Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kangaroo Court Rules Jonah Committed Fraud By Saying It's Possible To Change Homosexual Desires

The gay community will like to give a major thanks to Gary Schear for voting for the bill that helped make the propaganda that made this decision possible

JERSEY CITY — A New Jersey jury on Thursday found a non-profit group that provides gay-to-straight conversion therapy guilty of consumer fraud for promising clients they could overcome their sexual urges. some of the more extreme measures that were used,  by undressing in front of other men , pummeling an effigy of their mothers, and re–enacting traumatic childhood experiences like the fact that one of them Chaim Levin was molested, as we know many people who were molested develop homosexual attractions, They were trying to help him overcome the pain of the molestation experience .

Former APA President Nicholas Cummings affidavit supporting Jonah
In the first case in the nation to put the controversial because liberals disagree with it practice on trial, the jury concluded that Arthur Goldberg and Elaine Berk, the founders of Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing in Jersey City and life coach Alan Downing to whom JONAH referred patients, "engaged in unconscionable commercial practices" and misrepresented their services.  This was after a court also ruled that the numerous psychologists that Jonah had to defend them, were not considered expert witnesses because the court disagreed with their verdict 

The verdict requires JONAH and Downing to refund thousands of dollars paid by former clients Michael Ferguson, Benjamin Unger, Sheldon Bruck, Chaim Levin, and parents Jo Bruck and Bella Levin for the individual and group counseling sessions and the "journey into manhood" weekends in the woods. Downing charged $60 to $100 for group and individual sessions but shared 20 percent with JONAH to help defray its administrative costs.

After three hours of deliberations, the jury found Unger was entitled to $17,950; Chaim Levin was entitled to $650; his mother, Bella, $4,000; and Bruck's mother, Jo, $500. 
But the victory has broader implications. The national civil rights legal advocacy group Southern Poverty Law Center filed the case to take a stand against conversion therapy they had long calculated campaign beforehand trying to find people who went to therapies with out changing, to shut down all therapies — a frequent target of public criticism since the passage of same-sex "marriage" laws and other LGBT legal protections. In 2013, New Jersey joined California by outlawing licensed therapists from providing the therapy to minors. Oregon and Washington D.C. followed. 

The Southern Poverty Law Cener for many years listed the Igud Harabonim as a hate group, for the past few years they also listed "Help Rescue Our Children" a anti molestation group that has helped put some pedophiles behind bars, Furthermore they got some rabbis to help (including some rabbis who would shock many people who follow this important issue)  in those efforts of putting pedophiles behind bars!

Last month, a bill was introduced in Congress would classify commercial conversion therapy and advertising that claims to change sexual orientation and gender identity as fraud.  
Of course this wouldn't be complete if we didn't have our communities' representatives sponsoring the bill
Jewish neighborhoods' representatives (call them to protest)

Yvette Clarke (718) 287-1142 who represents much of Flatbush
Gregory Meeks(347) 230-4032 (who represents The Rockways, and Jamaica Estates)
and finally of course the Gay
Sean Patrick Maloney 845-561-1259 (who represents the ir shel mishkav zachar Kiryas Joel)

"This is a momentous event in the history of the LGBT rights movement," said David Dinielli, deputy director for the law center and lead attorney for the plaintiffs. "The jury agreed not only is this based on lies, but it is an unconscionable business practice." after being barred from hearing expert witnesses

The legal battle is not over, Dinielli said they would be asking the court for an injunction to stop JONAH from operating. They will also seek the payment of their attorneys fees, which is permitted under the consumer fraud act.
"This is something brutal based on lies does he mean the gay agenda, and it needs to stop," he said.

The defendants' attorney Charles LiMandri of the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, contended JONAH was founded on the belief that homosexuality is a spiritual disorder caused by childhood trauma, and could be treated with two to four years of steady counseling.

LiMandri said the plaintiffs weren't entitled to call the program a failure because they had dropped out. Even then, they never requested a refund. LiMandri produced emails from Unger thanking JONAH and praised Downing, himself a man who claimed to control his gay tendencies and married a woman.

The plaintiffs only agreed to sue because they were later persuaded by a gay rights organization who was determined to make a national example of JONAH, LiMandri told jurors in closing arguments Wednesday, following the three-week trial before Superior Court Judge Peter F. Bariso Jr. in Hudson County.
"They are flat-out liars," he said.

James Bromley, one of the plaintiff's attorneys, accused Goldberg of lying to his clients - three orthodox Jews and a Mormon- who were desperate to conform to the expectations of their religious communities to marry and have children. They were lured by Goldberg's false promise of the program's two-thirds success rate, but Bromley reminded jurors Goldberg testified that estimate was based on counselors' opinions.

The defendants claimed they never called homosexuality a mental disease but rather a spiritual disorder. Bromley read back an email Berk sent to clients that compared homosexuality to alcoholism — a disease recognized by the American Psychiatric Association.

He also reminded jurors of the tactics. Chaim Levin was made to relive the sexual abuse as a child by a relative. Downing coached Unger to blame his mother for making him gay, then gave him a tennis racket and told him to strike a pillow and imagine he was hitting her. During weekend retreats and in group sessions, clients were encouraged to undress to rid themselves of "body shame" and touch themselves to express their manhood.

He asked the jury to recall the testimony of Carol Bernstein, former president of the American Psychiatric Association, who compared conversion therapy counselors "to amateur surgeons operating on the minds of young gay men." and the former president of the APA submitted an affidavit saying he help many gays overcome their homosexuality in favor of Jonah

"You never want to go under the knife with an amateur surgeon," he said. and you never want to prosecute a surgeon for malpractice with out listening to his expert witness
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