Aish.

  3. Is he related to Burg from the kaballah center?